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  • "Fat Slut". Pip's odd way of singing the lyrics, the lyrics themselves (which is essentially Pip's comeback to the titular insult), the odd guitar feedback, and the brevity of the track makes it awesomely ridiculous.
  • Also, the 'Brain Fart" improv she did in her 2007 tour.
    • Many of her improvs could count, as could some of her interviews. She's a funny woman.
      • Especially the "Tori Is a Lioness" interview. She claims that she would rather burn a man (especially if he's British) than a piano if she was stuck on a deserted island!
      • Other funny interviews include the one where she says she has a 12-inch cock, and the one where she rants about how "Toxic" is supposedly about toxic shock syndrome. Some quotes from that interview are "You can't have Tampax for a hot song," and "I love my fucking twat!".
      • Anytime Tori talks about her daughter Tash is bound to be this.
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  • "Big Wheel" has Tori chanting "M-I-L-F, don't you forget".
  • On a shoutbox for a Tori song, mostly everyone talks about an...unexpected topic. Although a stupid, rude comment almost ruins the funny.
  • At the 2010 Bonnaroo concert: "Where's Neil when you need him? Shagging Amanda!"
  • At a gig in Manchester in 2011, Tori's earpiece fell out. This is what happened next.
  • The line "Your mother shows up in a nasty dress" in "Silent All These Years" from Little Earthquakes.
  • Her 2017 Pitchfork video which had her assessing various things such as the 90s Revival and adult colouring books. Special shout-out to her assessment of Y Kant Tori Read ("UNDER-FUCKING-RATED!)" and Morrissey

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