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Heartwarming / Amanda Palmer

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  • The Wedding Blog, in which Amanda talks on her feelings about love, why she decided to marry Neil Gaiman, and chronicles their madcap marriage ceremony. It is equal parts madness, hilarity and heartwarming.
  • Her TED Talk, The Art of Asking, where she talks about her experiences as an artist, and how much love she has received over the years.
  • Amanda and Neil naming their son after Amanda's late best friend and mentor, Anthony. Their nickname for little Anthony is "Squeaker".
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  • Amanda's video with little Anthony and Neil directing.
  • While the whole song of "A Mother's Confession" is an exercise in reaching for Kleenex, it ends on a triumphant note with everything potentially falling in around her shoulders, but her priority is her son's safety. Complete with a little gurgle from him at the end.
    "I may not make it to the passport place on time
    "And I might get caught for retroactive theft
    "And I might get turned into the DSS
    "But at least the baby didn't die!"
    • The response to the song had been heartwarming on YouTube. Many mothers and children have written about how the song reflects their own ideas and hopes.
  • The flash mob wedding she organized for Neil Gaiman on his birthday, and, of course, their real wedding a few months later. You can read about the flash mob in her own words here.
  • Her blog post in the aftermath of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for the girl and arguably a Tear Jerker, too.