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Headscratchers / Despicable Me 3

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  • I have thought about this since the film came out, but if Gru was Robert's favorite and Dru was Marlena's favorite, why the two took the wrong son for each other? Gru spend his childhood being belittled by his mother and Dru spend his own feeling himself to be a disappointment to his father! It would not have been much better for Gru to have been raised by his father and for Dru to have been raised by his mother?
    • They only became the sons the other parent wanted as a result of their upbringing by the parents that did want them.
  • Gru's name isn't actually Gru—Gru is his surname, and his full name is Felonius Gru. Did his parents really call their other son Dru Gru?

  • When Gru and Dru went on their heist to retrieve the Dupont Diamond from Bratt, with the former secretly planning to turn it in to the AVL to get rehired. Just one problem: Did Gru really expect to get rehired just by retrieving the Diamond from Bratt when new AVL head Valerie Da Vinci made it crystal clear that she wanted Bratt himself and not the diamond (which is why he was fired in the first place)?

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  • In his lair Bratt states he's glad Gru isn't there to stop him but quickly changes his mind. Just one question—how did he know Gru was fired from the AVL?

  • How did Bratt know where Dru's house was in order to steal back the diamond Gru and Dru stole from him and kidnap the girls? He wasn't seen following them. And even more, how did beat them there, even with the knowledge?

  • Why didn't Bratt just go on a destructive rampage in Hollywood (like kicking over countless of buildings then using his laser to slice apart the city and its buildings, Shin Godzilla style)?
    • Because his plan to use bubblegum to float Hollywood (in mint condition) into space would be de-fictionalizing one of the episodes from his hit TV show Evil Bratt. He wants every detail of that episode carried out into the real world.

  • One thing confused me. What is the proper spelling for the name of the diamond? In the junior novelization other printed media, it's spelled Dupont, while in the DVD subtitles, it's spelled Dumont. What's more confusing is the characters keep alternating the pronunciation with a M and a P. What's the proper name for the diamond?

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