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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In the manga, Kaneda vowing to kill Tetsuo before letting Kei risk her life trying, and then finally kissing her.
    "I promise... that the next time I'll stay with you. All night long."
  • In the manga, Kaori being designated as Akira's 'nanny', and taking care of him. She's actually quite nice about it and treats him very much like a normal little kid. Considering Akira's back-story, it's probably the nicest that anyone has ever treated him apart from the Espers.
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  • Another Kaori one from the manga: the way Tetsuo tries to bring her back from the brink of death and preserves her in the underground cryogenic chamber where Akira was formerly stored after she is shot by Tetsuo's own followers. Crosses with Tear Jerker and finally Moment of Awesome when Tetsuo starts to deal with the people who shot her.
  • Kaisuke and Kei's first meeting after the Neo-Tokyo apocalypse. They recognize each other among the refugees in the surroundings of Miyako's temple, and for the first time in a LONG time, they both smile and laugh genuinely.
  • The last images of the manga, as Kaneda and his surviving friends ride off into the ruins of Neo Tokyo, with memories of their deceased friends Tetsuo and Yamagata riding alongside them, while Neo-Tokyo symbolically avenges itself as they progress into it.
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  • Also from the manga, the reason why the Espers allowed themselves to be subjected to horrible experiments at the hands of the Japanese government is because they would get psychic powers that gave them friends who can understand them completely, without words. And apparently, among the people the Espers counted as their friends were Lady Miyako and her followers, Kei, Chiyoko, Tetsuo, and Kaneda.
  • In the film, Tetsuo's memories of Kaneda befriending him when they were little kids. Flashbacks included drawing chalk pictures on the pavement, playing ball together, and Kaneda returning one of Tetsuo's stolen toys from bullies.
  • Kaneda "sending Yamagata his bike" by crashing it into a wall, destroying it.
  • In the anime, after Kaneda and a few others of the gang have rescued Tetsuo and Kaori from the Clowns, Kaori - who had been beaten and had her top ripped off by the Clowns - is shown wearing Kai's coat over her shoulders; it's clear that Kai was willing to do what he could to protect her dignity after such a traumatic experience.

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