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  • California Doubling: Just about all of the deaths were filmed in Los Angeles—even those that were set somewhere else.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series was never released on DVD or made available to buy online for obvious legal reasons. As such your best bet is to check out the few recent reviews uploaded on Spike's website (now redirects to the Paramount Network website) during the shows final run, or the even fewer episodes uploaded unofficially on YouTube if you want to see any of the series. In general, finding full episodes of the series, especially from the early seasons, can be quite a chore.
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  • Follow the Leader: A similar show called "Curious and Unusual Deaths" ran on the Discovery Health channel in 2009 and 2012. There were some key differences: "Curious" was an hour long with only three deaths per episode, each analyzed in scientific detail. And the victims are portrayed, for the most part, as much less Jerkass-ish than "1000 Ways", just normal but unlucky people. One episode even had a recreation of Brandon Lee's on-set death filming The Crow.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Deaths #201 (a drunk children's birthday party clown gets trapped in his car by an ever-expanding dinosaur balloon) and #118 (where an energy drink addict dies of caffeine intoxication while confronting her sexist boss for giving her promotion to a man who was more willing to go down on him than she was) are both given the title "Blown Job."
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    • Two deaths in the show share very similar names: #502, Gas-Hole (a fugitive tries to drink gasoline as a substitute for booze, vomits into a camp fire, and burns himself to death) and #278, Gas Holed (A proctologist operates on the ass of a stripper who ate a chili dog, her flatulence igniting on his cauterizer and sending a fireball down his windpipe, incinerating his lungs).
    • Also: #347, "ReTired" (where an auto worker is distracted by a pornographic magazine, and is killed by an over-inflated tire, which explodes and lodges a piece of shrapnel in his brain) and #412, "Re-Tired" (a robber is run down by a classic Chevy "driven" by an old man who died behind the wheel during his daily ritual of sitting in the driver's seat and reminiscing about his life).
    • Also a case of Number's The Same, as not one, not two, but seven deaths share the number 412: "Em-Bear-Assed" (a man on psychotropic mushrooms tries to have sex with a real bear after getting shot down by furries during an outdoor orgy), the aforementioned "Re-Tired", "S**t Canned" (where a jealous man at a wedding who drank a drink spiked with laxatives is killed after rolling down a hill in a trash can, which he used as a toilet in desperation), "Hair Today, Dead Tomorrow" (the nudist artist whose trichophagia [compulsion to consume her own hair] caused a bezoar in her system and killed her via internal bleeding),"Lesboned" (where a seductive real estate agent shows a house to a wealthy lesbian and upon completion of the tour, they have sex on top of a dryer, but their movements sever the dryer's fuel line, filling the room with natural gas that is ignited by the water heater, causing an explosion that kills both woman instantly), "Goon Interrupted" (where a mobster faking insanity attempts to escape from a mental institution by escaping through a laundry chute, but because of the slipperiness of the chute combined with the laundry being thrown on him, he instead falls to his death.), and "Gang Banged" (where a mobster's son attempted to avenge his father's death by killing his murderer inside of a bath house, but instead shoots a steam pipe accidentally after slipping on the wet floor; the steam burns and melts half of his face, killing him instantly).
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    • A second case of Number's The Same is with #284 in back-to-back episodes: "Hang Dunked" (where an egotistical basketball bully celebrates a dunk by doing a pull-up through the rim, but as he comes down, his necklace gets caught in the net and he hangs himself) and "Mail Order Fried" (where a carnival mailman who reads the letters he delivers so he can insult the carnies gets electrocuted when a carny dunks him in a dunk tank which contains exposed wires for the tank's water heater).
    • Additionally, #444 has been used twice as well for "Deadliest Munch" (where a lesbian accidentally burns dinner and tries to calm her lover down by wearing candy lingerie, but when the lover eats the thong, it snaps and chokes the lover to death) and "Jaw Boned" (where a once-promising chemist who has now become a drug addict spends his days cooking meth in his garage while chewing the same wad of gum and dipping it in citric acid to keep it fresh, but one time accidentally dips it in red phosphorus, causing his lower jaw to explode off his skull when he chews the gum).
    • In an actual case of two people's names being the same, Barnaby is used twice. Once for the adult baby in Crib Your Enthusiasm, and the other time with the Mad Hatter in Hats All Folks!
    • Deaths numbers 606 and 331: Wet Dream. In the case of the former, a man constructs a fish costume out of material from his waterbead, but winds up dying of heat stroke due to the lack of ventilation in the costume. For the latter, a cross-dressing coke user in the 80's drowns after his high heels puncture a hole in the waterbed to which he's handcuffed after a night of making love to two women.
    • Bernie is the name of both the Kansas guy who gets blown up by his own firework launcher on the 4th of July, and the slacker who gets sliced in half by a rope in an interrupted joyride.
  • You Look Familiar: Some of the characters have been played by the same actor, such as:
    • A teen who escapes death by refusing a dare to pee on an electric fence, and a teenager who play pranks on his parents with a robot he built himself, only to end up getting killed by it.
    • The jealous ex-boyfriend who used a trash can as a toilet and died rolling downhill in "Sh** Canned" and the CEO in "Sumowed."
    • The Peeping Tom landlord who got his skull crushed in while spying on a woman bathing in "Blood Bath & Beyond" and the Fat Bastard who died of excess MSG from a steady diet of Chinese buffet food in "Death of Sum Young Guy."
    • Fernando in "Anger Damagement" and the Fijian chief in "Reef Stew."
    • The con artist in "OMG! SUV! R.I.P." and the fat man who dies of appendicitis in "Fat Man in a Little Swing."
    • The dwarf who plays Cary Grant's role in "North by Northwasted" and the planking-obsessed dwarf in "Waste Dead."
    • There's also a case of "You Sound Familiar": the song performed by that washed-up boy band in "Boyz 2 Dead" is also the song that the underwear-clad girl being spied on by the Peeping Tom landlord sang in "Blood, Bath, and Beyond." With both of these being aired in the same episode, no less.
    • The screeching My Beloved Smother who dies when the refrigerator falls on her in "Smother in Law" also plays the vain stripper with unhumanly-huge Gag Boobs who asphixiates when she accidentally gives herself Marshmallow Hell in "Boobie-cide."

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