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  • Jerry Goldsmith's score for the first film is fantastic, contributing to its eerie and tense atmosphere. The gorgeous main theme manages to be bleak, desolate and terrifying as well as romantic and sweeping at the same time.
  • James Horner's action score for Aliens can be heard in countless trailers (points for only having a few weeks to do it and no finished film to write for). His main title is also very good, with an excellent Khachaturian Shout-Out.
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  • Elliot Goldenthal's score for Alien 3, especially "Adagio", is the best part of the film.
  • John Frizzell's Alien Resurrection uses lots of great themes to create a really interwoven score that creates an oppressive and disturbing mood (especially with the Main Title and Ripley Meets Her Clones), as well as some great frantic action music (They Swim...) and some tragically beautiful tracks (The Abduction). The eerie quality of the music only lets up at the very end with an incredible Finale. The whole score is worth listening to, really.
  • Prometheus also has some really strong music in it. If there was ever a piece of music that perfectly represents the sheer awe and majesty of creation, then Harry Gregson Williams' "Life" is it. "Earth" could count as well. The film's other prominent theme composed by Marc Streitenfeld, "A Planet", is also very mysterious, melancholic, and beautiful at the same time.
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  • With Alien: Covenant, Jed Kurzel paid some really great homage to the late Jerry Goldsmith with "The Covenant"and the romantic-sounding "Planet 4/Main Theme".

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