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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned.
Happy birthday indeed.
  • Gru has a lot of these:
    • He blocks the sun from a tough-looking guy with his vehicle, who tries to raise his vehicle using its extensible legs, only for Gru to do the same.
    • He then slams the tough guy's vehicle into a wall with his own vehicle, and lets out an Evil Laugh afterwards.
      • Lucy taking a picture of the unfortunate​ fellow with her phone is just the icing on the cake.
    • His reaction to Lucy's name for them as a couple:
      Gru: Haha! I like it, but not a lot! (irritated) I don't like it.
    • At one point, he's hanging naked from one of Balthazar's bubblegum wads on the ship when several people hosting a birthday party see him. They proceed to laugh at him while he awkwardly sings the birthday song.
  • Admit it, EVERY TIME Bratt is onscreen, he steals the show:
    • When he first appears, he orders his robot sidekick Clive to start the "heist music."
      Balthazar Bratt: Heist music!
      Clive: Here it comes. (loads a tape into the boat's radio and Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" starts playing)
      Balthazar Bratt: What?! Clive, what are you doing?! How is that heist music?!
      Clive: Sorry, my bad! (ejects the tape and flips it over, then pops it back in and Michael Jackson's "Bad" starts playing)
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    • Bratt uses bubblegum to incapacitate several of the guards on the ship, and one such bubble envelops guards that he encounters as he dances his way across the ship.
    • He dances his way to the diamond he was trying to acquire when he has gotten close to it.
    • He points a BFG at Gru, who knocks it away and pulls out… a water pistol, and squirts it in Balthazar's face before he realises what it is. Balthazar reacts with a confused "Huh?".
    • He evades Gru effortlessly during their dance battle, and starts gloating to Gru... who uses the opportunity to knock him out with a single punch.
    • Any scene where Bratt is watching his old Evil Bratt tapes.
      Bratt: Seriously, how did this show never win an Emmy?
    • When he reveals himself while disguised as Lucy, he has some difficulty removing his mask.
  • Lucy says that if Valerie da Vinci fires Gru, she'll have to fire her as well, before asking if she really wants to do it. The way she says "Do ya?" and the expression on her face is hilarious.
  • Gru gets rid of Fritz by asking him to hold a vacuum cleaner, which subsequently turns into a rocket and blasts him off.
    Gru: Goodbye!
  • Gru confronts his mother for not telling him the truth about his father and brother, mentioning that she told Gru his dad "died of disappointment" when he was a baby.
  • Gru tries to tell the Minions that they won't be going back to full-time villainy. One Minion named Mel sets up a slideshow comparing his life as a villain vs. his life now (driving a tank vs. riding a lawnmower, dodging lasers vs. cleaning up after Kyle, pushing down the plunger of an explosive vs. pushing down the toilet plunger,) and the rest start rallying behind him.
  • Gru is visibly annoyed at Dru for effortlessly charming Lucy.
  • Dru jovially imitating Gru's scowl.
  • Although it doesn't appear in the movie, when Lucy walks in on Dru and Gru in their villain wear, Gru proceeds to scream in a shrill voice, pathetically try to hide the gun, and call Lucy "sweetie".
  • Pretty much everything that happens with the Minions in prison.
    • Earlier, just before they're arrested, they end up on the stage of an American Idol knockoff. They then proceed to sing a Minionese version of "Modern Major General".
  • Edith asks Fritz to get her another napkin during dinner, which he does, but when he opens the cupboard to get one, one of the Minions, hiding inside it, blasts him in the face with a foghorn.
  • After Gru tries to talk to Agnes about unicorns in the woods while she's in her top bunk bed at Dru's mansion, he goes to walk away and forgets he's standing on a ladder, causing him to fall to the floor.
  • One of the toilets the Minions steal to use to escape from prison still has an inmate sitting on it, reading a newspaper. He's still seen sitting on it, reading his newspaper later when their craft is airborne.
  • Gru orders Dru to stay with the boat in preparation for their getaway vehicle once they—or rather, Gru— succeeds in retrieving Bratt's stolen diamond. Dru, of course, cannot resist going after him and launches himself to the wall of the villain's base.
    Dru: Hey, brother!
    Gru: What the?! I thought I told you to stay with the boat!
    Dru: Oh, I didn't think you meant that literally.
  • The ending:
    • Gru and Dru are having a playful pillow fight with the Minions. Lucy puts an end to the fight so everyone can get to bed and when everyone else stops, Dru takes one final swing, sending one unsuspecting Minion flying into the wall.
    • Dru steals Gru's airship and flies off with all of the Minions, who all are wearing mini-versions of Dru's all-white villain suit and have painted a large "D" on the side of the ship.
    • While Lucy wants to immediately go after Dru, Gru stops her as he's his brother, leaving her disappointed. Then Gru says he's giving them a 5-minute head start and makes a villainous grin. Lucy then smiles and begins warming up like a boxer before a fight.


  • Trey Parker (the voice of Bratt) performed the end-credits song with Pharrell Williams, called Hug Me!.


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