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Headscratchers / Animator vs. Animation

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Animator vs. Animation IV

  • How did the horse disappear as well when Alan deleted all of Second Coming's creations when it had been drawn after he clicked 'Select All', and it clearly hadn't been selected until right before it disappeared?

Animation Vs. YouTube

  • Why does a "Best Videos of YouTube" playlist have so many stock footage videos on it? Even supposing that the Animator uses those for animation reference, wouldn't he at least have a separate playlist for them?
  • Also, at the end of the video, Second Coming and Green are both seen running for their lives after the others refresh the page and restore YouTube, why couldn't they have just run off the screen when YouTube started attacking them in the first place?
    • Maybe they thought YouTube would still be able to attack them, or at least block them from escaping while it had them in its sights. Since the two still had a chance of not being spotted by it this time, they probably took the chance they had and got their butts out of the fight while they still could.

Animator Vs. Animation — "The Virus"

  • Where's Avast? Even if it would have been blocked by ViraBot all the same, in a series not shy about Continuity Nods, it's strange to not see it when the Animator was searching for antiviruses on his computer. I get that this is a different computer, but why wouldn't the Animator have redownloaded something that proved capable of stopping his last out-of-control creation?
    • Maybe he hadn't redownloaded it because he didn't want to alarm the Second Coming or make him relive any bad memories (that might or might not come from it.) Besides, it is shown that the Animator and the stick figures have stacked quite a high level of trust after the events of 4, and the Animator may not have expected any other threats to be more powerful than something he had named "The Chosen One".
    • Another theory on this: He hadn't redownloaded Avast because it had proved capable of stopping his last out-of-control creation. When he and his current out-of-control creations (aka the stick figures) are on friendly terms, why would he risk downloading a program that might (and probably would) detect them as viruses, when activated?

Animation vs. League of Legends

  • This is, admittedly, coming from someone who knows nothing about the game, but Purple and his dragon(?) stop attacking the blue...crystal thing? I have no idea what it is, but they stop attacking it right before the final blow because they spot Second Coming attacking the red crystal, so they go to attack Second Coming. But wouldn't destroying the blue crystal have been an Instant-Win Condition for Purple, so it would have been better if they dealt the final blow? When I first saw it I thought the dragon acted against Purple's orders, but at the last second before Second Coming deals the final blow, Purple is pointing to direct the dragon, clearly intending to attack Second Coming. Why did he give up what would have otherwise been an easy victory?
    • if you watch closely, you can see that Purple is surpised when his creature turn around to attack The Second Coming, meaning that he don't have total control over the creature.
      • Ignoring the fact that, again, Purple is pointing at the Second Coming right before the latter destroys the red crystal, why didn't Purple just hop off and finish off the blue crystal himself then? It was like one hit away from destruction, and he'd basically turned on Godmode so I doubt the others would have been able to stop him.
      • He probably wanted to gloat his victory by beating SC down himself, since he didn't expect the other four to actually be able to damage his monster. By the time he realized that he could be late, he may already have been way closer to SC then the crystal he was supposed to destroy, and had no other options.

Animation vs. Pokémon

  • When the Second Coming sneaks back into the game, Ethan has both Chikorita and Totodile, the latter being the exact same one the Second Coming swiped earlier, following behind him as he leaves the lab. He (or rather, the Animator) chose Chikorita earlier, but why was he also given Totodile after it was retrieved from the Second Coming?
  • Heracross joins the team after Totodile saves it from drowning, implying it couldn't swim. Yet later on he's seen swimming across the sea no sweat.


  • Where's the Animator gone? I get that he trusts the Second Coming and his friends completely, but he's been absent since Animator vs. Animation 4. It's especially egregious with the newest videos: Note Blocks had the stick figures playing music really, really loudly at 4 a.m., with the speakers up to 100, and Command Blocks would've bricked the computer (again!) if the Second Coming hadn't made it to the Restart button.
    • Presumably he's out and about doing other stuff for most of them(it'd be unreasonable to think he'd be home on his computer all day every day), and just leaves the computer open for the stick figures to play around in whenever he's gone. As for Note Blocks, maybe the computer is in a workroom separate from his bedroom, so even at volume 100 it was far enough away to not immediately wake him up. Or maybe he's just a ridiculously Heavy Sleeper. Also, in Command Blocks, the worst that seemed to be happening was an Interface Screw, not necessarily physical damage to the computer that Alan, worst case scenario, couldn't fix with a hard reset(though the animations would have still had to explain that mess to him).
    • He must have heard you, because the latest short is "Animator vs Animation" once again.


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