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There is a forum topic on this very subject on the site proper

Ash'waren will be the next Val'Sharess
It's been hinted at already in very early info, and now that we know she's really a dark elf she has a more legitimate claim on the title. And she could probably just brainwash everyone into accepting her if she really wanted to.

Kalki is the daughter of Khaless, Snadya'rune's protector twin
This one is actually pretty plausible, and would explain the rather vague Word of God explanation that she both is and isn't Snadhya's. Presumably Khaless had Kalki and was then killed (willingly or unwillingly) by Snadhya, who then adopted Kalki and used her to set up the Nidraa'chal. Considering how long the coup was apparently planned it's not implausible that Snadhya waited a few decades for Kalki to mature.

The first child created for Snadhya did survive..
  • ... And the Jaal'darya held onto it in case Snadhya ever turned on them, essentially meaning that somewhere there's a third Sarghress sister out there.
  • Alternatively it was a male...and that was why it was deemed a failure...
    • Unless either Snadhya or Mel had a Y chromosome to throw into the mix or someone else added one (assuming drow biology works the same way) that would be next to impossible. Though maybe questioning the mechanics of Homosexual Reproduction is a bit of a lost cause...
      • But wasn't Mel'arnach's egg used for only the second attempt? She recalls that Wi'am Val'Jaal'Daarya was the one who approached her for one of her eggs in exchange for a biogolem. Maybe Jaal'Daarya science is different but unless the egg split in vitro you need one egg for one child. I thought for the first attempt it was implied that Snadhya'runes had used another potential "father".
      • This was discussed on the forums and the consensus was that she probably didn't take just one egg (it's not like Mel would have been in a position to notice the number taken), or that, again, the biology is different. It's also not specified what order the events happened in and if the first attempt did use Mel's DNA for it.
      • This page mentions rumors about what the Jaal'Daarya do with their sons. Either drow biology is different, or it's not well-known enough for people to realize the crippling flaw in that theory.

Maybe Kiel was right when she said maybe the seed didn't take Naal over completely, as once Naal is safely locked away, she then reaches for her doll of Sharess' knight.
  • The knight who fought demons until she became "a nether infested husk, guided only by her unbreakable will."
  • Maybe she'll be able to open doors a bit later...or they'll free her when things get REALLY bad. Or someone tries to deliver some bodies...

Sha'sana is possessed by Sharess
  • And, at some point, she'll call it 'my body'.

Baliir is extremely handsome
  • Because when he takes it off at least one of the bystanders think so she is blushing and the others that react are all women not counting the only male who is preoccupied by something else.
  • Sara'hilana Balvhakara seems rather taken by Baliir as well.

Could Blossom from the Goddess Knight Daydream story
be related to Quaintana?
  • Daydream isn't usually Canon, but considering we have a page with Diva'ratrika recalling her childhood and friends with a young Ash'waren corresponding to Faen, her Moon's Age pet feral to Melodia and her friend Blossom to Ariel. The implications are that each current character has something to do with the person Diva'ratrika is remembering-some type of ancestral resemblance etc. See Chapter 22 page 23
  • Alternately, it's Zhor who's related to Blossom. He was a dark elf, after all.
  • Blossom's red hair correlates more with the Sarghress. Zhor in the Daydream story originally had white hair as a Dark Elf. Although the above theory could be a possible Red Herring, as the character Naj'sera (one of the dark elven queens in Sharess' time) in personality is most like Quain'tana and was my original thought for who could be Quain'tana's ancestor.
    • Blossom is actually a daughter of Haiarhyn, another dokkalfar queen.
    • While its true that Blossom is canonically Haiarhyn's daughter, what the OP was suggesting was that Blossom herself might be the mother or grandmother of Quain'tana, based on the flashback from Diva/Liriel's transformation scenes. The three figures present, Ariel, Faen and Melodia are seen by Diva/Liriel as younger versions of Ash'waren, Blossom and Nana (the name of the feral Diva adopts in Goddess Knight). If however, the reader is simply going by eye and was only familiar with Day Dream, judging by the personalities of the Dark Elf queens shown in the story, one could be forgiven for thinking that Naj'sera(far left, fourth panel) would be the one who's possibly an ancestor of Quain'tana.
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    • Word of God is that the Flower Queen seen in this story is Blossom, so depending on how this story unfolds this might or might not be Jossed.

The two Scourges who poisoned Kiel acted on the behalf of Ni'bai and Umpus.
They're the only members of Sene'kha’s group who still want to summon the demon god. But as long as Kiel's in charge things are a bit more difficulty, since she's strictly against it. That’s probably a good motive why they want her dead. To cover their tracks they hired the two Scourges from Nyo’ka’s group who didn’t like Kiel, anyway. It was a win-win situation: Either Kiel would die or she would blame Nyo’ka, another high-ranking Vloz in opposition to Sene’kha’s plan, and kill her.

Sure Nyo'ka makes herself suspicious after she killed one of the two Scourges and covered for the other, who rat out her partner in crime. But she didn't do it because she was involved in the assassination. It's because she can't afford to lose too many members of her group. After all there is a tough competition among the summoners and she needs every follower she can gather.

Diva'ratrika had Sarv'swati with a male from the Val'Sullisin'rune clan
This would explain why Sarv'swati and her descendants have bluish-purple hair. Diva'ratrika's hair colour is purple and Ash'waren's descendants usually have some kind of blue tints to their hair. Maybe part of the peace treaty with the Sharens involved Diva'ratrika having her next child with a Val'Sullisin'rune. We saw in the flashbacks that Snadhya'rune was already an adult during the early war between the Sharen and the Sullisin'rune and as there were no other appearances of Diva'ratrika's other chidren, readers can infer that Snadhya'rune was then Diva'ratrika's only heir. Also, remember the Daydream story about the Sarghress/Sullisin'rune alliance? Re-read what the terms Ash'waren dictated to Quain'taina were and now think back to why Ash'waren may have agreed to the terms set out by Diva'ratrika after the Sharen/Sullisin'rune War and what additional benefits (if any) she may have gained.
  • From what I understand, all pure-blood Drow are born with white hair as a result of the whole biological shift caused by the caverns they live in. I think dyeing your hair in 'family colours' is just a ubiquitous tradition.
  • For the most part the above is true, but second generation drow (i.e. the first drow born in the underworld to Dark Elf parents) tend to keep some hair color, only losing it after several generations. For example because their mother was a Dark Elf, all five of Diva'ratrika's daughters would be considered Second Generation drow, but only the first two display typical Second Generation traits, such as color in their hair. Snadhya'rune's hair color is natural and the same thing appears to be the case with Sarv'swati. Sometimes Second Generation traits can pop up in later generations of drow (e.g. with Third Generation drow like Mel'arnach, whose hair alternates between white and very light purple. It seems even the comic artists can't seem to decide which color she's meant to have. References to both colors have appeared in the main story.)
    • On the other hand, now that it seems to have been decided that Sarv'swati's hair is actually purple with black tinted fringe and sidelocks, maybe Diva'ratrika had Sarv'swati with a member of the Beldrobbaen. It could be Sil'lice who's half Sullisin'rune instead, HEH HEH.

The father of Mel'arnach and Kel'noz was a member of the Siyah'Khorshed.
And it was Farasank!! Unfortunately only Mel'arnach inherited the height of both parents.
  • That would add a whole 'nother layer to some of Mel's fake!Psycho Lesbian behavior...
  • OR the father was actually Ashu'athama Sharen in a drunken one night stand. Quain'tana is so ashamed of this she has entirely wiped out the incident from her mind.
    • God, if that's true, then the Sharen/Sarghress family tree is even more twisted than we thought...
  • Take a Third Option: Maybe it was actually Rosof. Its not been specifically stated when Mel'arnach and Kel'noz were born and whether it was before the Sarghress became a Val clan or after.
    • It actually has been said that when the twins were born the Sarghress weren't yet a Val clan, and it's been implied that they were already alive by the time Quain invaded Machike.
    • After re-reading some of the earlier chapters, its also possible that both Mel'arnach's and Ariel's shapeshifting could come from a Beldrobbaen ancestor/mate of Quain'tana? Mel'arnach in Chapter 7 (?) when she shapeshifts to help Ariel looks similar to the Beldrobbaen manipulation of light and shadow by Waes'soloth and Naal'suul.
    • The Daydream story about Mel and Snadhya's meeting implies that Khaless and Mel might be distantly related, since pre-possession Khaless had very similar abilities.

Drow and Elf ears are erogenous zones
  • As adults their ears grow to surprising lengths and unless its just how Kern likes his fae biology to work there is no reason why this should be the case. Most elves in fiction have their ears grow (albeit slanted) upwards rather than outwards. Its also surprising that during battles you never see drow or elves going for the ears they just seem to randomly be there. I'm guessing that there is some probable oomox going on here...
    • There is a wallpaper of Mel and Snadhya where Mel is biting her ear, so this might actually be canon... not to mention that Mel nibbles on Ariel's and this later gets a call back...
    • Here is another page which is probably more conclusive than the previous link 19.10.2011
    • If they turn out not to be erogenous zones, they certainly help to indicate the age range of characters. Adult drow (both drowussu and drowolath) have extremely long, outwardly extended ears, child drow have rounded, slightly upward slanting ears, teenage/middle youth drow have longer ears than child drow but not to the extent of the adults and are somewhat rounder in the face like child drow and unlike adult drow.
      • It's also possible that fae ears keep growing, just check out Lioshi's ears, they're absolutely massive.
      • Thus confirming that drow and elf ears are useful indicators of a character's age range; i.e. child, teen, young adult, old circa second generation aged adults etc.

Kalki will betray Snadhya
Like mother, like daughter. They don't have a perfect relationship and she might eventually get tired of Snadhya's Control Freak tendencies, and either choose Mel or strike out on her own.
  • So far there hasn't been a sign that Mel would leave Snadhya's side. If Kalki's going to betray her, she has to do it alone.
    • Mind you, every time Snadhya has asked Mel'arnach to join her in her activities, Mel has either avoided the question or outright declined. This has happened three times as of now. Maybe she secretly doubts Snadhya'rune's intentions?
    • Even if the above doesn't happen, there's a good chance that Snadhya and Mel will fall out eventually, since its been stated by Mel that her desire is to live free on the surface and give birth to her future children there. Snadhya's main desire is to have "drow ruled by drow" and that means staying underground, unless she finds a way for drow children to be born overground.

Shinae will take Chrys'tel's title, rank and name before the time skip
If she doesn't die, she's somehow proven herself to Zala and truely become her daughter. For the drama and because I don't see her getting killed with out a big bang.
  • Jossed; Chrys'tel is now the overseer and spokesperson for Zala'ess. Shinae showed up in the main comic as a member of the Sharen-Nega loyalists' faction. She also gave birth to a stillborn, demon-corrupted baby. Gailen Val'Nal'Sarkoth is her mate.. Whether Shinae betrays Chrys'tel after chapter 34 is yet to be seen.

Not all the Nidraa'chal are tainted or there are ways of masking signs of tainting
Otherwise how can there be Nidraa'chal deep cover agents in every major clan? Particularly in those of the Kyorl'solenurn and the Sullisin'rune or even the Jaal'daarya clans?
  • Makes sense. Especially since it's implied that Snadhya uses Orthorbbae as a recruiting ground and would know that some clans wouldn't accept tainted members.
    • Confirmed by the appearances of Yuh'le and Cy'ril Illhar'dro in Chapter 44.

Tainted drow can mate with one another and thus produce tainted offspring
Not sure about this one, since in flashbacks to when she was a little kid Kiel doesn't seem to be tainted (her eyes are orange, so it's hard to tell, but they are drawn differently than a tainted character's), while it seems her mother already was, and odds are whoever her father was was also tainted.
  • Jossed by this page.
  • Maybe not so Jossed, depending on whatever the hell happened to Shinae's baby.
  • Whilst tainted female drow may have trouble giving birth to live young, was the same ever suggested for male drow with the Snadhya'rune's faulty taint? Since they just provide the sperm and do not carry the young, if they mated with an untainted female would the offspring be safe?

Nau'kheol or Sarnel will be possible love interests for Ariel after the time skip
Nau'kheol for the Dating Catwoman aspect or Sarnel for the Kissing Cousins aspect. With the latter case its less likely for Quain'tana to disapprove of it considering Sarnel's bloodline, so my money is on Ariel's love interest being Nau'kheol.
  • Semi confirmed here with Sarnel, since their parents tried to set them up over the timeskip, but they decided to be Just Friends.
  • Does anyone see something between Ariel and her squad leader Turgeis?

Fae (Drow and Elves) are closely related to the Protoss.
  • The way Mana works is very similar to the Khala (I will admit that Protoss are more akin to reptiles than mammals, however). Maybe Fae are like the Protoss eqivalent of an Ourang-Outan.

Mel's "study group" from the Daydream story will appear in the main story...
... As Nidraa'chal. Think about it. It's said that there are Nidraa'chal in every major clan, and Mel's group was composed of girls from... every major clan. Including a Kyorl'solenurn. And who were they all recruited by? Snadhya'rune. This one is so heavily implied in the DD story that I'll be shocked if this isn't true.
  • Pretty much confirmed as of this page, since that's Sal'bara, one of the proteges. Then we also see Yuh'le later in-story.
  • Further confirmed by the appearances of Tanavya and Elham. And both are pretty high ranked apparently.

Yafein will return...
... And he'll be tainted. Given how much emphasis he puts on growing stronger and insisting that he's not weak he'll be tempted by Emperor Pal— er, Snadhya'rune, and get a seed to make him stronger. Said seed will later devour him.
  • Jossed, and though he has returned, he's even worse than tainted, and to quote many, many people on the site forums, he's a DOUCHE.

The Kyorl'solenurn Seers have long had visions relating to Snadhya'runes plans and are just sitting on the information until the time is right for reveal.
  • They know about her making summons out of teachers at Orthobbae and about her recruiting for Nidraa'chal members at Orthobbae, as well as her faulty seeds and this is why they have resorted to extremism against all tainted, to throw her off the trail. If they appear to be indiscriminate when targeting tainted individuals they can detect actual Nidraa'chal agents within their target groups without being spotted.
  • They also knew that the Dark Elves would eventually leave the surface for the underground due to the demon attacks, by using their farsight skills and the judicators ( really Light Elves) are doing all they can to keep the drow underground permanently. This is also why they disapprove of half breed drowussu/drowolaths because the hybrids would hinder their plans for the vanir/light elves to return to power and subjugate their remaining enemies.

The sixth daughter of Diva'ratrika (who died long before the main story began) will turn out to be important in future chapters
Why else would Kern mention it in the Orthobbae section of the website if it wasn't important? There's been no mention of a Retcon on this plotline so far and her death might explain some of the backstory to Diva'ratrika's relationship with her children.
  • Fridge Brilliance, in the new pages added to Chapter 9 in which we see how Chry'stel first met Shinae, the story Zala'ess may have been referring to could well be to Diva'ratrika's sixth daughter who was weak and could not survive without her protector twin.
  • Also as seen in the penultimate WMG below, this daughter may have been the Sharen Val assassinated by the Val'Chaitoc clan.
  • It's since been revealed by Kern via livestream that Diva did not just have 6 daughters and 1 son like shown, but they are the only ones to survive to adulthood or haven't died before the story began.

Yakuise and Taisei are spies for the Kyorl'solenurn in the Sharen fortress.
Makes sense otherwise why else would they be living with the Sharens and not with their own clan? Neither of them are tainted. If Yakuise is also a Val, she's likely to be Shimi'lande's daughter as well. Related to the earlier WMG about the Kyorl'solenurn it fits the theory that the Kyorl know a lot more about Snadhya'rune than they should.

Lulianne is now a Deep Cover Agent in the Sarghress clan for Snadhya'rune
Now that she has been possessed by Khaless she'll be working for Snadhya'rune against the Sarghress to further her plans. The front cover of Chapter 32 seems to suggest this as well. When Mel'arnach and Snadhya'rune are having their discussion in the carriage, the latter's dialogue wasn't just an example of her affably evilness or her just trying to be philosophical (LOL), it was actually a Chekhov'sGun for admitting that Khaless possessed Lulianne and that being able to manipulate emotions is easy for a demon.
  • Seemingly confirmed by Chapter 36. Word of God reveals that Lulianne is now completely taken over by Khaless.
  • However the Lulianne personality seems to be influencing Khaless's actions. It remains to be seen if this will reveal that she has her own plans or if the Lulianne/Khaless sides will remain in conflict.
    • Related to the above WMG, Snadhya'rune didn't just have Zhor returned to a new Dark Elf body for the fun of it. Perhaps she's hoping that he will provide a distraction for Mel'arnach whilst she is away plotting with her allies in Felde for her powerplay. If she gets them to mate and produce healthy offspring with unique talents then that would just be a bonus....
Plus she could have gotten Wi'am to put Zhor's essence into a female body rather than a male body and just get her to re-twig the plumbing to allow them to mate the usual way or do so Jaal'darya style! Instead she kept Zhor male so that Mel'arnach would not likely end up favoring Zhor over Snadhya'rune in the long-term due to Mel'arnach's innate dislike of men. It was all part of the plan...

Shodun the Nidraa'chal is the daughter of Elham, one of Mel's "study group" friends in Daydream
  • Or she could be the daughter of Balsii...
    • Probably not, or at least not publically. Sandaur seemed pretty sure that she would help him protect Nega'fanae, and if she was Balsii's daughter he probably wouldn't have expected her to help him. Plus it's implied she's Chelian-born since she has the Chelian skintone, and Balsii's attitude is such that she probably wouldn't go to Chel at all if she can help it.

Quain'tana does not just want an heir from Mel'arnach, she wants a womb transplant

A massive stab wound rendered Quain'tana sterile and barren. Seen here, here and now here, the context seems to point to something beyond just Ariel. What else would Quain'tana want that Mel'arnach has?

  • People are convinced that Quain'tana just wants even more potential heirs, in case Ariel dies or fails.

Sharess has become the demon...
  • Discordia. Discordia is said to be a shard of a powerful Demon God from the end of the Moon Age. And the picture of the Demon God includes a Suspiciously Specific Denial footnote saying that we're seeing Kiel's imagination, not how it really looks.
  • Discordia's Old Enemy. That is, the demon Sene'kha wanted to summon using Discordia as bait. Who else could have destroyed the Demon God Discordia came from if not Sharess?
  • Khaless. She is the most intelligent and poweful demon yet seen, and her shadow form's eyes resemble the markings on Sharess' forehead.
  • Naal's Seed. Demon!Naal absorbed the Vel'Cahal doll, just like Sharess absorbed the spirit of the Vel'Cahal in Goddess Knight.
  • Sha'sana's Seed. This one was mentioned above. Sha'sana plans to bring Sharess back. Maybe when she calls herself the last caretaker of Sharess' legacy, she's not just talking about Sharess' body...

When Sil'lice refers to Snadhya'rune "murdering her children whilst in the womb" , she really means that Snadhya'rune has found a way to taint children whilst they are still in the womb
.Possibly confirmed here, since somehow children are being affected by the taint while in the womb.

Khaless will absorb Snadhya'rune by the end of the time skip
  • Both were using each other as a means to an end, when Sha'sana says that demons rarely go to plan, she refers to Khaless having her own agenda whilst seeming subservient to Snadhya'rune. The demon's plan is to bring more of its kind to the drow world and is using tainting as a way to access vessels for its demon counterparts. When the faulty seeds start to go haywire and Snadhya'rune makes her claim for Empresshood, Khaless will completely absorb her former twin.

Laele'aell had minor empathy
  • As good a soldier as she was, the real reason she got on so well with Quain'tana was because her latent empathy helped soften her mother's attitude towards her far more than otherwise. Her minor empathic abilities also helped her to be a good leader to her Fallen Legion troops.

There will be more flashbacks of Kiel
  • In a flashback, Kiel says that she talks to the audience. This was chronologically the earliest we've seen her do that. It's possible that she was talking to the camera for a later flashback. A few other possibilities:
    • The author was watching her, but didn't actually put that part on the website
    • Kiel is being watched by more than one person. The others might just not be making a webcomic of it, or they might be in another universe writing their own version of Drowtales.
    • Kiel really is just talking to an imaginary friend, and the camera just moves where it is because it's the best view, like it did when she was actually talking to Naal.
    • Kiel's childhood has been written about in the members only section, and I just don't know about it because I'm not a member.

There's nothing left of Naal
The only evidence that she's still alive is that she hugs Kiel. I don't know about you, but even after being unceremoniously ripped from this reality, left to slowly claw my way to consciousness over the course of a decade, and being locked in a room for however long it was, if a girl fed me and then started crying and asked me to eat her, I'd give her a hug.
  • Jossed perhaps by Chapter 32. Naal was possessed by a glutton demon, demons which aren't considered as sentient as higher level demons such as Vel'akar like Umpus and Khaless. This is possibly why something of her still seems to exist and rationalise as if still a drow.

Balsii's "punishment" will be to be made administrator of the Surface colony
What better punishment for a xenophobe than to ship her off to a place that's completely foreign to her, and if she happens to get killed, well, tough.

The Balvhakara will be instrumental in helping the Beldrobbaen reboot their numbers
Now that we know about the kinship between the Balvhakara and the Beldrobbaen, when we next reach Chel in future chapters this issue is bound to crop up. The Balvhakara are Vals, so their status would be no barrier. There should be no problems adopting members into Beldrobbaen ranks to boost numbers, depending on the relationship between Waes'soloth and Agneya'mukhi.

The Sullisin'rune were/are descendants of the earliest ancestors of the Dokkalfar population, dating back to the first Dark Elves to exist. This means that they have the oldest bloodline of all drowolath/dark elf nations
Think about it. When we saw Ash'waren's flashbacks and the Goddess Knight story, the Thalamani refugees were shown to be somewhat shorter and paler than their Sharess'land counterparts. On average the Sullisin'rune (or at least Ash'waren is) were/are shorter than the average drow/dark elf. They also possess empathy, a trait also shared by the drowussu. Earlier on this page a troper suggested the possibility of empathy being linked to the ability of being a Seer- as a possible offshoot of the latter. Who do we know possess Seer abilities? drowussu/Light Elves. The original dokkalfar were light elves who became tanned due to living in warmer climates. As the two types of elf grew more isolated, they became separate races- the light elves/vanir and the dark elves/dokkalfar. Most light elves have/had red or blonde/white hair. In the Goddess Knight story, we see Sharess' ancestor and First Empress of the Dark Elves as a red-haired somewhat paler than usual dark elf woman. In terms of height, the light elves were shorter than the dark elves and their gender variance was the opposite of that of the dark elves. Ash'waren is short for a dark elf. (The average dark elf woman was around eight feet tall.) Seven? foot tall Quain'tana towers over Ash'waren. Drowussu males are taller than their females, and unlike their drowolath cousins', their males can often be a match for drowolath females in terms of height (example, Ti'rade, who is quite tall for a drowussu.)
  • Then we have the character of Zannah Sarghress- a drowussu/drowolath hybrid. Her mother was a Kyorl'solenurn Warden and her father was a Sullisin'rune nobleman. However she can apparently pass well enough for a drowussu that people don't notice- she got warden training and the symbol for this put onto her forehead. Yet she has a brownish skintone and straight falling hair, unlike the grayish skintone and curly/wavy falling hair of most drowussu. Zannah seems to lend credence to the idea that despite their cultural differences, Sullisin'rune are more closely related to drowussu and Light Elves than first thought.
  • There's also the fact that blond/e hair (as in yellow, not white) is not a color commonly seen amongst drowolath. Its more of a drowussu trait. The only drowolath characters seen possessing this hair color naturally are Ash'mita Val'Sullisin'rune and Jiaan Sharen (note: their eyebrows are also colored blond/e unlike characters like Nishi'kanta Val'Sharen and her descendants who only dye their hair blond/e as shown by their eyebrows not matching their hair color). We don't even know if Jiaan is actually a Sharen by heritage or from adoption by way of being Yami'ni's mate.

Most drowussu/drowolath hybrids are the result of drowolath male and drowussu female couplings
It makes sense as most drowolath females would see drowussu males as weak and would hardly have the spare time to meet with drowussu males (who are also in templar/warden relationships with their females). This would also explain why high ranking hybrids such as those in the fallen Dutan'vir clan, emulate the gender dynamics of drowussu. Most hybrids also tend to look more drowussu than drowolath as well, probably due to the mother's genetics in-universe being stronger.

Kyo'nne is with the Duskians
Many readers were puzzled by the fact that Kyo'nne doesn't appear in chapters 33 and 34, despite it being set in Nuqrah'shareh. Well, maybe she is there, just not with the Illhar'dro. The last time we saw he she was fawning over a Nuqrah'sharehan boy who looks a lot like the Duskian who greets Chrys. Same eye and hair color. So maybe Kyo's been there the entire time, and the fact that the Duskians are culturally more like drowussu appealed to her since she was still getting over Shan. Word of God is the story will shift back to Nuqrah at some point, and when it does we'll either see Chrys visit the Tower of Dusk and be surprised to see her old friend or the Duskians will send an envoy, who happens to be Kyo.

There will be nine arcs in total to the Moonless Age webcomic
This is less WMG and rather a plausible observation. It makes sense as nine is supposed to be an important number in drow culture and we are already on the second arc of the main story which is unlikely to be the comic finale...

Syphile's biological parents died in the Nidraa'chal War
Since we know very little about her parents except that they were both great warriors, hence why Quain was so disappointed in her, it's pretty likely that they're dead by the time of the main story, especially since Quain's other adopted kids clearly know and interact with their biological parents (well, except Ariel, but that's a special case). And if her parents died in some manner of Heroic Sacrifice or Last Stand that would do even more to explain why Syphile annoys Quain, and why it's only at the very end when Syphile accepts death that she gets an ounce of approval from Quain. And if they died in the Nidraa'chal War that might be why Syphile lashed out at her friend Sael, sine Sael's situation (losing her entire clan) hit a bit too close to home if Syphile's parents had just died, and why Syphile was so desperate for Quain's approval that she unwisely got herself tainted, and we all know how that worked out.

Mel'anarch's new children were fathered by a Sullisin'rune
Laele'aell was Quain'tana's most promising heir and therefore Quain'tana might hope that Mel'anarch might produce similarly strong offspring with another Sullisin'rune. If not, This Troper is hoping that the father may turn out to be Valo Yurunhiir Sarghress, just to see the literal giant offspring that those two would produce.

Ash'waren is mistaken. Salan'dara isn't actually loyal to her.
Going into enemy territory to "investigate yourself " the situation though you already know what's going on? A Too Dumb to Live situation or actually a cover story for her secretly helping the Nidraa'chal effort?

The death of Diva's sixth daughter was her Despair Event Horizon
We know next to nothing about this daughter except that she existed, but her death could've been the turning point when Diva just stopped giving a crap.
  • It's my theory that Diva's sixth daughter was the Sharen Val assassinated supposedly by the Val'Chaitoc clan. And if her name was indeed Sae'ryne, then she may well have been the sister Sil'lice was closest to (or perhaps even her biological twin) and named one of her daughters after her.

Faen used drugs to cope with going to a school full of demons
Here, Faen calms Ariel with thoughts of peace, love, and chocolate. Here, chocolate is shown to be some kind of drug to drow. Also, it's apparently not too hard to get in Orthorbbae. There's no way to tell when Faen ate chocolate, but given that school was the only time she both was both under a lot of stress and had access to chocolate, it would be the most likely time. Also, if this is true, Faen would have had to deal with withdrawal as well as people dying when she was imprisoned, which would have made the PTSD worse. That's not really necessary to explain it though.

Valla'drielle Kyorl'solenurn is the Drowussu equivalent to a Xuile'Solen
And the third eye on her head is not a gift of Sharess, but a mutation.

The Mole in the Sarghress for the Nidraa'chal is Kel'noz
Purely by virtue of the fact that this would be the one outcome that would be guaranteed to piss off as many people in the clan as possible.

What if Snadhya'rune is only a Disc-One Final Boss? The real antagonist and the Man Behind the Man is actually Khaless
This was proposed in the forum after the most recent chapter (39 as of this writing) given what was revealed there. After all, it seems that it was Khaless' "accident" that drove much of what happened later with Snadhya'rune is implied to have really made her kick up her efforts with the Nidraa'chal, but Khaless is still a demon even if she's an intelligent one, and is just using Snadhya'rune for her own ends. And Snadhya's so called "safe" taint is just a ploy to turn drow into vel'akar like Khaless without them noticing.

The Mole in the Sarghress is Suube
I thought of this one when I was thinking about how her motives are very similar to Balsii in that they both think they can run things better than the people currently in charge, and rather than being full members she might just be another Unwitting Pawn. Either way, there are plenty of hints she's up to no good.

The series will end with the elves not taking control of the surface or even trying, rather it will with the remaining elves settling as neighbors to halmes and any others, whether they like it or not
Let's be honest, the conflict is certainly going to kill even more elves. You have the swords and arrows of several soldiers, including the Black Sun tribes. You have the Jaal'Darya's fungus that they're going to use for biological warfare. You have the taints that will make large chunks of the Sharen and others into demon targets. There's the demon god that members of the Vloz Ress have looked into, and there's the body of Sharess. With so much in the pot, there's no doubt that things will get ugly around the world, killing more and more elves. After all of that is dealt with, a majority of the elves will have been wiped out, changing the aging process for assorted elves. This combined with elven birth rates being what they will make them even more outnumbered than before, which combined with the resources of the Halmes and others will make taking over the surface a pipe-dream by then. At least one elven leader will take a few of all that into consideration and see to it that a arrangement can be made that is helpful enough for all involved parties, since there really won't any better options at that point.

Vala'drielle is actually a Nidraa'chal agent
  • Originally suggested on the forums, but the whole "third eye" thing seems pretty fishy, and she's implied to have spent most of her time at Orthorbbae, aka Snadhya's Nidraa'chal recruiting ground. Add to that this ominous scene and there's a decent chance she's up to something.
  • Though you have to remember that the drowussu section of Orthobbae is segregated from the mainstream Orthobbae community and given Snadhya'rune's public penchant for tainting students its unlikely that she and Vala'drielle would have seen eye to eye on almost anything.
  • At least partially confirmed as of this page that Vala and Snadhya'rune are at the very least friendly with each other.

Khaless was once the Vel'Cahal
  • The Daydream story, "Beyond the Veil," is non-canonical, but it may give hints about the dimension where most of Drowtales' demons come from. (After all, it presents a possible explanation for Fame's goat demons.) In this world called Elysia, Sharess' soul was fused with the Vel'Cahal's, and that of Elysia's goddess A'angha. This unstable fusion fragmented into several pieces. The stronger shards ended up devouring the weaker ones, and by the time of the story only a few sentient shards remain. Sha'sana is closest in memory and personality to Sharess. The Phoenix Queen is most like A'angha. The Minister of Songs, Huren, has a dragon-shard for an ancestor (who is afraid of the Vel'Cahal). And the Phoenix Emissary is most like the Vel'Cahal. The emissary proved to be evil and corrupted; he had killed and eaten the Phoenix Queen after she gave birth to their daughter. He intended to eat the dragon-shard as well when Huren summoned it to help Sha'sana's queendom. Sha'sana the shard, seeing the damage Vel'Cahal wrought, was forced to banish the emissary's soul to Chel. This demon later infected a drow, who was later captured by Kyorls. The vel'akar ended up telling the story to a Kyorl, while pretending to be one of Sha'sana's overseers (who the emissary actually killed). This demon eventually escaped the Kyorls, and it began its campaign of absorbing souls.

The reason bisexuality is the norm...
  • that it's impossible to consistently tell girls from guys. It's too awkward to ask people, so you just have to learn to stop caring.
  • Or that it's their nature's way of controlling the drow population. If drow have a 50/50 chance of having a lover from the same or different gender then there is a 50/50 equal probability of getting or not getting pregnant. When drow do not want pregnancy to occur they take a lover of the same sex.

Quain'tana was planning to let Mel raise her newest child
  • Purely for the purposes of Dramatic Irony, when Quain hears that Mel has run off (again) she'll comment on this.

will be a Spanner in the Works to Snadhya'rune
  • See the WMG further up the page that Khaless will betray Snadhya'rune, and then add in Lulianne's apparent refusal or inability to reveal she's really Khaless, combined with Snadhya'rune's reaction, and this might be the first time something hasn't gone according to Snadhya's plans. Add to that the fact that some fans are still holding out hope that Lulianne had enough willpower to not be completely taken over and there's a lot of interesting potential.

Ariel's Voluntary Shapeshifter abilities mean she can actually give her hair sensitivity

Ariel will end up in a fight against Kalki
  • It would be very fitting.
    • Mind you this is less a WMG as most events in the main story seem to be leading up to this, especially as Snadhya'rune has now officially made her powerplay.

Forget Mel'arnach, the real love of Snadhya'rune's life was Khaless
  • No wonder she "snapped" after the original Khaless's accident. From reading main-story flashbacks, the Mel X Snadhya Day Dream story and the general way she speaks to and refers to Khaless, there is plenty of fuel for this WMG.

Zhor is Snadhya'rune's father
  • It's possible, given his age. Maybe this is why he knows about Snadhya's mental instability, apparently directly from Diva, who likely wouldn't share her doubts about her daughter with just anyone. And it's been confirmed by the man himself that he fathered at least two drow children before Ariel.
    • And when you think the family tree couldn't get anymore twisted...
    • Could also explain just how he ended up imprisoned in Orthorbbae where Mel found him, since if he was made into her guardian she may have unceremoniously dumped him down there when he caught onto her plans. Now whether Snadhya knows it's him is a good question.
    • Would also put his comments about "letting go" into new context if that's the case. Maybe he realized at some point that he couldn't save Snadhya from her own madness. It's also entirely possible that she's the reason he wound up a spider in the first place, possibly because he found out too much. And seeing as she did murder her mother at least attempting to kill her father isn't implausible.

Seeing is empathy for Mana Pools instead of individual Fae
  • Word of God states that Seers are basically a sort of twisted Empath. Maybe all the Mana in the world forms a sort of gestalt entity, which Seers are tapping into.
    • Jossed. Word of God says that Seeing cannot predict the future at all, it merely sees through other peoples' eyes or their intentions.
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Ky'ovarde is tainted
  • Hence the eyepatch; she's contained her taint but it's still visible in her left eye.
    • Chiri and Shan noticed Liriel had a demon-like entity that wasn't a demon from aura alone. It's highly unlikely that an eyepatch would keep anyone from noticing Ky'ovarde is tainted.

Laelle'aell's "accident" was nothing of the sort
  • As mentioned on the Fridge Horror page, the fact that Quain apparently never attempted to have another heir through Laelle after her "accident" has some pretty horrifying implications, mainly the possibility that it wasn't an accident and was instead planned after Quain was made barren as an attempt to kill off the bloodline by doing something to Laelle that made her incapable of having any more children. And add to that how Snadhya'rune, the lover of Mel'arnach, the only person who would be capable of continuing the line after Quain and Laelle were removed from the picture is a known user of taints that cause sterility and you have a very disturbing possibility.

Ariel's revenge on Kalki...
  • ...was NOT a good idea, even though it is rather neat Laser-Guided Karma. When Ariel steals Kalki's left arm, Ariel's hair colour shifts to match her sister's...and, if that fifth panel with the enraged expression is Ariel rather than Kalki, Ariel's eyes have turned completely red. It seems likely that that panel is indeed Ariel, since although Kalki is angry, the expression is furiously determined — and Kalki's not up to that. She may be angry, but she's also crazy with pain. The final large panel of Ariel's / Kalki's arm is also rather ominous. Stealing a limb from someone so tainted may have unpredictable effects, to say the least.
    • Potentially Jossed for now. The very next page shows her shifting back to her normal form with her regular eye color, and if you look closely at the previous page both Kau and Kalki's tainted eyes glow in a way that Ariel's do not. Much earlier she displayed the ability to change her eye color to red, which would presumably work as a disguise on just an initial inspection but to anyone who can sense auras (i.e. Chiri) it would probably fall apart quickly. Now whether it has effects after this is another story.

Kalki's psychotic behavior is the result of a massive inferiority complex
  • Just based on how she's behaved so far, it's likely that she's actually massively insecure. When Snadhya'rune tells her to Get Out! by saying "Go, before I find I no longer need you" it seems to hit a nerve, and the way she starts hysterically screaming that Ariel "can't take her place" also implies it. Given how she was born she might view herself as being just a tool of Snadhya'rune's, since it's heavily implied and backed up by Word of God that the reason Snadhya wanted Mel's genes was to get the Anti-Magic ability Quain'tana has, but Kalki didn't wind up inheriting it. Thus she may view herself as a failure and be extremely worried at the prospect of someone, in this case Ariel, replacing her.
    • Confirmed by Chapter 46's epilogue. Snadhya flat out tells her that she was just a tool before cold-bloodily killing her.

Snadhya'rune has been tainting people with demons loyal to her
  • Two people, Ji'aan and Shinae, have gone through her ritual and come out of it with strong inclinations towards her. Snad also showed just a little too much confidence in Ji'aan's new loyalties, despite not being an empath. Since Snad has been the one to promote the tainting process and the ritual operates on Split-Personality Merge in the first place, it would make sense if Snad gains control by choosing demons with personalities already loyal to her.

Quain'tana is going to die very soon
Or at the very least, be seriously incapacitated. This will leave young Ariel Ilharess of the Sarghress clan, and therefore one of the de-facto leaders of Chel. Drama to the max!

Quain'tana's more rash actions and obsession with an heir are actually because she wants to die.

Looking at a larger pattern of behavior Quain's been hinted to be a very depressed individual. In particular notice her reaction to Mel's threat. She doesn't get angry, instead she dares her to try and we then cut to her from behind. And when Syphile does try for real Quain's reaction is disappointment, perhaps not just in Syphile's rather pathetic attempt but because she was hoping it would work (in particular notice the Hidden Eyes as she says Syphile puzzles her). And we know she's prone to depressive episodes as Laelle's possession is strongly implied to have made her try to drink herself to death. And then she tells Ariel that she wants to make Ash'waren Val'Sharess and then go to the old world even if her body can't handle it. But she can't simply take the easy way out and kill herself after all she's done for the clan, since she knows it can't survive without either her or someone strong as her.

The person Yuh'le killed was the Holy Mother Kyo'varde served
Putting together several pieces that have been revealed, we know Yuh'le took refuge with Snadhya'rune because she murdered someone. And Word of God says that the type of forehead marking Yuh'le wears marks one as an attendant of the Holy Mother. Kyo'varde lost her position as a Seer after the Holy Mother she served died, and the implication is she was blamed for it for failing to stop it. But if the killer was Yuh'le, who the Seers cannot sense any killing intent from it would explain how Kyo'varde failed.

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