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Awesome Music / Aladdin (2019)

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  • The teaser trailer plays an intense, orchestral version of "Arabian Nights" before segueing into an epic blaring of "Friend Like Me" as the title is shown. And it's made even better when the climax of the song plays over Aladdin himself reaching for the lamp.
  • Will Smith's rendition of "Friend Like Me" doesn't try to be like the Robin Williams original; it's customized in all the right spots to make it distinctly Smith-style.
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  • The official trailer has an outstanding cover of "A Whole New World", with Mena Massoud sounding a lot like Aladdin's original singing voice Brad Kane. The full song on its own presents the perfect blend of old and new, with nostalgia for the classic and beloved '92 version with Kane and Lea Salonga, and the soaring vocals of Massoud and Naomi Scott, all of which creates a truly spectacular take on "A Whole New World". Just the mere fact that this version can go toe-to-toe with the beloved Kane-Salonga original is awesome. You'd expect it to struggle to come within shouting distance, but instead it's a breathtaking new spin on the beloved song.
  • Jasmine’s new song "Speechless" is a powerful anthem for empowerment and shows just how amazing of a singer Scott is.
  • The new extended version of "Arabian Nights" with all new lyrics that showcase Smith's own powerful range.
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  • The ending reprise of "Friend Like Me" has the cast dancing and, at the credits, has Smith featuring DJ Khaled mixing it.


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