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  • Clay confronting Bryce about Hannah's rape. Sure he gets a nasty beating for his efforts, but he manages to elicit a confession and secretly record it, ensuring that Bryce will face justice for his actions.
  • Clay's epic takedown of the school and its students in Episode 7 quickly became a Signature Scene.
  • Alex delivering the biggest "The Reason You Suck" Speech to everyone in "Tape 6, Side B" for their desperation to hide the fact they were involved in Hannah's suicide. He calls out Courtney for trying to hide behind Bryce Walker, calls out Ryan for his Jerkass and snarky nature, calls out Tyler for stalking Hannah, calls out Sherri (who wasn't there) for hiding the fact she caused Jeff's death, and even bluntly tells off Marcus for trying to protect his pristine image when he isn't as innocent as everyone else. He also calls himself out for falling into the peer pressure to make himself look good in Bryce's eyes only to cause Hannah to descent further. The only person he doesn't really call out is Zach, who he states is a "entitled idiot that does cruel, stupid things", but also says that his heart is in the right place, referring to the fact Zach feels genuine guilt over Hannah's death.
    • And in the same episode, Ryan telling Courtney to "fuck off" when she thinks of being protected by Bryce (a rapist). Even though both of them did assholish things to Hannah, this moment was an awesome part on Ryan's part.
  • Mr. Porter slamming Bryce against the wall in a chokehold and warning that he'll be keeping a very close eye on him. When Bryce says he can't do this, Porter replies that there are no witnesses and he can easily just say Bryce is lying, turning his usual tactics against him.
    • How about his Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to Sonya, the school's attorney on how she attempts to paint how Hannah should have done more when in his office, however as Porter points out, both of them should have tried. And he admits he should have tried harder to help Hannah despite the school's policies.
    Mr. Porter: Maybe policies need to change...
  • The Oner the morning after Clay leaks the tapes, a virtuoso piece of direction weaving among numerous actors and extras as we touch on how every major figure is reacting to the development.
  • Alex fighting through his paralysis to save Justin from choking on his vomit.
  • The entire fight scene from Bryce and Chloe, culminating in Alex saving Zach from Monty by limping through the mob and smacking him on the back with his cane.
  • In a flashback, Hannah (after overhearing him whining about her to his friends and calling her a "tease,") confronts Marcus and pretends to be interested in giving their date another go, before violently grabbing his junk and sarcastically asking if it makes him want to have sex with her- as he did and presumed she would on their date. Hannah even correctly assumes that Marcus wouldn't be telling his friends about this encounter over being embarrassed.
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  • It doesn't leave much of an effect, but Clay, Cyrus, and Tyler graffitiing the baseball field and burning "RAPISTS" into the field was extremely, if shortly, satisfying.
  • Clay talking down Tyler from committing a school shooting in the season 2 finale. Even with the barrel of a freakin' AR-15 pressed to his throat, Clay doesn't back down and probably averts a huge tragedy in the process.
  • Clay, Tony, Justin, Alex, Zach and Scott cornering Montgomery after finding out he was their tormentor.
  • When testifying in court in Season 2, Mr. Porter is told by the defense's attorney that he did things by the book and so did nothing wrong, which by the letter is true. However, Mr. Porter categorically refuses to take the easy way out, instead admitting that the policies are not fit for purpose, and that he let Hannah down when she needed him the most, regardless of whether school's policies were followed. His willingness to take responsibility for his failings and desire to change and do better ultimately costs him his job at the school, but also shows that regardless of his shortcomings, he is a good and caring man who wants to do what he can to make sure there's never a repeat of what happened to Hannah.
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  • Mr. Porter beating up Justin’s mom’s junkie boyfriend is pretty satisfying after the latter had spent every appearance he made making life hell for Justin.
  • The sheer amount of character development for Courtney, Mr. Porter and, to a lesser extent, Ryan, in Season 2. Of the three, Ryan was the only one vaguely coming around in the first season, but in Season 2 he made further efforts to atone for what he'd done and defend Hannah, while also being kinder to other people. Mr. Porter fought so hard for justice he was fired by the school board, although he accepted his fate with dignity and no regret. Courtney told the whole truth on the stand, defended Hannah as a good friend and proceeded to reach out to people she's publicly called liars before, even supporting Jess in her decision to testify against Bryce.
  • When Jessica is forced to apologise at a school assembly for her club disrupting the Homecoming game, she takes control of the situation and reaffirms her status as a survivor. This inspires many other students to do the same, including Tyler and Justin.
    • When Bolan claps for them first, showing he really meant it when he said he supported the group but not their actions.
  • Bryce surprisingly has these moments despite being a horrible person.
    • He warns Monty to stay away from Tyler after he told him about his rape.
      • This scene is especially great to watch since Monty has a shit-eating smirk on his face for a good portion of the confrontation and isn’t really taking Bryce seriously, but the moment Bryce threatens to tell the cops about everything he’s done, that smirk quickly vanishes.
      Monty: What, you’re gonna teach me about what rape is? Like what you did to a dozen girls at this school?
      Bryce: No, I’m not gonna teach you anything. I’m just gonna tell you this; you’re gonna stay the fuck away from Tyler. You’re not gonna touch him, you’re not gonna look at him, anything. You have a class with him? Transfer. Pass him in the halls? Take a different hall. I’m gonna check in with him every week to see how he’s doing. If I hear one fucking thing about you, if I hear that you even looked in his direction, then the cops find out about Tony’s car... about the gun you gave Alex... about the time you tried to kill Clay... they get everything.
    • He threatens Seth into leaving Justin alone.
    • He stands against his grandfather after he kept insulting his mother.
    • Him trying to apologize to everyone including Jessica and Mrs. Baker. Even though neither of them work out that takes a lot of guts.
  • Even though it eventually lead to Bryce's death, there's Zach beating him to a bloody pulp before breaking both of his legs despite having a broken leg himself (which was broken by Bryce himself).
  • Jessica's whole fight against misogyny and rape culture.
  • Zach punches Monty after his Jerkass tendancies in liberty tiger's locker room.
  • The demonstration at homecoming and the ensuing epic brawl.
  • Justin’s “Fuck off, Ani” line is this as she’s so loathed by the fandom.

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