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Headscratchers / Alice in Borderland

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    The Seven of Hearts game 
Could everyone have survived by cutting the wires connecting the sheep's headsets to the bomb collars? The game doesn't explicitly say that tampering with the devices was forbidden, but perhaps taking a risk on that was also within the scope of a Hearts game...
  • Probably. The rules never said anything about tampering with the collars, and the tools table didn't say what they should do with the tools. On the other hand, if we're assuming that people who lose the game are meant to die then the sheep would probably be death lasered anyway. Only the wolf can be the winner.
  • Subsequent Hearts games show that everyone can clear the game even though it seems otherwise. For example, in 10♥ Witch Hunt, no one even has to die as the one they supposed to hunt is already dead. Another example is 9♥ Alien Invasion in Retry, where although there are less escape pods as the player go through further rounds, not all pods have a limit of 1 player each.
  • That being said, there are some games where there can be only one winner, but they're not in the category everyone expects—Hearts, a.k.a game of betrayals. They are 6♦ Blackjack, J♦ Mahjong and K♦ Beauty Contents, all of which are Diamonds games.

    3♣ Good Fortune, Bad Fortune 
Why didn't they hurry up in drawing their fortunes? Even if they have to answer the question in a time limit, doing so are not part of the clear conditions.