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Jafar's introduction to Aladdin in the desert.
Aladdin: That bracelet. Is that what this is about? Because I-I didn't steal it. The handmaid...
Jafar: What was a handmaid doing wearing the Queen's bracelet?
Aladdin: The Queen? No, no. She said that it belonged to...
Jafar: Her mother. Well, at least she told the truth about one thing.
Aladdin: A-Are you saying that was the Princess? I was talking to the...
Jafar: She was toying with you. It amuses her to meet commoners. Did you actually think she liked you? What do they call you?
Aladdin: Aladdin.
Jafar: Aladdin. People like us must be realistic.
Aladdin: Us?
Jafar: You see, I was once like you. A common thief. Only I thought bigger. Steal an apple, and you're a thief. Steal a kingdom, and you're a statesman. Only weak men stop there. You're either the most powerful man in the room, or you're nothing. You. You stumbled upon an opportunity. I can make you rich. Rich enough to impress a princess. But nothing comes for free.
Aladdin: What would I have to do?
Jafar: There's a cave nearby. And in it, a simple oil lamp. Retrieve it for me, and I will make you wealthy enough to impress a princess. You're nothing to her. But you could be. Your life begins now, Aladdin.

The Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure between Aladdin and the Genie that kickstarts the third act.
Genie: So, you got the girl. I mean, trust me, I had my doubts after your whole jam debacle. But you pulled yourself back together a little bit.
Aladdin: I did, didn't I? I think I finally got the hang of being a prince.
Genie: Oh, well, that's not exactly what I meant.
Aladdin: You were right! People see what they wanna see. Aladdin is gone. I'm Prince Ali now.
Genie: Wow. Got it all figured out now, huh, kid?
Aladdin: And, you know, I was thinking about my last wish... and I just... I can't do this without you. I know I told you I'd use it to set you free, but you heard the Sultan. I can't let everything that we've worked for fall apart.
Genie: So, you just never tell her the truth? You're gonna keep living the lie?
Aladdin: It's not a lie. People can change.
Genie: Oh, they can change all right.
Aladdin: And... that's a bad thing? Everything is better now. No one got hurt. You'd rather me be back on the streets stealing to survive? I... thought you'd be happy for me. But all you cared about was that I use my last wish to set you free.
Genie: Well, kid, I don't care nothing about that wish. This is about you. What's happening to you. You'd rather lie to someone you love than give all this up.
Aladdin: You don't get it, Genie. People like me don't get anything except by pretending.
Genie: I think, maybe, you don't get it. The more you gain by pretending, the less you're actually gonna have. In 10,000 years, I have never once, ever... called a master a friend. I broke the rules for you, I saved your life. And for what? You are breaking my heart here, kid. You're breaking my heart.
[The Genie solemnly and quickly goes back to his lamp, with Aladdin rushing to stop him.]
Aladdin: Genie, no! Hey, come on! (Sighs)

Jasmine briefly turns the tides on Jafar by appealing to Hakim's honor.
Jasmine: You were just a boy, when your father came to work the grounds. But you have risen up to become our most trusted soldier. As a man, I know you to be both loyal and just. But now you have to choose. Duty isn't always honor. Our greatest challenge, isn't speaking up against our enemies, but defying those whose approval we seek the most. Jafar is not worthy of your admiration, nor your sacrifice.
Jafar: I wish nothing but glory for the kingdom of Agrabah.
Jasmine: No. You seek glory for yourself. And you would win it off the backs of MY PEOPLE! Hakim, these men... they will follow where you lead, but it's up to you. Will you stand silent while Jafar destroys our beloved kingdom or will you do what is right? And stand with the people of Agrabah?
(Beat. Then Hakim bows to Jasmine.)
Hakim: My princess. Forgive me. (Bows to the Sultan) My sultan.
Jafar: Hakim...
Hakim: Guards! Arrest the vizier!

Jafar's Villainous Breakdown and defeat.
Jafar: As the old man said, you should have left Agrabah when you had the chance. (Puts the Sultan, Dalia, and Jasmine into stasis lock) I told you before to think bigger. You could have been the most powerful man in the room. But now I hold the lamp. I hold the power.
(Genie shows his shackles to Aladdin with shame.)
Aladdin: You can't find what you're looking for in that lamp, Jafar. I tried and failed. And so will you.
Jafar: You think so? But I am Sultan! I am the greatest sorcerer the world has ever seen! I will create an empire that history cannot ignore. I... can destroy cities. I can destroy... kingdoms!
(Jafar magically pulls his staff back into his hand, teleports Aladdin to right in front of him, and starts torturing him.)
Jafar: And I can destroy you.
Aladdin: (In pain) True, but who made you a sultan? Who made you a sorcerer? There will always be some thing, some man, some being more powerful than you.
Genie: (horrified) What are you doing?
Aladdin: The Genie gave you your power and he can take it away.
Jafar: He serves ME!!
Aladdin: For now! But you'll never have more power than the Genie.
(Jafar tortures Aladdin even more with his staff, leaving him in more agonizing pain.)
Aladdin: You said it yourself. You're either the most powerful in the room or you're nothing.
(Just then, the Genie catches onto to what Aladdin is planning and smiles slyly)
Aladdin: You will always... be second.
Iago: Second! Second!
(Beat. Then...)
Jafar: (Furious) Second?! Only second?! HE SERVES ME!!!
(Jafar stops his torturing of Aladdin and starts off to begin his final wish. Genie winks at Aladdin, letting him know he's in on the plan.)
Jafar: I will make sure no one will ever say these words again! Genie, for my final wish I wish to become the most powerful being in the universe. More powerful than you!
Genie: A lot of gray area in that wish, but uh... Most powerful being in the universe! Coming right up!
(Genie starts transforming Jafar into a giant Genie. Jafar laughs insanely.)
Jafar: Most powerful in the universe! At last, SECOND TO NO ONE! And I thought I had power before! First, I'll lay waste to those fools in Shirabad!
(Jafar starts charging up his lightning blast to fire at Shirabad. But before he can finish the job, shackles form around his wrists, to his horror. He then looks down on Aladdin.)
Jafar: What have you done to me...?
Aladdin: I haven't done anything to you, Jafar.
Aladdin: This was your wish, not mine! A genie might have phenomenal cosmic powers...
Genie: ...but with itty bitty living space. You see, a Genie, without a master, goes back in their lamp.
(A lamp forms, pulling a horrified Jafar in.)
Jafar: No! No, no, no! NO! I will not forget you, boy! Mark my words, I will not forget what you have done to me!
Iago: Goodbye, Jafar! (Tries to fly away)

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