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The Movie
  • Unlike the original movie, the children Aladdin offers his food to are apparently not orphans. In fact, what tops it off is how excitedly the son shows his mother their good fortune. The way he tugs at her sleeve, one can simply imagine he mirthfully told her "Mother, mother, that nice man gave us a bag of dates!"
  • Also, unlike in the original movie, this version of Jasmine never mentions how her sheltered life in the palace has left her without any friends outside of Rajah, because she does have a friend: Dalia.
  • This version of Aladdin does seem to have a 'friend or two'. Two people subtly help him to outrun the guards, the first by opening his window shutter just as a guard was moving by, and the second by taking up all the room on a very narrow staircase as the guards are trying to follow Aladdin up.
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  • After he learns it really was Abu who stole Jasmine's bracelets, Aladdin is patient with him and lets him know this was a wrong time to steal, even if stealing is a necessity on the streets. He then sneaks into the palace just to return the bracelets, all while still under the impression that she is the princess's handmaiden, rather than the princess herself.
  • Aladdin freeing the Carpet from the boulder it was trapped under.
    • Just the joyous way Carpet celebrates its freedom, soaring unbridled through the Cave of Wonders like a bird freed from its cage.
  • When Aladdin looks to the Genie for what he'd wish for, he casually yet quietly remarks that nobody has ever asked him before. This is why Aladdin is the "Diamond in the Rough", because he treats Genie as an equal like no one before.
  • A small one, but the Genie takes the time to explain to Aladdin that wording wishes carefully is important (as opposed to traditional genies, who would ruthlessly exploit poorly-worded wishes).
    • Not just that, but even "I wish to become a Prince" could still be exploited by a Jackass Genie. But since Genie can see the Diamond in the Rough, and Aladdin gave the context as to why he wanted to be Prince, Genie was faithful to the spirit of Aladdin's wish and stayed on the job for unusually long.
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  • Rajah warming up to Aladdin and later recognizing him as Ali.
  • Dalia falls in love with the Genie during "Prince Ali," and we can see it as she's clearly entranced by the show and the Genie as the MC. When he sings, she gives an approving nod as Jasmine is disdainful but curious. She also seems to find the Genie's line, "Heard your princess was hot, where is she?" Actually Pretty Funny though Jasmine is offended.
  • The Genie's response to Aladdin's statement about Jasmine:
    Aladdin: She’s a princess.
    Genie: Aw, aren’t they all? Treat your woman like a queen, I always say.
  • Also during the song, Aladdin isn't trying to impress. That's up to the Genie. He's smiling and waving but still not comfortable as a prince. He only truly looks happy when tossing money to people in the street and does it for longer than he does in the original because he knows what a handful of coins will do to improve their day or lifetime. Jasmine sees this, which shows that Ali at least cares for her people the way she does.
  • During the leadup to "A Whole New World", Dalia needs some distracting; Genie decides to invite her out on a moonlight stroll. Jasmine is clearly overjoyed that her handmaiden has an admirer, encouraging her to go for it; she might be under the (mistaken) impression that Prince Ali is just one of many suitors who don't care about her, but she's not gonna let her own dissatisfaction stop her from being happy for her friend.
    • Basically, Jasmine squeeing at the fact that Dalia has a suitor of her own, which really shows how close the two are.
  • After "A Whole New World", the carpet takes them back to Agrabah, where Jasmine and Aladdin savor the beautiful view. Watching some party-goers revel in celebration below, Jasmine notes its people are what make it beautiful.
  • Jasmine and Aladdin talking about their date with their respective friends. Each is reclined with said-friends and openly shares how they feel about the other. It's very telling how good friends Aladdin is with Genie, and Jasmine with Dalia, indicated that both are on reclining basis.
  • It's specified earlier in the film that Genie's magic prevents people from recognizing Aladdin after he has been changed into "Prince Ali," specifying that people will see what they want to see. However, Jasmine is able to see through the spell after recognizing a few words from Aladdin and him gracefully brushing away her hair, showing that Jasmine was more touched by Aladdin's acts of sincerity and kindness than his flamboyant actions as a prince.
  • Aladdin isn't mad at Genie for using the second wish to save the former from drowning. He's grateful Genie saved him, especially on the principle that it means they're officially friends.
  • The Sultan speaking to Aladdin after the latter exposes Jafar:
    The Sultan: Your honor and integrity will never again be questioned here in Agrabah. A more noble and sincere young man has never graced the chambers of this palace. I would be honored to call you my son. If that... were something anyone wanted. [turns to Jasmine, who nods "yes"]
    • After Jafar is defeated, the Sultan expresses his gratitude to Aladdin for saving Agrabah and Jasmine, and easily forgives him for his lies, showing how understanding he is.
      The Sultan: How can I ever thank you?
      Aladdin: Oh, no. You don't need to thank me. But I hope you'll accept my apology. I'm sorry, to the both of you. (turns to Jasmine) Especially you. You deserve... so much.
      The Sultan: We all make mistakes.
  • Even though this scene is a Tear Jerker, when Aladdin breaks his promise to free the Genie, the latter, unlike the original, flat out states that he doesn't care about being wished free, all he's concerned about is Aladdin's life choices and what it's turning him into. He also gives Aladdin a gentle talking-to that is equal parts What the Hell, Hero? and You Are Better Than You Think You Are.
    Genie: I don't care nothing about that wish. This is about you. What's happening to you. You'd rather lie to someone you love than give all this up.
    Aladdin: You don't get it, Genie. People like me don't get anything except by pretending.
    Genie: I think, maybe, you don't get it. The more you gain by pretending, the less you're actually gonna have. In 10,000 years, I have never once, ever... called a master a friend.
  • Jasmine appeals to Hakim’s sense of honor after he is forced to switch allegiances to the now Sultan Jafar, reminding him how he has worked in the palace since he was a boy before rising to the ranks of captain of the guards. This reminds Hakim of where his true loyalty lies, and he turns on the usurper.
    Jasmine: You were just a boy, when your father came to work the grounds. But you have risen up to become our most trusted soldier. As a man, I know you to be both loyal and just. But now you have to choose. Duty isn't always honor. Our greatest challenge, isn't speaking up against our enemies, but defying those whose approval we seek the most. Jafar is not worthy of your admiration, nor your sacrifice. [...] Hakim, these men... they will follow where you lead, but it's up to you. Will you stand silent while Jafar destroys our beloved kingdom — or will you do what is right? And stand with the people of Agrabah?
    (Beat. Then Hakim bows to Jasmine.)
    Hakim: My princess. Forgive me. (Bows to the Sultan) My sultan.
  • Even though the Genie is under enslavement by Jafar, we still get a minor one as in this version, the Genie himself secretly sends Carpet to the North Pole to aid Aladdin and Abu and save them from certain death. And this was shortly after Jafar banished Aladdin seconds earlier. Just beforehand, Genie notices Aladdin sneaking into the room, and even tries to wave him off, to leave and save himself.
    • Speaking of which, Aladdin goes through the trouble of saving Abu from a crevice in the frozen wasteland. And up until Carpet comes to their rescue, Aladdin shares his body heat with his friend up until the bitter end.
  • Aladdin and the Genie sharing a grateful hug when the third wish is spent on freeing the latter. It's the delayed reaction that sells just how astonished he is by Aladdin's unforeseen selflessness.
    Genie: Ask me to do something.
    Aladdin: Uh... Get me some jams.
    Genie: ...Get 'em yourself? (both grin) Get your own jams!
    • He then hugs him and quietly says "Thank you. Thank you."
  • When Aladdin is on his final wish, Genie suggests a number of ways Aladdin could still marry Jasmine rather than bringing up his own freedom.
  • The romance between Genie and Dalia is this in spades, mixed with Funny Moments.
    • Dalia and the now-human genie starting a family and sailing the seas.
    • Genie and Dalia being basically on the same wavelength with everything they want. Genie doesn't even flinch when Dalia says she wants children, admitting he wants them too.
      • Just seeing his family in the beginning gives a sense he found a purpose in life beyond simply being free: he exercised that freedom to have life, love and family.
    • Also, their conversation, where both Dalia and Genie first think they want a big ship, but then decide on a smaller vessel. They both say it's perfect. This answers the seafarer's children's question on why they don't live on a bigger boat: because their boat is perfect for raising a family.
      • One of the conditions they both agree on is that Genie tell their future children stories. It melts one's heart that Genie wants a family to tell stories to.
  • In a deleted scene, (the first one here), the moment where Aladdin sees Jasmine's face for the very first time was beautifully recreated, complete with petals falling in the background.
  • Fan reactions to Will Smith's turn as the Genie have been very positive. The Genie is a character so closely associated with Robin Williams that for most other incarnations, actors have just imitated his performance. Smith, however, takes the Genie and makes it his own, while still being very funny, well-acted, and blowing the water out of the musical numbers. Most agree that Smith has done Williams' memory proud and that he's a worthy successor to fill the Genie's shoes, a feat everyone had written off as impossible.
  • It is implied that Agrabah is located on the Arabian peninsula; a place that, in the real world, is sadly infamous for its lack of women's rights. Seeing a capable female ruler take the throne in an Arabian kingdom is powerful imagery, and gives hope that this particular setting will remember Jasmine's example into the modern day.
  • A Youtuber named Boy Thunder Production remixed Robin Williams and Will Smith's versions of "Friend Like Me" into a duet. The remix is wonderfully done, making it really seem like the two versions are actually singing together and playing off each other naturally.
    Smith!Genie: Can your friends go- (starts beat-boxing)
    Williams!Genie: (sounding impressed) Well, lookie here, haha!

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