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Tear Jerker / Sleepy Hollow

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • "The Golem":
    • Ichabod holds the Golem's hand as it dies, so that it doesn't have to die all alone, the way his son did many years earlier. Turns into Fridge Horror when you remember that Ichabod's son (revealed to be Henry Parrish) was actually standing right beside him as he did so.
  • "The Weeping Lady":
    • Ichabod discovering that Caroline has been murdered. He looks so heartbroken.
  • "Awakening":
    • Katrina's Face–Heel Turn.
      Ichabod: [to Katrina] How can you disregard all that you were? All that we have been?
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    • The confrontation between Ichabod and Henry as Ichabod calls Henry out for his actions.
      Henry: We've been here before. You bare your teeth, then you back down! You don't have what it takes to do violence to your only son.
      Ichabod: You've not learned a thing since Moloch dragged you from your fetid box.
      Henry: Moloch was self-righteous and self-serving—like you! He abandoned me just as you did.
      Ichabod: I did not abandon you, Henry. I did not even know you existed. You're as much a man out of time as I, yet you cling to the past so tightly like an angry, unruly child.
    • Ichabod's anguished cry of "Lieutenant!" when it looks like Abbie has been killed by Katrina and again when Abbie and Katrina disappear together after Katrina casts her Time Travel spell.
    • Henry's death after Abbie shoots him.
      Henry: Save the bell. Finish our work.
      Katrina: The coven means nothing without you, Henry.
      Henry: Not "Henry." The name you chose...
      Katrina: Was "Jeremy."
      Henry: "Jeremy." [sighs] My family.
      Ichabod: I'm sorry it had to end like this.
      Henry: I have no regret. "He was a man." [sniffles] "Take him for all and all."
      Ichabod: "I shall not see his like again."
      Henry: Father? [dissolves into dust]
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    • To make things worse, Katrina angrily and tearfully blames Ichabod for all the suffering she's endured over the years, and magically strangles him.
      Ichabod: This is not your fault.
      Katrina: No. It's yours. [starts magically choking Ichabod] You are the source of my sorrow, Ichabod Crane. You are the reason I was not there to raise my son. I never should have saved your life when the Horseman cut you down. I never should have put you to sleep. I should've let you die! And this time, I will.
  • "Tempus Fugit":
    • Ichabod stabs Katrina to save Abbie. As she lays dying, Katrina looks and sees Henry's spirit reaching for her as he smiles at her. She then disintegrates into nothingness, and Ichabod is left in tears at what he did.
  • The ending of "The Way of the Gun": Ichabod takes the bullet meant for Diana and turns into the new Horseman of War.


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