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Heartwarming / Dumbing of Age

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  • At the end of Book One:
  • Amazi-Girl and Danny. Mario Kart.
  • Why doesn't Walky want to date Billie? She's too much of a sister to him.
  • The last page of Book Two is also pretty heartwarming.
  • Danny talking about why he likes Amber. Even if he is just trying to help cover for her.
  • Danny finds out about Amber's Secret Identity- and her asshole father- and doesn't bat an eye.
    Amber: You're still helping me? I kinda lied to you.
    Danny: You're still Amazi-Girl. You take care of the bad guys and I take care of you when you're done. Same as always.
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  • Sympathy via light physical contact: especially heart-warming in context since it comes soon after back to back Tear-Jerkers.
  • This page in its entirety.
  • This strip. (Warning: Semi-NSFW)
  • Ruth and Billie's one-sided pillow talk
    Ruth: I forgive you for lying to me, by the way... not because I especially want to — I'm still angry — but I feel like forgiveness is something you desperately need right now. And maybe that's the one thing we've always had in common. *Kisses Billie*
  • So you're just going to have to guess.
  • Guys, she's in love.
  • Joyce accepting her friend for who she is, even when doing so is against everything she was taught and believed.
    Becky: Is that still really what you believe, that what I did was a mistake?
    Joyce: (Beat)
    Joyce: No.
    Joyce: H-How could I? Becky, you're my best friend. Pit you against anything else in my life, you will win every time.
    • For additional perspective, earlier in that same storyline Joyce was approached by the even more extreme fundamentalist Mary on whether or not lesbian acts were a sin. Joyce said yes. As an added bonus, Becky was present when she said that. In that moment, both from Becky's and our own perspective, she had a complete 180 on the matter because Becky meant that much to her. Warm fuzzies all around.
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    • Joyce has really come a long way:
  • Ethan moving to help the clearly terrified Joyce get back home, literally minutes after she ended their "relationship."
    • Joyce giving back his kindness by trying to help him accept what he is, even offering to accompany him to a "Coming Out" support group.
  • When Becky finds out about what happened to Joyce at the party, she apologizes for kissing her out of nowhere. But Joyce reassures her that while she's not receptive to any more makeout attempts, she's never felt unsafe around Becky.
    Joyce: But hugs are fine.
    Becky: Hugs are still fine?
    Joyce: They will always be fine. I refuse to let that be a casualty of anything.
  • Becky has been trying to make Dina feel comfortable.
  • Everything so far of the Becky/Dina relationship is adorable and funny. But one of the comments of the latest strip is in its self a CMOH;
    Commenter: Normally I’d make a comment praising how cute the couple are together and maybe even sqee-ing to make a point, but here, I want to thank you. You’ve captured one of life’s joys. You’ve not only put on display (perhaps better than you ever have before), not only the joy of being with someone you care about, but the sheer giddiness felt from the first kiss with someone you love. And here’s the kicker, it feels simple. There’s no alcoholic suicide pact, or “just for fun boyfriend”, or even alter egos here, and while I think those are great writing that gives more depth to the characters, they niggle in the back of my mind whenever I see the relationship. Here though, you’ve created a scene so real that it made me forget about Toenail Dad or the fact that Becky shouldn’t even be at the university. You’ve created the most human moment I’ve seen in any comic strip, and I want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.
  • After her first kiss with Becky, Dina falls asleep the way she woke up, thinking about dinosaurs.
    Dina: Lapparentosaurus. Bothriospondylus. Cedarosaurus. Brontosaurus? Becky.
  • While Becky and Dina smooching. is adorable on its own, what brings it here is Joyce's reaction: Just two days ago, while accepting of Becky's sexuality, Joyce could barely deal with it. Now, while she turns away to give them privacy, she smiles at her best friend and her girlfriend making out in front of her, just happy that Becky is happy.
  • After Becky is saved, Dina takes a moment to thank Amber.
  • Billie likes to play at being the Alpha Bitch and too cool for the rest of the cast, but asked point-blank if she really wants Joyce to revert the clingy, sunny, dork she'd been complaining about all semester, Billie doesn't hesitate for a second.
  • Hank Brown's reaction to seeing Becky again. All of it. It's not perfect, and there will probably still be issues that come up, but considering the nightmare that Becky's actual father turned out to be, it is so good to see that at least one member of Becky's second family still cares about her.
    • Furthermore, Hank voices his own displeasure with Ross, admitting to Joyce that he only spent time with him because of Becky and Bonnie, and was still sorely tempted to hit Ross over some of the stuff he said - to the point of admitting that he fully approved of Joyce knocking him out.
      Joyce: Yeah, well, [Ross] was an asshole.
      Hank: Heh, damn right he was.
  • Meta example. Willis understands perfectly well how sensitive a topic suicide is so in the strip that reveals that Becky's mother died this way, he puts up a very long warning above the strip itself advising people triggered by this to skip it. Commentators are quite pleased with him making this pre-caution.
  • Joyce's father is proving quite reliable for these when it comes to his daughter, as this particular strip is basically an extended So Proud of You statement.
    Hank: took me a while after you'd taken your mother and me to task at the fountain, to realize. You were me. That was me, doing what I thought was right, no quarters given.
  • The In-Universe outpouring of support that Becky's been getting - not just from Joyce, but even Joe, Billie, and Sal are committed to trying to help her out.
  • Hank telling Becky her mother would be proud of who she's become (though Becky's response makes it a tearjerker as well).
  • In the sort of demented way only Robin can provide, there's what she and Leslie start doing after Leslie finds her sleeping on (not in) her bed. After getting past the severe sexual tension, they sit down to watch Steven Universe. They're even holding hands.
  • When the first cracks with Joyce's brother John start showing, and he suggests lunch be "family only" (i.e., leave Becky out), Joyce makes something clear:
    Becky is family. She is my family. If you want to get lunch, you will understand this.
  • Sarah wanted to put up Halloween decorations but hates the idea of people knowing she likes Halloween. Joyce agrees to fake outrage at the Halloween decorations so Sarah can pretend she's doing it to get a rise out of Joyce.
    Sarah: But you don't actually have a problem with Halloween.
    Joyce: But nobody else knows that. And it certainly sounds like me, doesn't it?
    Sarah: [has a Eureka Moment]
  • Even after Becky has moved out from Leslie's place, they are able to have a bonding moment.
  • Faz telling Amber that she gives him hope that he won't turn out like Blaine.
  • Amber making a conscious decision to open up and let people into her life, culminating in most of the main cast joining her on Garbage Roof at the end of Year Ten. Even more adorably, everyone's understanding when this proves overwhelming and she needs to slink off to stare at her phone.
  • After all of her hard work, Becky's made it into college for real.


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