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  • Tori Amos had always proved that she could rock like the men, but this performance of "Cruel" is definitely her Moment of Awesome. This is what some Youtube users had to say about the video:
    ProfessionalWidow83: Excuse me, but this makes me want to fight, fuck, and dance all at the same time.
    byakuugan86: I want Tori to chain me up violently and play my body like a piano while she sings cruel in a deathly tone
    OceanAnimus: Now that's how you scare an audience ^^
    koolaidnhemlock: tori was ANGRY at this point in her life.. suffering makes for great art.
    peacebiotch: I love Demon Tori. So much.
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  • In the middle of a performance of "Code Red", Tori stopped to kick out two girls that were being disruptive! Skip to 2:27 to see Tori being badass.
  • Neil Gaiman remembers another time Tori dealt with hecklers.
    Neil Gaiman: "The show that sticks in my memory was her first big concert in London when Little Earthquakes came out. Halfway through the set a drunk started acting up in the audience. `Show us yer legs' and that kind of stuff. "She just stopped playing, turned around and focused on the guy in the audience. She smiled and said `What's your name?' He grumbled something and she said, `You have to understand, I've been playing cocktail piano for 15 years. I deal with guys like you every night.' At which point the rest of the audience were ready to take the guy out and hang him if she so much as gave the word. But she just smiled at him. `This song's for you,' she said, and went into `Leather.' "Look, I'm standing naked before you. Don't you want more than my sex?" "It was the most elegant handling of a heckler I've ever seen."
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  • The "Live From New York" concert.. All of it. Full stop.
  • ''Crucify''. Everything about it - the aching vulnerability and conviction in Amos' vocal delivery, the hypnotic piano melody, the refrain - reeks of Awesomeness.
    "My heart is sick of being in.... chaaaaaaaaaains..."

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