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Trivia / Dumbing of Age

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  • Bonus Material: Of two types:
    • Patreon only strips that showcase people not directly related to the current storyline (some voted in by fans).
    • Not safe for work comics posted on Slipshine.
  • Creator In-Joke: Willis works in a few local references that only an IU student or Bloomington local will get.
    • Galasso's Pizza is, in fact, popular real-life IU hang-out Mother Bear's, and a newspaper article on the buyout is framed on Galasso's wall.
    • Robin Desanto charters a jet to get from Indianapolis to Bloomington - an easy hour's drive in real life - to impress her constituents with her arrival. The Real Life Bloomington Airport is far away from campus in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods. It doesn't even have a terminal. She might as well have landed in Alaska.
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    • The northern half of Indiana is flat, the southern half isn't. IU is in the south. Only the students who come from Northern Indiana complain about negotiating IU's relatively hilly campus.
  • Defictionalization: After a number of fans asked for a real life version of Dina's dinosaur hat, Willis got some felt and a sewing kit together and started making them.
  • I Knew It!: Becky being attracted to Joyce was called by a sizable number of the commentators.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": The youngest DeSanto sister, Riley, premiered as a twelve-year-old in this comic before appearing as an adult in Shortpacked.
  • Shrug of God: Is the new Alex the same person as old Alex post-transition? Willis notes that it's a popular head-canon and will not weigh in definitively. (New Alex is trans, though.)
  • Teasing Creator:
  • What Could Have Been: Originally Dorothy was not going to have a role bigger than "Danny's Ex."
  • Write Who You Know: This applies to a bunch of characters, but most of all it applies to Joyce and her amazingly sheltered views. In Willis' own words, he used to be her.

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