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Should the series be rebooted, it would be set in the same multiverse

It would start in a new reboot "Earth Prime", but the multiverse itself would be the same one we all know and love, even if they don't go to the same worlds.

Their Earth Prime isn't our own.
If they ever traveled to our world they'd be surprised to find themselves in a universe where their exploits are actually a TV show in this world.
  • ...Which actually already happend in a certain episodes where they came to a world with a "Sliders"-style TV show. which means that there might be more worlds with "Sliders" show, and at least one that survived longer.
    • A universe where the Kromaggs never took over the show and it lasted ten seasons would be pretty awesome...
Sliding isn't random.
This is true of all fictional inter-dimensional travel. There might be an infinite number of dimensions but some sort of lock (in the case of Sliders probably based on the people) that keeps you in your corner of the multiverse. This would explain not only the extremely odd fact that the Sliders repeatedly land in worlds so similar to their own that they had their own sliders who made the same mistake at the same time. It also explains why whenever they pick up a new person they almost immediately come upon a double. More than that so many other things seem to happen the same way an alarming amount of the time, usually most of history is identical. To the point that people usually have the same names, same friends, same life. So much so that more that checking a squeaky fence was the test to see if this was the Home World or just very very similar.

It's likely that there are a fixed number of dimensions you're likely to slide into. Of course this also means that losing or gaining a member might very well decrease your chances of getting back to the original dimension.


Rembrandt didn't survive the weakened vortex
It looked far too unstable to have a stable exit point, if one at all. This was why they wanted to ask the Seer if Rembrandt survived.

Remmy died on the other end of the vortex, but the virus lived and went airborne and killed the kromags

Sliders is actually set in the same multiverse as Stargate

In "The Breeder" the alien creature could in fact have been an alternate universe form of Goa'uld and behaves in a manner similar to Hathor. In "The Last of Eden" the cannibalistic underground Morlock type creatures bare an external similarity to the Wraith. The latter episode also makes references to a group of Gineers (engineers; precursors who'd left the people with advanced technology to take care of their needs but without the knowledge of how it operated). It's possible these Gineers were in fact an alternate form of Ancients.


Almost everyone speaks English the exact same way no matter where they are (no matter how different other parts of history may have been the development of language never is). Both series also revolve around wormholes for their primary form of travel and the same "rules" of interdimensional travel apply (like that you'll probably end up somewhere close enough to your own world that all the same people exist, even if some of them have died and it's different enough to have the majority of the population wiped out).

All the Sliders from Season 4 onwards were actually new people.

The reason why no one seemed to notice the drastic character change in Maggie between the two seasons is because there wasn’t one. The Sliders from season 4 onwards were a completely different group of people from the original Sliders. They started out on a world very similar to Earth Prime (which, being their world, they called Earth Prime) and just as there are parallel worlds they were parallel Sliders.


Their version of the original four got lost in the multiverse and travelled to several worlds which were similar to the worlds visited by the actual original four (effectively their slides were offset or “parallel” to the slides of the original cast). Their Arturo died along the way just as ours did. They met their Maggie but she was a much more likeable version.

When Season 3 ended with Wade and Rembrandt on Earth Prime they really were on Earth Prime and it was never invaded by Kromaggs. The last we saw of the original Quinn and Maggie was them in a futuristic Earth where they were able to acquire the technology to safely and easily return to Earth Prime.

Due to the lack of conflict or drama for our heroes now, the show therefore switched between seasons to another group of Sliders to continue their adventures for the rest of the show. These Sliders were very different, with Quinn being born in another dimension and Wade being the type of character the writers would sentence to such a horrible fate.

Quinn's younger self from "The Guardian" will invent time travel
When Quinn's teacher saw him leaving, he told her who he was. She'd have no reason to assume he was from another dimension. Instead, she'd think that he was from the future. She'd take an interest in young Quinn and if she found out he was working on sliding technology she'd assume he was on the wrong track, maybe even revealing the "truth" to him that he was destined to invent time travel. Being Quinn, given enough time, he would eventually do so. He may even travel back in time to meet his younger self, believing that it had happened previously and so he had to "close the loop" on time travel continuity (not knowing it was the other Quinn) and end up changing history and meeting the other Quinn.

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