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Heartwarming / 1000 Ways to Die

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • #1: "Ichi-Boned". A repressed Japanese couple who were so scared of having sex that they never slept together on their wedding night finally consummate their love, but they end up quietly passing away from heart attacks since their bodies weren't used to the effects of orgasm. The narrator said that this was such a heartbreaking way to die that it was given the number one spot (or, as it's called in Japanese, "ichiban").
  • #1000: "Premature Endings". We see several idiots admitted to an emergency room who are about to die after various bizarre and stupid accidents. Then we see a woman who calmly and obliviously walks through the madness to see her ailing father who is in hospice care. The father then passes away peacefully from natural causes, after a long and rewarding life, with his daughter holding his hand. May be the one death that actually outranks Ichi-Boned as the most sympathetic death.
    • #1 and #1000-Book-Ends, anyone?
  • Death #412: "Re-Tired". An elderly man dies of old age while enjoying his daily ritual of reminiscing about his life in the driver's seat of his Chevy truck. As he dies, his body disengages the handbrake and the truck begins to roll forward, killing a scumbag thief who was preparing to burgle the man's house.
  • The Narrator has a bit of a sweet moment in #219: "Chairway to Heaven". Unlike his usual way of cynically making fun of the victim (usually for their stupidity) in the segment, who in this case happens to be a deadbeat dad, the Narrator instead shows a bit of his Papa Wolf side and outright states his dislike towards him.
    Narrator: We get a lot of losers on this show, but a guy who turns his back on his own family? I'd like to kill him myself.


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