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Nightmare Fuel / Sleepy Hollow

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Moloch, the demonic master of the Horsemen. He's only ever seen as a blurred human-like figure, but he's very thin, walks with a strange jerking limp, and has bright red hands and arms as well as seemingly huge horns.
  • Brooks after being resurrected as a zombie because he's just human enough to be disturbing. Also, his neck. GOOD LORD.
  • Ro'kenrontreys AKA The Sandman from "For the Triumph of Evil" and the Prophet Eyes he gives his victims. A deathly pale, empty-eyed, mouth-less horror that haunts the dreams of his victims until they snap and kill themselves.
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  • In "John Doe," we are given a sort of preview of the next possible Horseman: Pestilence. He spread a Mystical Plague on Roanoke Island some 500 years ago which he uses via Thomas to try and manifest in the current time period. The plague gives its victims black veins and, when they die, they spit up Black Blood. In a lot of ways, he's more frightening than Death is.
  • In "The Midnight Ride," Death decapitates the Masons that Ichabod and Abbie met in the previous episode. Later, we find out what he did with the heads: He hollowed them out and turned them into lanterns.
  • "Necromancer" is full of fun stuff. From Brooks speaking for the Horseman (spasming in agony and then having his eyes turn fully jet-black) to him pulling the summoning disc out of his stomach, to the horrible reveal that the Horseman of Death is Abraham van Brunt, Ichabod's former best friend who was so jealous and prideful over Katrina choosing Ichabod over him that he made a Deal with the Devil and sold his soul to become Death.
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  • The...creature (dubbed "Scarecrow" or "Tree Monster") from "Sanctuary." Gah! It's not helped by the fact that you never actually get a clear look at it in the episode, BUT you get a damn good look at what it does to people. And its first target? Ichabod's newborn son!
  • Moloch (or one of his demons) can possess people now, and threatens the life of Captain Irving's daughter. Great.
  • The Golem. Strong enough to destroy a car (and crush someone inside it), and his backstory is both horrifying and a tearjerker. Ichabod and Katrina's son, Jeremy, accidentally created him while he was being beaten at an orphanage, and it became the embodiment of his rage, pain, and grief, killing anyone who came close.
    • Also, Jeremy accidentally burning his foster parents to death as a baby because his magic manifested when he cried.
    • The Four-Who-Speak-As-One are both awesome and terrifying. Four women of varying ages with brilliant blue eyes and horrible fanged mouths who speak in a high-pitched, creepy voice. They're responsible for handing Katrina over to Moloch and killing Jeremy (well, temporarily killing him...).
    • Moloch's "prophecy" to Ichabod: "I've touched her soul before... The second Witness' soul will be mine, and you will deliver it to me!" He's talking about Abbie's soul.
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    • And the prophecy comes true.
  • In "The Vessel," Macy gets possessed by Ancitif. It's exactly as creepy and scary as one would expect.
  • Purgatory. Good, sweet Christ. A faceless woman, people glitching in and out of existence, and jittery mud people. If that's what Purgatory looks like, one shudders to imagine what Hell is like.
  • The ending of the season finale:
    • Abbie is trapped in Purgatory, locked in a recreation of her childhood dollhouse.
    • Irving has been arrested for the murder of the cop from the last episode (the one possessed!Morales killed) and of the priest (killed by possessed!Macy).
    • Jenny is attacked by the Headless Horseman, who causes her to have a horrific accident that leaves her bleeding and unconscious.
    • Henry Parrish is actually Ichabod and Katrina's son Jeremy, and he has joined forces with Moloch and become the Second Horseman, War. He causes his mother to fall into a magical sleep and hands her over to the Headless Horseman before burying his father alive, but only after forcing him to watch as he (Henry) breaks the second seal of the Apocalypse.
  • The Weeping Woman. Dear god, those eyes!
  • Katrina's demonic pregnancy. Her screams of pain will haunt you.
    • The image itself if haunting. And even more so when Moloch damn near pulls a Species 2 on her.
  • Nurse Lambert. She was bad enough as a normal human being (convincing mentally-ill people to kill themselves and spending her last moments laughing and winking at her spiritual advisor), but as an undead demon/ghost, she's even worse. She killed Abbie and Jenny's mother Lori, nearly kills Abbie, and has a truly terrifying showdown at the climax. Really, it's something you'd see on Constantine or Supernatural!
    • The utter hell that the demons put Lori through is just as bad; they possess her and force her to nearly kill Jenny with carbon monoxide poisoning, then release her just long enough to watch her struggle to get free. And they're laughing at her fear.


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