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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned.

  • After Marlena confirms that Gru does indeed have a twin brother, he looks so excited as he's about to meet the brother he never knew he had.
    • And while the meeting isn't all sunshine (due to Gru recently getting fired while his Eccentric Millionaire brother shows off his stuff), Dru is also excited to meet Gru and even proposes teaming up as brothers (even if it is for a heist.)
  • Agnes sets up a yard sale to sell her toys. All this to help Gru, whom ended up getting fired along with Lucy due to Bratt successfully stealing an important diamond. It's also a Tear Jerker moment because one of the toys she sold is her prized fluffy unicorn, which Gru had won for her in the first film, for only two dollars.
  • It's a quick one, but when Gru gets the morning paper the day after getting fired and the Minions revolting, the front of his door shows that Gru, Lucy, and the girls have put their names on the area. A cute family thing to do!
  • When the Minions presume that Gru will return to villainy after getting fired, Mel (the Rebel Leader) is shown wearing an "I LOVE GRU" cap.
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  • When Dru and Lucy meet each other they hit it off nicely. Dru refers to her as "the beautiful wife" and Lucy is delightfully flattered and calls him a "sweet-talker".
  • Lucy going into full Mama Bear mode after she hears Agnes's screams and thinks she's in danger. After going One-Woman Army on the supposed bad guys, she picks up Agnes and asks if she's okay. Impulsive as heck, but even more sweet.
  • Lucy gets another Mama Bear moment when she fixes her earlier mistake in applying "tough love" at the wrong time, causing Margo to pick up an unwanted admirer. Specifically, Lucy shoots down the admirer's marriage proposal and then outright threatens the boy's mother into not putting a curse on Margo for the refusal. Margo gives Lucy a hug for this.
    • To add, the curse was on both of them. At no point does Lucy acknowledge her curse. She is only concerned about Margo's curse.
  • When Gru is fired from his botched capture of Bratt, Lucy immediately stands up for him. She even states that if Gru is fired than she's fired too.
  • Right after the above scene, Gru tells Lucy that she didn't have to do that, since Gru knows how much Lucy loves her job. Lucy explains that she loves other things more than her job, with a meaningful look that Gru is one of those other things she loves more.
  • The girls throwing a luau for Gru and Lucy since they couldn't have their honeymoon.
    • And in the same scene, both Gru and Lucy taste the soup that Agnes made for them.
  • The way Gru and Dru accept each other as brothers so quickly is really heartwarming. Even their Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure is very short lived.
  • In one scene, Gru and Dru have disguised themselves as each other as an attempted prank on the rest of the family; they even copy each other's mannerisms. The heartwarming part is that even though their portrayals of each other are insulting (Dru portrays Gru as grumpy all the time and probably not liking whatever dinner is, Gru portrays Dru as an idiot who laughs all the time and hugs people whether they like it or not), they both still think each other's performances are hilarious.
    • And a subtle one comes from Lucy and Margo — Like Edith and Agnes, the two are aware that Gru and Dru switched clothes and after the trick was "revealed", both can be seen with an exasperated look on their faces while also doing the "you've gotta be kidding me" one-hand-on-the-cheek body gesture. A cute little mother-daughter in sync action.
  • Dru's interactions with his nieces for the first time — commenting on how adorable Agnes is, encouraging Edith's mischievousness (complete with a fist bump), and remarking on how mature Margo is and playfully mistaking her for 15 (something she is flattered by).
  • What made Dru automatically drop his anger at Gru? Learning that his nieces have been kidnapped by Bratt.
  • Gru's Imagine Spot about him and Lucy getting back their AVL after recovering the Dupont diamond from Bratt — The cute part comes from Gru imagining Lucy playfully squishing his face while he puts his hand on her waist before lifting her up in the air completed with a roar of applause.
  • Even after realizing that her one-horned goat isn't really a unicorn, Agnes doesn't care and keeps the goat, which she names Lucky, as a pet. And he seems to love her back.
    • Prior to that, after being told of the legend of a unicorn in the woods in Freedonia, Agnes is convinced she could find one. No one can bring themselves to tell her that unicorns don't exist. Gru tries to, but knows how much she loves unicorns and decides to Verbal Backspace a few times. Not even Edith could do it. She decided to "Let someone else burst [Agnes's] bubble".
  • Dru revealing to Gru how proud their father was of the latter's villainy. Considering how Despicable Me showed how much Gru wanted love and recognition for his dastardly feats from his mother and never got it for most of his life (up until her So Proud of You moment for his parenting), it's a sweet Pet the Dog moment for him to hear.
  • Mel is the one to lead most of the other Minions in walking out on Gru, yet is also the first one to really miss him, with flashbacks showing many touching moments between the two of them (all of which show Gru acting like a parent to Mel).
  • Margo hugging Lucy after she saves her daughters.
  • After Bratt's plot is foiled and everyone is safe the Gru family shares one big group hug. Edith even refers to Dru as "Uncle Dru."
  • The final battle with Bratt has Big Brother Instrinct fully in place with Dru and Gru. When Bratt is about to kill an unconcious Gru, Dru takes down Bratt's robot while yelling that "no one mess with his brother." When Bratt's plan has seemingly killed Dru, Gru is enraged and goes into Tranquil Fury mode and beats Bratt, who has pretty much bested Gru throughout the movie so far. It's implied Gru's protectiveness of Dru is what helped him finally take Bratt down. If Bratt had never made things personal by kidnapping Gru's daughters, tying up his wife, and hurting his brother, Bratt might of gotten away with it. Basically, this whole scene shows how much Dru and Gru have come to love each other as siblings.
  • Throughout the movie, the girls always call Lucy by her first name. At the end of the movie, however, as she tucks Agnes into bed, Agnes says this line, "I love you, Mom."
    • Lucy's reaction is what really sells it. While she refers to herself as the girls' mother and likewise calls them her daughters, the look on her face shows that it's not until this exact moment that it finally sinks in. She is a mother, and the three girls sleeping in their beds are truly hers.
    "I'm a mom... I'm a mom!"
  • It is implied that Dru has moved in with Gru and his family, and has become the new boss of the minions who he shares a room with.
    • And he is first seen having a pillow fight with Gru and the Minions. And when it is time for bed, both Dru and Gru exchange "I love you"s.
    • Also, even though Dru decides to continue down the path of villainy and both Gru and Lucy, as newly-reinstated AVL agents, must now catch him, they decide to give him a five-minute headstart.


  • This cover picture of the movie's junior novelization.
  • This nutella ad that features some Gru family adorableness.
  • Similar to the nutella, this Nesquik commercial features more of the cute Gru space!
  • Another commercial for Xfinity shows the Minions gushing in awe at a unicorn Agnes requested on TV. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, one Minion even straight-up cries Tears of Joy.
  • This description about one of the songs:
    "'There's Something Special' is a sweet lullaby that highlights Gru and Lucy's love for their three daughters throughout the film."


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