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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • This simple exchange in the beginning.
    Seafarer: Do you know what our boat has that boat doesn't?
    Child: Rats and wood rot?
  • The seafarer telling his children he is not going to sing the story this time... then proceeds to do so anyway.
  • While not being the feathery ball of anger he was in the original film, Iago still has his moments of snark and sarcasm, including one moment where he tricks Prince Anders into thinking Rajah likes him, only for the tiger to attack the prince off-screen.
    • When the guard loyal to Jafar makes the mistake of telling him that he'll always be second to the Sultan, which just so happens to be Jafar's Berserk Button:
    Iago: Second? Uh-oh. Who's in trouble now?
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  • This exchange between Aladdin and Jasmine.
    Aladdin: I did find your bracelet.
    Jasmine: You didn't find my bracelet. You stole it.
    Aladdin: Correction: the monkey stole it.
    Jasmine: He's your monkey.
    Aladdin: He's still just a monkey!
  • A Funny Background Event during the 'One Jump Ahead' sequence: after Aladdin reunites with Jasmine and Abu, Abu jumps off Jasmine and onto a loose board, sending several bags of spice flying.
  • Dalia going along with Jasmine's ruse that she's the princess and Jasmine is the handmaiden, but only after completely failing to understand Jasmine's non-verbal cues behind Aladdin's back.
    Jasmine: She doesn't get out much.
    Aladdin: Mhmm. Clearly.
  • After returning Jasmine’s bracelet to her, Aladdin makes a comment to Abu about the palace being the most heavily guarded place, only to be confronted by the guards.
    Hakim: Evening.
    Aladdin: (in a high-pitched voice) Evening. (normal voice) Evening.
    • While it’s more of a serious moment, it becomes a bit of a Brick Joke when he’s confronted by the guards later as “Prince Ali”.
      Aladdin: (under his breath) Not again...
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  • Aladdin's hat hair after Jafar and his minions remove the bag covering Aladdin's head.
  • Aladdin warning a tempted Abu not to touch the jewels or coins. But not seconds later, Aladdin is gripped by an eerily powerful trance that beckons him to grab some gems. Then Abu gives him a small "Get a hold of yourself" slap. Aladdin is nothing short of flustered how he himself was easily tempted.
  • The Genie once he awakens from his lamp. For many people, this erased all doubt that Will Smith would be a great successor to Robin Williams.
    Genie: (in a deep voice) O Great One who summons me, Terrible One who commands me, I stand by my oath, loyalty to wishes three! (Aladdin looks terrified) I said...
    • He repeats his spiel, before he drops the deep voice and then asks where Aladdin's boss is, since this guy clearly isn't his real master. It takes him a while to realize that Aladdin's it.
    • With Aladdin staring in stunned awe of the Genie, Genie prods him to actually talk, quipping "if I wanted to talk to myself, I coulda just stayed in the lamp." As Aladdin begins to recover and respond, Genie prompts him to "use [his] big boy voice."
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    • This exchange:
    Aladdin: I’m... talking... to a smoking blue giant?
    Genie: No! (makes alarm-type noise) I am not a giant. I am a genie. There is a difference! Giants are not real.
    • Genie reveling in his new-found elbow room with yoga, including doggy-facing-down.
  • During "Friend Like Me", Genie begins the line that originally goes "Mister Aladdin, sir"...only in this version he didn't actually ask Aladdin's name before starting the song. So now we get "Mister — man, what's your name? Whatever—"
    Genie: Mister...
    Aladdin: Aladdin.
    Genie: Yes!
  • Right after the song ends, instead of having a neon "Applause" sign on his back like in the original, Genie just smugly says, “You can clap now” and makes a Mic Drop gesture.
    • And Carpet actually applauds like in the original.
  • This exchange after "Friend Like Me".
    Aladdin: So how does it work?
    Genie: (Incredulously) You’re kidding, right? The whole song was the instructions! Okay, obviously you can't dance and listen at the same time...
    • Genie then explains how making a wish works, while literally hand-holding Aladdin through the process.
    • When Genie notices Aladdin's "thinking of Jasmine" face, he teleports directly in front of him, head resting on his hands and goes "Who is she?" in his best "girl-friends talking about boys" voice/face/pose.
  • To clarify whether Aladdin actually used a wish to escape the Cave of Wonders, the Genie chooses to "rewind the tape". And that means literally rewinding the movie up to that point, where it becomes a film in a cinema filled with Agrabah citizens and the Genie, watching.
    [After noticing Aladdin giving the lamp to Abu when he pretended to wish for the escape, the Genie gives an Aside Glance while the audience is shocked.]
    Genie: Oh, the ol' "monkey with the lamp" trick! Never seen that one before!
  • Genie explaining to Aladdin why he wishes to be free:
    Genie: Inside the lamp, everything’s like, Brass! Brass! Brass! Brass! Ooh, is that some copper? Nope! Brass!
  • During the first couple of wishes, Genie has fun abruptly warping Aladdin across the desert. When Aladdin asks him not to, Genie ignores it and just replied "you'll get used to it." Sure enough, he does it again and a shaky Aladdin very unconvincingly tries to claim that he is.
  • Aladdin contemplates what his first wish should go toward.
    Aladdin: Hey, can you make me a prince?
    Genie: [poofs himself into a hammock] There's a lot of gray area in "make me a prince". I could just... [snaps fingers, causing a prince to appear on a nearby hill] ...make you a prince.
    Genie: Right. You'd be snuggled up with that dude for the rest o' your life.
    Prince: Yo! Y'all seen my palace?
    Prince: I just wanna go home, man...
    • A Deleted Scene has the Genie bring up a history of people whose wishes got twisted up: one man wished to be irresistible to all women, he ended up getting targeted by every female in sight. One man wished to wield the power of the universe in his hand, he got charred to a cinder. One man wished for a Midas touch to make whatever he touched golden, he claps his hands in glee and ends up a statue. This is probably why the first rule of Genie not being able to kill anybody was omitted from this version.
      • Building on that, there's the second wisher who gave the most comical maniacal laugh, as though manically expecting this to be the most pleasurable experience of his life.
  • During Aladdin & Genie's conversation, Carpet is shown building a Sand Castle in the Background. The Camera briefly cuts away, and then back to Carpet to show that they've been able to build a detailed Cinderella Castle from the sand, which they toss sand over like the Magical Arch as seen in the Disney Opening Logos.
  • After the Genie successfully makes Aladdin a prince, as well as turning Abu into an elephant, he has this to say, while speeding around with a fiery trail behind him.
  • During the "Prince Ali" song, this priceless moment happens.
    Ensemble: ♫ Prince Aaa-
    Genie: We waitin' for you! We're not going 'til you go!
    [The Sultan raises his fingers on the balcony he's holding.]
    Genie: You can do it!
    [The Sultan happily puts his hand down.]
    Genie: There it is!
    • Genie's big hat at the song's start. That is all.
    • While a few of the songs had some slight lyric changes here and there, there was one from “Prince Ali” that shows that Will Smith’s Genie is a bit blunter than Robin Williams’ was.
      Heard your princess was HOT, where is she? note 
      [cue Jasmine looking unbelievably offended then heading back into the palace]
    • Remember that gag in the original "Prince Ali" number where Genie briefly turns into a woman? He does that here too, only this time he keeps his beard.
    • Dalia during most of the song, especially when she rubs her fingers while they are showing off "Prince Ali's" golden camels.
  • The entire sequence with Aladdin trying to woo Jasmine with gifts brought from Ababwa. It's made very clear that while everyone sees him as a prince, he doesn't know how to act like one. Cue a very long sequence of him floundering on his words towards Jasmine, up to the point where he mistakenly says he wants to buy her, followed by her leaving the room, along with Dalia sympathetically telling him: "You did great." The cherry on top?
    Genie: In 10,000 years... I've never been that embarrassed.
    • Mena Massoud's delivery just sells it — he sounds like a space alien who is badly trying to imitate a human. Especially THAT FAKE LAUGH when he tries to show that he was amused by something the Sultan said.
    • Jasmine's and the Genie's faces while Aladdin rambled on about spoons and jams as a means to impress her. The fact Dalia believes it sells. All the while the dancers and subjects walked in.
    • And as Aladdin is rambling about spoons and jams:
      Genie: It's cold...and DARK in that lamp. But I prefer it to this.
  • Aladdin protests the Genie telling him it's time to start talking to Jasmine, to which the Genie magically pushes him backwards toward her and Aladdin sounding so done when he says, "Really?!"
    • When Aladdin initially refuses to go talk to her, he quips "I'm in charge here" at the Genie. Genie's response is a jerk of the head and a raise of the eyebrow as if to say "is that so?"
  • The Genie (under human guise) brings flowers to Jasmine's room. Dalia, on the princess's behalf, tells Genie that Prince Ali cannot buy Jasmine's love with flowers. Then Genie adds it's actually from himself, and they're meant for Dalia. Without a word, Dalia shuts the door. Outside, Genie kicks himself for not being smoother, complaining that Aladdin's fumbling is contagious. Inside, Dalia and Jasmine share a Squee! over how the former has herself an admirer, with much delighted fist-pumping.
    • Genie then asks Dalia to accompany him on a walk, so Aladdin can get closer to Jasmine for the "A Whole New World" sequence. Dalia asks for a moment, again shuts the door, and tosses the flowers to Jasmine, who catches them and immediately makes a 'Go for it!' motion; when the door opens, Dalia perfectly made up and accessorized, admitting she's never been on a stroll before.
    • He also specifies that they'll be strolling "as people," and as Dalia closes the door a second time moans "Why did I say 'as people?'"
  • At one point, Rajah licks Aladdin’s whole face. It’s both funny and adorable.
    • Even funnier, cats (even big ones) have rough tongues. Aladdin's face just screams "Well, that felt like sandpaper."
  • A hand-drawn Will Smith Genie marking "Ababwa" on the map. But not before labeling it as "Fantasyland".
  • Later, when Jafar rubs the lamp and releases the Genie, the latter bumps his head on an archway. He's about to complain to Aladdin, when he realizes it's not him and his voice peters out.
    • Even funnier if one imagines he doesn't know Jafar (or doesn't recognize him without his hat and royal garb). So looking at this man in rags wearing a crazed grin, Genie's probably thinking "Great, now this crazy homeless man is my new master."
  • Although sobering, the wide-eyed look on Dalia's face, when she recognizes the genie as her love interest, just screams "My boyfriend is a genie. Huh, what are the odds?"
    • Her expression is less devastated and more like wonderment as to how she's going to make it work with a cosmically powerful being who lives in an oil lamp.
  • When the Sultan rams into Jafar, causing the latter to drop his staff from the balcony, he tells the de-staffed Jafar he's nothing without his staff. Since Jafar already wished to become a sorcerer, he then levitates it back to his hand.
  • During the reprise of Speechless, one of the guards has a Double Take when Jasmine starts singing. Also qualified as a Funny Background Event.
  • When Jafar inevitably brings his own downfall by wishing to be “the most powerful being in the universe” and becoming a genie, he invokes Taking You with Me on Iago as he gets sucked into his lamp just like in the original.
    Iago: Goodbye, Jafar! (tries to fly away)
    Jafar: PARROT! (grabs Iago) YOU’RE COMING WITH ME!
  • After Genie is freed by Aladdin's third wish, he asks Dalia to travel the world with him.
    Dalia: When do we leave- also I want children.

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