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Headscratchers / 1000 Ways to Die

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  • Just wondering how true are these stories that are told in the show, cause I saw "Way to Die #948: Titti Titti Bang Bang" and as I remind Mythbusters proved this can't happen.
    • 1. They tested actual breast implants; the ones she got were fake.
    • 2. This happened to a woman in Russia, but she lived.
      • If it did happen can you tell my the full story?
  • Did "Way to Die #701: Steward-Death" actually happen? I'm an aviation fan, I've been informing myself about air disasters with it's investigations and never heard about this. Plus it says is happened in 1998 and as I know the last sudden de-compression where a flight attendant was sucked out occured in 1988 in Aloha flight 243.
    • The death is based on Aloha Flight 243. The name, location and date were changed.
      • They did that because the family didn't wanted the show to talk about him. But you can know it's him if you search well.
  • In "Dill D'Oh", the person who dies is a nursing home manager who hates old people. If he dislikes dealing with the elderly, why is he managing a nursing home? It might make sense if he enjoyed being cruel to them, but that doesn't seem to be the case. He seems more annoyed at having to deal with them than anything.
    • Very few people have the luxury of being able to work in a setting they find completely ideal to their likes, dislikes, and values. Most people work jobs they're not necessarily crazy about just because they are capable of performing the work and those jobs are available and they've got bills to pay.
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    • Plus he might have been rearing with enthusiasm when his job started. Years of wiping old arse is enough to crush the spirit of anyone.

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