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Heartwarming / Tori Amos

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  • Whenever Tori talks about Tash... she has told many adorable stories! Many can double as a Funny Moment, too.
  • "Sleeps With Butterflies", which is about a girl's daydream and faith with her lover according to one interpretation.
  • "1000 Oceans" was written for her husband, whose father died.
  • Her cover of "Enjoy the Silence," clearly directed to her daughter without a single change in lyrics.
  • Her work with hardcore wrestler Mick Foley (who had used the below-mentioned "Winter" as a Theme Music Power-Up) and RAINN to help counsel rape victims counts as both this and Moment of Awesome.
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  • "Gold Dust," another song probably addressed to her daughter, at least at the end, starting from "The day that she came, I'm freezing that frame" and ending with "How did it go so fast, you'll say as we are looking back, and then we'll understand, we held gold dust in our hands." Something every parent can no doubt understand.
  • "Winter" is a soft, caring song about parenthood; it was originally written as if from Tori to her father, but since then, Tash has been born. Now you can't help but feel as though when Tori sings it, she's the parent, speaking to her daughter. And Word of God says she is now.
  • "Promise," a song that she recorded with Tash. Their voices intermingle as they sing about how they will always need one another. It's pretty much everything you ever wished your mother would say to you.
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  • 45:29 into this video. Aww...
  • "Selkie". Based on the selkie myth, of seals who shed their skin to become human on land, the song observes a man and his selkie lover who has apparently gone back to sea. They get back together. The longing from both of them is tangible in both music and lyrics.
    "I know these shores are not like yours,
    But will you make your home in my arms?"
  • Apparently Slayer liked her cover of "Raining Blood" so much they sent her a box of T-shirts.


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