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Nightmare Fuel / 13 Reasons Why

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  • Bryce's rape of both Jessica and later Hannah.
  • Hannah's suicide. From the build up of Hannah in the tub to the quiet, somber gasps as she slits her wrists, and to the complete devoid of silence in the scene except for her cries just makes it more unnerving. Then again, the blunt nature of the suicide was the point, see Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped for more reasoning.
  • Clay's Imagine Spot during "Tape 3, Side A", where he shows the tapes to Mrs. Baker and she begins to choke him with his headphones cable, screaming that he killed Hannah. No wonder he runs off terrified.
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  • Bryce beating Clay to a pulp when he confronts him about raping Jessica and Hannah. Clay only manages to land one punch on him, which did nothing and by the end of his beating he's knocked out.
  • The announcement trailer for Season 2 is insanely unnerving for its Soundtrack Dissonance showing shots of characters (Tony and Ryan in his car, Jessica taking a happy selfie, Mr. Porter in his office, Mrs. Baker doing her own investigation of the tapes, Bryce with a girl at his mansion, and Clay getting ready for his subpoena) but interlaced with Polaroids showing different stories: Tony's car being smashed and Tony having a black eye, Jessica crying with shots of graffiti calling her a "liar" and a note that says "KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT", Portner's office in shambles, him being distressed and the message "KNOW YOUR PLACE" scrawled on his wall while looking at a file of Bryce, Mrs. Baker showing distress as she does her investigation, a woman Bryce is with being drugged and Bryce showing horror at the fact he's soon to be caught, and a message to clay saying "TALK OR YOU'LL PAY" all while a Polaroid of Hannah's eye is around him. Reality Ensues as his bedroom door gets slammed and he finds that same photo, only to turn it around and bearing a message and the show's tag line:
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  • The final episode of Season Two. After a tumultuous season of acting out and violence, Tyler is sent to a wilderness camp for teens with behavioral issues and comes back with a much more positive and kinder attitude, ready to make amends. Then, just because the baseball season was cancelled, Monty and his jock lackeys corner Tyler in the bathroom, beat him viciously, attempt to drown him in the toilet while Monty violently sodomizes and rapes Tyler with a mop so badly, there’s blood all over the handle once he’s done.
  • Heck, Montgomery De La Cruz is made of this. Unlike Bryce, he is much more irrational, explosive and violent.
  • Monty has an intense sexual encounter with a guy named Winston at a party. Winston clearly doesn't know about Monty's reputation, and when he sees Monty leaving he suggests that they hang out again sometime. Obviously scared that people will find out he's gay, Monty brutally beats him up.
  • Even though his actions prove him to be a complete bastard, Monty's fate is horrific, even by the standards of the show. While it is mentioned that he was beaten to death in prison, we never saw the scene. The rest stays with the viewer's imagination...
    • Fridge Horror: His father mentions that being beaten to death is the least the inmates would do with him. You are probably not the only one who believes he may have received another punishment before his death, considering the treatment that rapists receive in prison.
  • Bryce's death, pushed in the river and unable to swim due to his broken arm and leg. It takes a good few minutes for his fighting to stop.
    • His fight with Zach moments before is also very disturbing to watch. Even with an injured knee, Zach quickly gains the upper hand and beats the tar out of Bryce. The sound of his bones breaking is pretty damn gross.
    • On that note, Bryce breaking (or dislocating?) Zach's knee at the game also qualifies.
  • Alex Standall gives quite a lot of this. He's a Nice Guy for the most part, and yet he's an Ax-Crazy Mood-Swinger at his worst. It certainly doesn't help the fact that he's Bryce's killer. Ani says it best.

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