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  • Chapter 12 was quite the wham back in the day, since it was the first confirmation in the main story that Mel was really Ariel's mom and showed exactly how screwed up the relationship between Mel and Quain really is.
  • Chapter 25 has so many Whams, many of which affect the very layout of the DT universe, one after the other that it's hard to keep track, but we'll try:
    • Kalki, a leader of the Nidraa'chal, is actually the daughter of Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress and Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen, the latter of whom was previously thought to have no children.
    • The Ninth Tower of Orthorbbae, which had been hinted at all the way back in Chapter 2, exists.
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    • Furthermore, it contains the former headmisress, Sha'sana, who has been missing and presumed dead since the Prologue.
    • According to Sha'sana, Snadhya's tainted only have around twenty five to fifty years before their seeds take them over, effectively killing them.
    • Oh, and Sharess' body has been in the Ninth Tower for about 1000 years.
  • Chapter 32 also contained a doozy for Ariel, mainly the revelation that Mel's her real mom. And worse, she doesn't accept it.
  • The very end of chapter 33. Adios, Sandaur.
  • The end of chapter 37, mainly, Kalki coming out of nowhere and stabbing Yami'ni, and making off with the ancient weapon while Chrys'tel can only watch helplessly.
  • The end of chapter 38. 15 years does not seem to have been kind to Kiel. This was even more of a Wham since Kiel had been appearing in non-canon fourth-wall breaking extras that were mostly silly, making her appearance here all the more shocking.
    • Not as bad as it looks, but Kiel is still slipping down the Darkside. Currently, she rules with a steel fist because she's NOW HEARING FROM HER FRIENDS that democracy is no solution to peoples' stupid evil alignment, and is apparently using some of her Princes and Princes as shadowlings that can contact both physical and spiritual planes (good for trapping demons).
  • Chapter 39, where Diva'ratrika's Body Double meets her end.
    • And more of a humorous Wham, but the person who turns out to be the first (known) member of the child cast to become a mother turns out to be the last person people expected: Shinae.
    • Turns into a genuine Wham a few pages later. The child was somehow corrupted in the womb by Shinae's taint, to the point that the mild-mannered Gailen's only response when he sees it is to tell the slave to burn it.
    • This particular chapter seems to be turning into another series of Whams, with the most recent page bringing the revelation that Kiel's taint and those demons around her are actually humans. Her ability to see and hear the readers? Is actually because we are the seed itself.
      • To explain: Kiel can literally communicate two-way with the drowtales website forums. The medium used for communication is explained in the above paragraph.
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  • Chapter 42 opens with a pretty big wham, mainly Chiri getting assassinated. Only it turns out that was a vision and Chiri is actually fine, if shaken up. Then we find out what really happened: Shimi'lande was the one who was actually killed, and Chiri was seeing that the entire time.
  • Given that chapter 44 focuses on the Nidraa'chal and their gathering this was a given, but then they pull out a twist no one saw coming: Zhor has apparently been returned to his dark elf body by the Jaa'darya. Wow.
    • The end of chapter 44 also has a big one that the story had been building up to: The Sharen have effectively lost the city with Sarv'swati going missing.
  • Chapter 45 ends with the biggest wham (for the Sharens): the discovery of the real Diva'ratrika's mummified body.
  • Chapter 46 Page 68: What tops getting a fork stuck in your hand? Your big ballistic sister CHOPPING YOUR ARM OFF.
  • Chapter 47, starting from page 36; Senekha's plot to weaponize Discordia and Kharla'ggen is FINALLY paying off. With a vengeance.
  • Chapter 48, especially the very last page. Look closely at Zala in the last panel, and pray for little Suna.
  • The last page of chapter 50 confirms Quain's death, leaving Ariel the new leader of the Sarghress.

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