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13 reasons why is located near Riverdale
Both towns have a sense of darkness about them.

Riverdale and thirteen reasons why will crossover

Hiram Lodge is responsible for most of the events of season 2
the reason why the school was found not guilty and Bryce's sentence was a slap on the wrist was due to Hiram lodge paying the lawyers and judge.

     Season 1 

Clay falls into coma in the first episode.
We know exactly when it could have happened. If this is the case, then the tapes are real, but their content is based on what Clay thinks about himself and the other characters.

Alex didn't attempt suicide.
Despite being framed as a Bungled Suicide, other characters had guns and potential motives at the time.
  • Tyler has been collecting guns, and removes Alex's picture from his hit list not out of mercy, but because he's shot him.
  • Justin also has a gun, and told Jessica he'd kill if it meant getting her forgiveness.
    • While my first thought also was that it was not a suicide, there is also some proof that Tyler did not want to shoot Alex: when Tyler is looking at the pictures of his hit-list, he memorizes how Alex stood up for him when Tyler was about to get a beating from Montgomery. Tyler subsequently takes the picture of Alex down. This might evidence that Tyler indeed considers Alex at least not an enemy.
    • The show also gives numerous indications that Alex is suicidal from the very moment he is introduced. He has an increasingly nihilistic view on life, quits things he used to like (jazz band), aggressively seeks to have consequences handed down for his actions, and even cleans his room before his gunshot wound, like Hannah does (his father explicitly points this out). Studies have also shown that youth suicide tends to influence more youth suicides — something alluded to in Ms. Bradley’s class (community groups hand behaviour down to one another). Considering the show likes to drop anvils about bullying, suicide and depression, it’d risk being a massive cop-out if it wasn’t actually a suicide attempt.
      • Not to mention in the Netflix 30-minute "Behind the Reasons" special, they talk about how suicide in youth has a ripple effect, specifically citing Alex as an example. While they don't explicitly state "Alex attempted suicide," they seem to be using his attempt as a teaching opportunity.

Hannah INITIALLY wanted to have sex, but changed her mind BEFORE it happened.
Many have said that it made no sense for Hannah to go to Bryce's party after what she witnessed, and that neither the book nor the Netflix series offered much in the way of explanation for it. Given her obvious self-loathing at this point in her life, her Unreliable Narrator status, and all that she said and didn't say during her meeting with Mr. Porter, it's possible she went to Bryce's place because she wanted to have sex. She didn't feel that she "deserved" Clay or his affections; maybe she felt that Bryce was exactly what she deserved. Even though she was raped, she still blamed herself.

  • Nah, Hannah stated at the previous party, that before all the bad things happened, it was the first time in a long time she felt like she fit in again. She was probably feeling so alone and so displaced and so desperate to fit in that even though alarm bells were ringing, she figured as long as she stayed outside the house and outside the bedrooms nothing bad could happen. Of course she was terribly wrong but I don't think she necessarily was out looking for Bryce specifically or to have sex. I think she just wanted to feel normal again, if even for a bit. When she saw Jess act like nothing happened, maybe she even tried to delude herself into thinking that maybe she imagined the rape and that it didn't happen after all. At that point it doesn't make sense logically for her to be at any party, but she's a lonely kid, she just wanted to fit in and feel part of the group and forget she's Hannah Baker for a while.

Monty has a crush on Sherri.
He's pretty fixated on Tyler and looks for excuses to bully him, but he seems particularly bothered by Tyler talking to Sherri. He rushes in to defend her immediately.
  • Jossed in Season Three, he’s gay.

Skye was raped by Bryce
It's what caused her personality shift and Self-Harm at the start of high school.

Justin has been sexually abused
At first, he didn't try harder to stop Jessica's rape because it brought up memories of his own rape that shocked and traumatized him. When he later realized Jess didn't remember what happened, he thought not telling her would prevent her from feeling the shame and guilt he felt from his abuse. That's why he claimed he was protecting Jess by lying.
  • Confirmed in Season Three. He was sexually abused as a child by one of his mom’s boyfriends and later again after Season One by various “clients.”

Hannah was bisexual.
  • See Ambiguously Bi entry on her character page. Fairly receptive to Courtney's advances before Tyler kills the moment. She also doesn't take Jessica dating Alex very well, and comes off as fairly enamored with Kat. Though where she falls on the Kinsey Scale isn't explicit.

     Season 2 Prerelease 

If there is a season two, Jessica and Alex (if he survives his gunshot) will become a couple again.
Or at the very least grow to be friends again.
  • Confirmed.

Season 2 will revolve around Tyler, and his "13 Reasons Why".
Tyler's wall of photographs of people who wronged him eerily parallels Hannah's tapes, not to mention he's stockpiling guns.
  • Perhaps. Netflix' showrunner Brian Yorke confirmed [1] that in the second season that there won't be any tapes, but a different 'analog' medium will be present that 13-year olds are not familiar with. Perhaps his pictures, but they are still pretty common for the youth.
  • Moreover, season 2 is a continuation of the first, where we see more of the aftermath of Hannah's suicide and the rape attacks.
  • Show execs sais season two will actually be about Jessica
    • Show execs said season 2 will actually be a continuation of season 1 and will focus on loose ends and cliffhangers. It will focus on the trial, on Bryce and his family as well as Hannah's mother and her neverending quest for the truth/justice for her daughter, it will also update us on Alex, what happened to him, Tyler and his potential school shooting, Jessica's healing, and Justin's whereabouts among several new characters and their relationships/interactions with Hannah, who will continue to be seen in flashbacks, but will not return as a full living person. That is to say she definitely did not survive the suicide, in contrast to the original book ending.
  • As to the original theory, Jossed. Season 2 mainly focuses on the trials against the school, Jessica coming to terms with her sexual assault, Clay proving Bryce as a rapist, and Tyler's mental downfall.

Marcus will be Courtney's beard in Season 2.
With their Birds of a Feather personalities and shared goal of suppressing the tapes, it's not implausible that they'll get involved. Courtney's dad even commented on Marcus and Courtney getting together.
  • It's not shown 100% but Courtney came out to her dad at the end of season 1.
  • Jossed, Marcus and Courtney have no interactions in Season 2.

Season 2 will have an Anyone Can Die atmosphere.
If Tyler does go through with his planned shooting, no one, except maybe Clay, will be safe from being killed. Whether it's someone deserving like Bryce or mostly innocent like Ryan.
  • Jossed. Not only does Tyler not even attempt the shooting until the season finale, the season's tension came more from what Bryce would do to keep people quiet note , and what lengths Clay would go to to ensure justice for Hannah.

In light of the Parkland school shooting, Season 2 will either really shy away from the school shooting angle, or totally lean into it.
It could easily result in a lot of backlash if it comes across as insensitive (which, regardless of how it’s handled, there will always be people who find it insensitive). But the show survived a ton of backlash for the first season, and could look to use the second season as a teaching moment about gun laws and safety — including how easy it was for Tyler to get that gun.
  • Mostly put on the backburner for Season 3, but jossed in the capacity it is addressed; Season 2 seemed more interested in showing what led to Tyler attempting the shooting than to the shooting itself.

     Season 2 Post-Release 
Monty has a crush on Bryce
The way he brutally sodomizes Tyler in the last episode of season 2, combined with him calling him a faggot (which in context is weird? Like perv, creep sure, but faggot?) points to him being an Armoured Closet Gay , and pissed with Tyler's involvement in the court case and all of the ensuing shit that went down, ending with Bryce friend-dumping Monty
  • Monty called Tyler a homophobic slur and subsequently violently sexually assaulting him in manner often used by gay-bashers is very obviously because Montgomery is homophobic and sees being gay as a bad thing. While there are other things about and scenes with Montgomery that might indicate a homosexual leaning/attraction to Bryce, that previously mentioned ‘example’ isn’t one, and suggesting so is incredibly offensive.

Clay suffered brain damage during Season 1.
After getting run off his bike and taking several beatings over the first season, Clay suffered undetected brain damage that exacerbated his unspecified mental/psychological condition/s, a problem which became worse over Season 2 due to increased stress and further beatings/falls of his bike. This explains Clay's extensive hallucinations of Hannah in the second season as well as his erratic and sometimes baffling behavior.

     Season 3 Pre-Release/Speculation 

Who killed Bryce Walker?
  • Clay Jensen.
    • Jossed
  • Andrew and/or Olivia Baker.
    • Jossed
  • Barry and/or Nora Walker.
    • Jossed
  • Jessica Davis.
    • Partially Confirmed
  • Zach Dempsey.
    • Partially Confirmed
  • Chlöe Rice
    • Jossed
  • Alex Standall
    • Confirmed
  • Ryan Shaver
    • Jossed
  • Sheri Holland
    • Jossed
  • Marcus Cole. Quite unlikely seeing that he graduated, but Marcus might return if Bryce follows up or attempts to follow up on his threat to ruin his life. It'll be a good way to dish out some karma, or maybe make him more sympathetic.
    • Jossed
  • Tyler Down. The guy's far from stable.
  • Courtney Crimsen
    • Jossed
  • Kevin Porter
    • Jossed
  • Ani. She's seen cleaning the blood off the cloth in the trailer.
    • Jossed

Season 3 will feature a very dark storyline involving Chloe
Spoiler tagged for dark/triggering subject matter: Season 3 will have a plotline involving Chloe attempting to abort Bryce's child, and in failing to do so, will try to abort the fetus herself via clotheshanger, accidentally killing herself in the process. The show, over the course of this story, will make commentary on the pro-life/pro-choice arguement, and the creators seem to always end seasons which slightly gory, extremely shocking scenes. The fallout from that storyline, should the show continue, will be the basis of the fourth season.
  • Jossed. Chloe aborts her child without any problems. The worse she gets before doing so is a bunch of anti-abortion protesters trying to guilt trip her in front of the clinch, but it doesn't work. and she gets emotional support from Zach.

Bryce will be a Disc-One Final Boss
He'll be around to taunt the protagonists for a while and cause trouble, but someone (possibly Justin) will impulsively kill him. The rest of the season will deal with the fallout.
  • Clay seems more likely: He's the most invested (except maybe Hannah's mother) in seeing Bryce punished, obsessing over it during the trial even when doing so was detrimental to the school's case and Hannah's image, and we've seen Clay's mental degradation. With the end of Season 2 giving Bryce a slap on the wrist and implying that Clay may be held responsible for Tyler's near-school shooting, Clay's breakdown may result in his killing Bryce, possibly as soon as the first episode. In this case, Clay's previous attempts to confront Bryce and his actually coming after Bryce with a gun (though he was talked out of trying anything) will be used against him.

Bryce's relocation to a new school is going to a worse Hell for him than he realizes.
Bryce says he's relocating to a private school, but due to his academics, he's going in as a Junior instead of a Senior. He may have gotten away with his crimes, but what he may not realize is that when he gets to that prep school, he's not going to be the cock of the walk like he was in Liberty. He's probably not going to be let on the baseball team, and if he is, he's probably going to be riding the bench, due to the fact that the baseball team at that school have been just as tight as he was with the Liberty's team. But since everyone at this prep school may have parents that have money, there's a good chance that how much money his parents have is going to help him. Plus, with the audio recordings of Hannah's tapes being out, everyone there is going to know he's a rapist and will more than likely not even associate with him, placing him exactly in the same kind of position Hannah was in. What he's going into is going to be his own personal Hell (or at least one can hope).
  • Confirmed Bryce gets bullied at his new school by the football team, because of his reputation of being a rapist is known throughout the whole community, and while its subtle and not focused upon, Bryce being in a school filled with people far richer than him and his parents is an issue as well.

Justin and Jessica's Sid and Nancy costumes foreshadows their potential end.
Back in Season 1, Justin and Jessica dressed as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen for Halloween. For those who may have forgotten how Sid and Nancy's story ended, both spiraled into a drug-induced nosedive that resulted in Nancy dying from being stabbed in her abdomen with a knife owned by Sid (as to if Sid was the one who did it is been a long debated topic). Sid, four months later, would die of a heroin overdose. We already see Justin is using drugs. All it would take is Justin tempting her to try it, and then she'd be hooked. After that, they eventually follow the path of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, until the horrific end.

Clay will be arrested for possession of a rifle, and this season will revolve around his friends convincing the police to free him.
  • Jossed.

The season will end on a Surprisingly Happy Ending.
Just like the fourth season of Bojack Horseman, where it initially stated off on a downer, but ended with reward for the eponymous protagonist. In this one, Clay can be proven innocent and find happiness with another woman, Bryce can either die or suffer horrible reprecussions for his rapes, and the others can earn their happy endings.
  • Confirmed, but the Sequel Hook suggest more drama ahead in Season 4.

Bryce will start up a new gang and go right back to raping people.
Because he got off scott free last time and the courts are clearly in his pockets, what, if anything, is to stop him from just starting all over again at his new school with fresh victims to choose from? Nothing. He is a serial rapist and a fancy new school isn't going to change that. What will most likely happen is he'll form a new gang from whatever sports jocks are at his new school and start a brand new reign of terror while still ordering rapes and attacks on people's houses with his old gang like in Season 2.

Season Three will confirm Montgomery’s sexuality one way or another.
  • It’s almost impossible that the creators of the show are unaware of the fact that a good portion of the fandom has come to believe that Montgomery is a deeply closeted homosexual or bisexual who is in love with Bryce. It’s hard to believe those theories won’t be addressed in some way in Season Three, so it’s likely there will be a scene or an arc that shows that Montgomery is heterosexual or that will confirm the theories of him being gay or bisexual. If the Armored Closet Gay theories are correct, the show might do a slight “twist,” on the theories, with Montgomery expressing or revealing an attraction on a male character other than Bryce— maybe someone completely unexpected, like Ryan or Alex. If the theories are addressed and quickly dismissed or disproven, there will probably be an Aesop that not every homophobic—violently homophobic, at that- person is secretly same-sex-attracted and that rape can happen to someone regardless of the sexual orientation of either party.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 5 of Season 3.

     Season 3 Post-Release 
Deputy Standall put up with Ani to learn more about Alex
  • What actual cop would just put up with thirteen hours of some teenage girl going over several completely random character’s lives and motivations over why they MIGHT have killed Bryce, but actually didn’t, without actually offering solid evidence, at all. Any other cop would pressure her to get to the point already, but Deputy Standall just wastes half his day listening intently. The real reason? He realized early on that Ani would likely tell him some details on his son’s life. He already knows that Alex was on drugs, and obviously his son wasn’t the type to talk about his issues with his parents. Add in the fact that he already worked out that Alex was the murderer, and his clear Papa Wolf instincts, to him, Ani presented the perfect opportunity to learn more about his child’s (and his child’s friends) problems. And considering he covered up a murder for Alex, he probably wouldn’t be above it.
Monty had a crush on Tyler

     Season 4 

Season 4 will revolve around them trying to find the identity of a serial killer
  • Since season three of Thirteen Reasons Why seemed to parrellel season one of Riverdale why not continue the trend.
The series will end by invoking All Just a Dream
  • One of the main characters (possibly ones who supposedly died: Hannah, Bryce or Monty) will wake up and reveal the whole series to be a nightmare. Since Season 4 is the last series the creators have nothing to lose.
Monty wasn't killed in prison
if this is true it will likely come back into play next season.
Season 4 will show or mention a rape or sexual assault perpetrated by a woman
Since the series already showcased male-on-female and male-on-rape rapes, they might show or mention female-on-male or female-on-female rape.

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