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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Fiddle Licked: A CIA agent posing as a violinist in a fancy restaurant uses an experimental laser rifle to kill a terrorist posing as a man on a date.
  • M.R.Ouch: A smokin' hot nurse who once was in the military tries to disarm a gun-toting drug addict with an MRI machine — and ends up killing him when the metal plate in his head also gets attracted.
    • And unlike the Ex'd Ex example, this could easily be classified as self-defense or justifiable homicide due to the man carrying a gun and already having a police record, meaning despite leading to the junkie's death, the nurse will likely receive at most a warning or probation.
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  • Ichiboned: A Japanese couple who were too repressed to have sex finally do it, but because they've never done it before, their hearts gave out when they reached simultaneous orgasms, since their abstinence meant that their bodies were never prepared for the effect of the hormones released after intercourse. It's more a Bittersweet Ending (or even a Tear Jerker), but it does count as a Moment of Awesome just for the fact that they didn't die in some bloody, horrific way. Even the narrator acknowledges this as a tragedy for some and gives it the #1 spot.
  • Wrin-Killed: A purse-snatcher gets his trachea smashed by a little old lady with 30 years' experience in Tae Kwon Do when he tried to take her purse. Eagerly and hilariously lampshaded in the recreation itself, since the bystanders actually start cheering for the grandma as they watch on how she curbstomps the Asshole Victim.
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  • Chemi-Killed: A lecherous lab assistant lures her male co-worker into an affair, then in a jealous rage begins throwing chemicals around the lab when he leaves her to make amends with his wife. One of the vials contains Sodium Azide, the main chemical compound used to fire car airbags and a highly explosive substance. The vial breaks into a sink full of water, causing a massive explosion that wounds the lab assistant, then unleashes a cloud of toxic Hydrogen Azide gas which proceeds to fatally burn her lungs... and is also explosive.
  • Radium Girls: In this case, it's not the death that is a crowning moment, but the aftermath of said death. A woman from the 1920s named Wendy died by covering herself with glow-in-the-dark, radioactive paint (using it as body paint for her lover during sex), and contracted bone cancer. The company she worked for knew about the dangerous effects of radium, yet used it in their paint anyway, and in fact encouraged the female workers to keep their paintbrushes sharp by licking them, and thus consuming dangerous radioactive material. After the woman's death, her co-workers filed one of the first successful workers' rights lawsuits, won, and according to the narration, "increased safety standards across America." The Other Wiki confirms this as the truth; it was the first successful lawsuit of its kind in the United States.
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  • Suck Her Punched: A rapist mistakes a cross-dressing boxer (who cross-dresses as a means to calm down from his Testosterone Poisoning) for an actual woman and attacks him. The boxer defends himself and kills the rapist with his strong right cross (triggered whenever someone calls him a "lady").
  • Ex'D Ex: A man takes his girlfriend on a hayride and proposes. Her jealous ex-boyfriend, who had been stalking them, angrily puts on a ski mask and jumps on the ride carrying an axe. The man reflexively punches the ex out, knocking him into the road, where he gets run over.
    • Loses all awesomeness when they see it's their old friend and the girl bursts into tears...
  • Grilled: An obnoxious Chinese sweatshop owner obsessed with gangster rap is killed when his abused workers get their revenge on him by poisoning him with a gold grill lined with rosary peas.
  • Back Stabbed: A Viking leaves his brother in charge of his village while he goes marauding. The brother abuses this power to rape the women in the village, including his brother's wife. Eventually, the marauding brother returns and catches the rapist, and kills him by cutting his back open and ripping his lungs out (this is called the "Blood Eagle").
    Nygarde: I'm gonna take your life! I'm gonna do it the worst way we know how!
  • Orspasm: A woman with PGAD (a condition that makes people orgasm from the slightest vibration) is tormented by her current boyfriend, who makes her orgasm for his own pleasure. One day, he pokes her with a muscle massager, and she orgasms, which causes her to knock him down the stairs, killing him. Even if it was an accident, it was pretty awesome seeing her do that.
  • Homie Invasion/Homie's Dead: A thief named Vince sneaks into a couple's house and attacks the husband with a baseball bat when he investigates, killing him. The wife tries CPR, but it doesn't work. However, after she leaves in grief (and a fake title card), the man wakes up as apparently her CPR caused what's known as "Lazarus Syndrome". As Vince is trying to climb down the balcony, the husband's revival scares the hell out of him, causing him to fall three stories onto solid pavement.
    Narrator: There'll be no resurrecting you, Vince. Ya rat bastard.
  • Premature Endings: A woman walks through a hospital filled with people suffering from injuries that wouldn't look out of place on the rest of the show. The woman walks through them all and into a room containing her dying father, who's had a long, rewarding life and is about to pass away of... old age. This is a twofold moment of awesome- one for the show's message (you can either live like the people before this and end up on the show, or you can live sensibly like the dying old man and watch the show), and one for the fact that the man died completely peacefully!


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