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  • Not from the show itself, but from the show's Facebook page: As more promotion of the show, the page released iPhone stickers of the cast. No Really. It makes ten times funnier when you see the out of character moments of the characters (including Bryce Walker) fitting goofy and happy stickers compared to the complete dark and sad tone of the series. Special points to Zach's silly love message sticker and Ryan's eye roll sticker.
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  • Hannah's little prank on Justin in the first episode. He follows her onto the bus to hit on her. Then she reveals she doesn't take the bus - and gets off just as it drives away. Justin has no idea where the bus even goes.
  • Mrs Antilly tries to assign Jessica and Hannah to be friends - and their response is to snarkily get each other's names wrong. Later on they start talking after school, and do a Double Take as they realise Mrs Antilly's plan actually worked.
    "Bitch is good at her job."
  • Clay's completely clueless reaction to Tony being gay.
  • Ryan telling Courtney to fuck off also qualifies. Arguably anything Ryan does, due to being a Large Ham.
  • Both Clay and Tony yelling "FUCK!!" after their hike.
  • After a season of Tony doling out cryptic nonsense and wisdom, Clay calling him an "annoying Yoda" was a well-deserved and cathartic laugh.
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  • After Courtney finally comes out publicly, her dads sort through a bunch of lesbian-themed movies and discuss which would be the best to watch together to start a discussion with her. The camera then slowly pulls back to reveal Courtney has been right next to them the whole time.
  • Clay's parents surprise him with a car. Clay swears that there will be no more secrets between them. Gilligan Cut to him hiding Justin in his bedroom.
  • While hiding Justin in his house, Clay is caught by his father outside the bathroom with the shower going, forcing him to stay in there for a while and even briefly open and shut the curtain while unable to give Justin any warning.
  • Courtney and Ryan casually looking on at the chaotic brawl at school with disdain. And then Courtney pulling the fire alarm.
  • Hannah and Clay's conversation at the beginning of "Two Girls Kissing" about whether or not she's a ghost.
    Clay: Are you corporeal?
    Hannah: That sounds like a science-fiction question.
    Clay: Can I touch you?
    Hannah: (unnerved) That sounds like a loaded question.
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  • When Clay comes home after being run off the road and finally tells his parents some of what is going on in his life.
    Clay: I can't explain any of it to you because I don't understand it myself. Now does knowing all this make this any better or worse for you?
  • Alex attempts to fight Zach in the bathroom after being embarrassed by revealing that he hasn't been able to get aroused since his injury. The physical contact (and possibly something more) actually gives Alex a boner. Cue an incredibly awkward moment of sheer embarrassment and honest relief.
    • Alex's attempt to get aroused by visiting a webcam site. The woman immediately suspects he's a kid and disconnects.
  • "The Third Polaroid" features a rather trippy animated opening of Clay and Hannah trying ecstasy without explaining the context of the conversation.
  • When Jessica's father sees her hanging around with Nina and her friends, he worries they're not a good influence on her. Jessica asks if it's because they're black. Her father's response is "have you looked at me lately?" - and the two who had been arguing immediately burst out laughing.
  • Clay as the world's most jaded and sarcastic school tour guide when Ani arrives.
  • Clay comes home while Justin and Jessica are having sex, and Justin tries to hide with her only for Jessica to remind him he lives there. Then Justin pretends he was masturbating when Clay asks why he wouldn't answer the door. And in the present, Clay is disgusted to realize they were having sex on his bed.
  • Zach and Justin throwing grapes on Clay's bed. When Clay asks them to stop, they throw grapes at him instead.

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