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In spite of the show's grim, dark atmosphere there are some sweet moments.

  • After everyone (outside of the adults), knows that Bryce raped Jessica, Clay meets up with Jessica to ask how she's doing.
    • Another one of the same scene: Jessica telling Clay to not burn the tapes, showing Jessica has begun to make up for her behavior to not just Clay, but to Hannah as well, knowing that while she herself could get in hot water for being Reason #2.
  • Clay asking Skye if she wants to hang out and her agreeing. Doubly heartwarming considering that Clay is helping to prevent Skye from possibly committing suicide.
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  • Alex stopping a bully picking on Tyler. This would later be the reason for Tyler taking Alex off from his apparent hit-list.
  • Tony giving Hannah's parents digital copies of the tapes, along with Bryce's confession, knowing it will be the boost they'll need to not just win their lawsuit, but to give them closure on their daughter's death.
  • The determination Mrs. Baker shows throughout the series. While she is in big pain over the death of her daughter, nothing will stop her from not letting her daughter's death be just a death or an another suicide statistic in a graph.
  • The beginning and a few moments of "Tape 4, Side A" which show that Zach isn't as bad as his friends. He tries to comfort Hannah after Marcus humiliates her and even tries to ask her out the next day, which didn't help matters in the end. What really stands out however is when he and his mother confront Clay about ruining his car, he's the only one that doesn't give Clay a threat or try to shift the blame and even admits to never throwing away Hannah's letter, showing he does feel regret for harming her.
    • Zach's interactions with his little sister in Tape 6: Side A. He is seen taking her sprouts when their mother's back is turned while she is talking about how he's the best player. When their mother puts more sprouts on her plate she is seen putting them onto his plate again. It's a small but cute little moment between the two siblings.
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  • In Tape 4 Side B: Tony and Clay bonding over a tumultuous rock climb. Considering what a horrible state Clay was in prior to this, its nice to finally see him spend time with Tony and get his mind off the tapes.
  • Everything about Clay and Jeff's friendship, especially since Jeff is a subversion of the usual Jerk Jock at Liberty High and is actually a Lovable Jock.
    • The fact he pretty much wanted Clay and Hannah to get together is adorable.
  • Kat is a sweet, amazingly friendly girl who went out of her way to make Hannah and Clay feel included. She even tried to fix her up with a guy she thought she'd like. She's also 100% understanding when Hannah develops a crush on her ex, and gives her blessing. Of course, we all know how that turned out, but Kat couldn't have possibly known what it would lead to.
  • After a tense moment between Jessica and Chloe after Clay leaks the tapes, Jessica sees that she'd covered up all the graffiti in the bathroom stall about her, making up for all of her Innocently Insensitive behavior before she knew the whole story.
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  • When Justin leaves after Clay's parents had their fight in season 2 episode 8, Clay's father wants to call Justin to make sure he's okay. They also bought him new clothes and a new phone. Clay's parents might have been annoyed that Clay smuggled him in, but they genuinely cared about him and were far better parents in the little time he spent with them than Justin's mom was to him his entire life.
  • Clay and Justin's close friendship that developed over the course of the second season. Hell, just the fact that his family is adopting the same kid who considered murdering Clay not even six months prior shows just how far their relationship has come.
    • To elaborate on that scene, Justin first laughs after adoption is mentioned and then gives a Flat "What". As soon as he realizes Clay is being serious, he actually starts crying. Crying at the thought that this family he barely knows is willing to adopt him so he can have a better chance at a future - and he's undeniably moved by such a sincere Friendship Moment.
    • Later on Clay asks him why he's being weird. He responds "I think I'm happy."
    • Not to mention the scene when Justin calmly talked Clay down from killing himself in front of Bryce's house, with Justin even threatening the latter if he ever speaks of what happened after witnessing it.
    • During season three they not only tell each other "I love you", they both swear that they would do absolutely anything for the other and their actions during the season prove that they mean it.
  • Tony, Zach, Ryan, Courtney, Alex, and Jessica embracing Clay in the midst of the spring dance when he breaks down listening to same slow song that he and Hannah had once danced to. The sight of so many people who have all hated each other at one point or another coming together shows how far the characters have grown and offers a glimpse of hope for their futures.
  • Clay and the others (sans Marcus and Tyler) all going to Jessica's house and later the police station to give her emotional support, particularly the group hug they give her after she recounts her ordeal to the police.
  • Early in Season 2, we find out that Jessica has been sleeping on her own parents floor since she came clean about her assault because she's terrified of her own bed. Her parents are OK with this, but when she tells her Dad she's ready to sleep in her own bed, he has a tender moment with her when he tucks her in and stays in her room until well after she falls asleep.
  • During the dance in Season 2, when Clay and Hannah's song comes over the speakers, Tony and Jessica immediately realize that this is going to fuck with Clay emotionally, and quickly excuse themselves from Caleb and Alex respectively to seek him out. The two of them find him, and take turns hugging him, with the rest of his friends right behind them, to comfort and console him.
  • In the Season 2 Finale, there's sort of a twisted moment between Clay and Tyler where Clay talks Tyler down from committing a school shooting in response to some serious trauma. When Clay, realizing what Tyler is about to do, walks out and sees him outside holding an assault rifle, Tyler's first response is "Go home, Clay.". As hateful as Tyler was feeling at that moment, he really didn't want to hurt Clay.
  • Tyler finds the courage to admit he was raped to Clay and Jess, and then to the whole school. After this he seems to have repaired his friendship with Cyrus, Mackenzie, and the other misfit kids, who are all really proud and supportive of him. Even Casey, an angry girl from Jessica's feminist club, warms up to him and apologises for initially being hostile to him.
    • He also befriends another male victim of sexual assault named Robby, who was inspired to speak up about his own experience after he watched Tyler do it.
  • When Tyler is asked by the counselor about what he thinks of Bryce's death, he's surprisingly insightful: He says maybe Bryce was genuinely committed to better himself and turn over a new leaf, maybe it was all an act, but that doesn't matter anymore because Bryce is dead and now nobody will know for sure.
    • Tyler even shared his rape by Monty to a shocked Bryce.
  • Zach was the one who called the cops during the school shooting scare, and didn't agree with the others trying to cover up for Tyler and rehabilitate him. By the end of season 3, he doesn't exactly befriend Tyler but has found some empathy for him, and apologises for everything that happened to Tyler, and for the part that he (Zach) played in Tyler's unhappiness.
  • Bryce defending his mom from his angry grandfather.
    • Hell any flashback scene with both of them shows that they did really love each other.
  • While Bryce is far from a saint himself, there's him listening to Tyler's video on him getting raped by Monty before the incident at Spring Fling.
    • Later he confronts Monty about it and warns him to stay away from Tyler.
  • At the end of Season 3, Tyler puts up a photo gallery at Monet's and explains that the pictures are of everyone who has helped him since the events of Season 2, and unveils a whole wall of cute candid shots of Clay, Ani, Justin, Jessica, Alex, Zach, Cyrus, Mackenzie, Ms. Singh, Caleb, Tony, Charlie, Casey, and the punks.
    • "Having friends is an amazing thing."
    • Zach asks why he's in the gallery. Tyler says he can take down the photo if Zach would like him to, but Zach declines and says that he likes the picture because it actually makes him seem kind of good-looking. Tyler's response: "Holy shit, dude, you know you're good-looking, right?"
    • Tyler and Casey are seen hugging during the montage.
  • Clay asks the new counselor how she does what she does, given that it can often seem like things never change or get better. She responds by pointing out how much Tyler has changed with Clay's help.
  • In an extremely objective and minor example, the Liberty High football team immediately going at it with the other team after one of them touches Jess, who just interrupted their game to send a feminist message.
  • The assembly with Hillcrest, when several survivors stand in front of both schools and say, "My name is (blank) and I'm a survivor." Doubles as both Awesome and Tear Jerker.
    • Bolan claps first, showing that he meant it when he said he supported the girls but not their actions.
    • Jessica encourages Tyler to stand, but he says he can't. When Clay walks into the gym, that helps Tyler find courage, which in turn helps Justin to find the courage to stand, too.
    • Robbie, another male sexual assault victim, thanks Tyler for being the first guy to stand up and asks him if he is allowed to join HO. Casey, who has been extremely bitchy to Tyler up til this point, answers with this:
    Fuck yeah! It's more than allowed. Everybody's allowed at HO. Fucking everybody. (Sends Tyler a look of regret) Even if some people (herself) were dicks to them in the beginning. Some people are sorry.
    • Everyone hanging out in the gym and talking afterwards.
  • Ani claiming that despite sometimes being at odds, the main characters would do anything for each other showing they are True Companions.
  • During the last scene, when Jessica declares that they all finally deserve some "fucking happiness" to Clay and Justin after all things what happened to them, who are completely agree with her. It's followed by a genuine but ridiculous "I love you guys" by Justin to his brother figure and his girlfriend.

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