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  • Quain'tana to Ariel: "You make me proud."
  • Waes'soloth and Naal'suul's conversation, especially Waes' last line. Has an extra punch to it since it's the last time they speak to each other before Naal's death.
  • Chrys'tel and Shinae taking steps to reconcile.
  • Nega'fanae forgiving Balsii for a second time to avert more bloodshed.
  • Belph'aegor promptly disproves the Judicator by helping free his friends who have been targeted for The Purge.
  • In Chapter 43, Faen - shy, meek little Faen - gives a nervous Ariel a magificent confidence boost in the form of a Big Damn Kiss.
  • Chirinide, despite having absolutely no idea how to cook, attempts to roast a bird for Shan'naal because he rarely gets to eat meat, and she wanted "to cook something good for [him]."
    • When Chiri's complete and utter failure of a roasted bird comes out of the oven, Kau offers to help her salvage it.
  • Zhor lands himself the spot of possibly the best father in the series, if not overall parent.
  • As they leave Felde, Ariel apologizes to Faen, ostensibly for leaving her coat behind but probably for gambling their lives by going to Felde as well. Faen, who has every right to be pissed at her leader for taking such such a needless risk, quickly assures her that everything is all right, and that she doesn't hold it against her.
    • Also on that page, Nau finally reciprocates Kiel's feelings for him, after giving her the cold shoulder for years. According to the author, this is mainly due to Kiel's refusal to abandon her friends, no matter how tainted or flawed they are. As Nau is all too aware that his days are numbered due to his faulty seed, this means a great deal to him.
  • Shala is proudly smiling up at Sarnel (bottom left of the last panel) when he pulls his Big Damn Heroes. Becomes bittersweet since this is one of the last things we see Shala doing before she dies.
  • In a culture where a single Drow can go through dozens of partners through the course of their lives, Zala'ess and Sabrror's bond is unique. They have remained together for far longer than is considered the norm in Drow society, and show no signs of drifting apart. Considering the huge political advantage in bearing as many children from as many powerful clans as possible, refusing to accept another male isn't just inconvenient for Zala, but potentially risky as well. Yet even as Sabrror's demonic seed continues to eat away at his soul and personality, Zala remains adamant in keeping him as her consort.
    • This reaches a head in chapter 47. Not even being possessed by a nigh-godlike Karla will stop Sabrror from defending the woman he loves, even if he needs to sacrifice his soul to do it.
  • In chapter 47, Nau selflessly risks his life to rescue Kiel from the Vloz fortress as it tumbles into the abyss. No one would have though any less of him had he simply cut and run (even Kiel was yelling for him to leave her), yet he very nearly killed himself carrying her out.
  • At the end of Chapter 49, Minka, who had seen his tower fall, his friends and family die (again) and nearly be burned at the stake has Valla'drielle, the one responsible at his mercy, but remembers the words of the new Holy Mother Anahid and stops. It just goes to show how strong Anahid really is that her words alone prevented more bloodshed.
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  • Drow aren't big on physical affection between parents and children, so seeing Sil'lice embrace Kadara after fearing her dead in the wake of losing Shala and disowning Kau for becoming tainted really says a lot.
  • This absolutely beautiful strip. Don't miss Naal's little "Silly" on the right, or her smile. It's near the end of chapter 24.
  • How to do Big Sis in one step. D'awwwww. *sniff*
  • After a 15-year timeskip, Vaelia doesn't miss a beat when she and Ariel reunite. For the rest of Chapter 51: Interlude, she easily picks the role of Ariel's mother-figure back up like there wasn't fifteen years separating them. She even helps name Ariel's little brother and sister, and comfortingly hugs Ariel in the final page of Chapter 51, reassuring her that better days will come in time.


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