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Headscratchers / AKIRA

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  • Why did Kaneda just rush into attempting to kill Tetsuo. While I personally don't have a problem with it (seeing as how Tetsuo had become a legitimate threat) a lot of people tend to cite Kaneda's lack of attempting to talk Tetsuo out of it as a flaw on the film and manga's part. They also say it makes Tetsuo and Kaneda look like they were never that close to begin with since both of them just rushed into attempting to kill the other without giving it to much thought. So I'm just curious if there's a particular reason why Kaneda never tried to talk him out of it?
    • The thing is that Kaneda isn't actually that smart, or that heroic. He's not one for giving inspiring speeches beyond "Let's go crack some skulls". Hell, despite his mutation Tetsuo is no genius himself. After Tetsuo kills Yamagata he has crossed the Moral Event Horizon line. Kaneda doesn't need to have some sort of gradually dawning realisation to know that Tetsuo has turned into something terrible - he's just killed one of his best friends almost arbitrarily, right in front of another of his friends. As Kaneda says, "He's our friend, not yours! If anybody should be killing him it should be us!" As his life-long friend, he feels he is the one to decide if Tetsuo can be redeemed. But he's not much of a talker and for that matter, Tetsuo's not much of a listener.
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    • In the Manga, Kaneda hesitates to kill Tetsuo on their first encounter, because they used to be friends and he hasn't seen the carnage inside the warehouse with Tetsuo slaughtering the entire Capsule gang. Yamagata begs him to kill Tetsuo but he can't bring himself to do it. After Yamagata is murdered and Kaneda sees the carnage, he realises that Tetsuo has changed and that he must be killed.


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