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  • Ziltoid The Omniscient is made out of these:
    • "I am so omniscient, If there was to be two omnisciences, I would be both!"
    • "By the way, the name's Herman! And I hate musicals!" At which point the music begins to fade out.
      • The fact that the Planet Smasher's hatred of musicals comes back in "Through The Wormhole" in Z2, where a tender moment of Ziltoid singing "Memory" is interrupted as a result.
    • "PHOOEY! and double PHOOEY!"
    • "FETID!"
  • Dark Matters on Z2, being the sequel to Ziltoid The Omniscient, is also full of these:
    Ziltoid: Please tell me where the Poozer is now.
    Computer: Current location of the Poozer...directly through the wormhole.
    Ziltoid: Hmmmmm...well...poop.
    • While the narrator is talking about the events occurring after Blattaria kills Captain Spectacular, Ziltoid chimes in with a rather unenthusiastic-sounding, "Oh, so lame!".
    • Ziltoid's Face–Heel Turn in "Through The Wormhole":
    Ziltoid: Ha! Fooled you...poopypants!
    Captain Spectacular: Whaaaat? B-b...but Ziltoid!
    Ziltoid: I have duped the humans into thinking I am on their side!
    Captain Spectacular: Ziltoid, we had a signed a contract!
    Ziltoid: Yesss...I signed it in pencil, with my left hand! I mean, you're just so dumb it hurts!
    Narrator: HE HAS ARRIVED!
    Random Girl: He's so cute! Haha!
    Random Girl: No, no, no...just look at him! He's so fuzzy!
    Ziltoid: No seriously, don't provoke him!
  • Despite the overuse of bodily functions in Deconstruction, there are some absolutely brilliant bits:
    • "We all rip off Meshuggah!"
    • "I've got a little boner!"
    • "Oh, you don't even know. I'm reeeeeeeal good at dat savin'-the-world thing dere, oh ya! Oh yeah, I know, I'm ready to get my special savin'-the-world boots on..."
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    • "What's the point of this? Where's the ha-PENIS"
  • His Ziltoid's Midnight Visit video on his youtube channel. It seems he was bored as hell one night, and decided to bring Ziltoid by for a visit.
  • The booklet of Z2 bridges the link between the two albums on the double album rather amusingly, with a double-page spread of the Devin Townsend Project in their outfits at the start of the album cowering in fear as Ziltoid's armada of flying saucers levels the buildings around them. It's at this moment that you realize that Dark Matters is going to be a very different album to Sky Blue.
  • This video of Devin recording his own version of the chorus to "Fallout" on Z2, visibly exerting himself to the point of amusing facial experssions.
    • The description, as well:
    Ouch. Just wanna play bass.
  • Cryptic Coroner introducing themselves in Harsh Vocals while the audience laughs in the opening track of Cooked on Phonics.
    • The fact that the same singer temporarily stops the Harsh Vocals when he breaks a string, then backpedals back into them with an, "I mean..."
  • How he announces the guitar solo in "Life" when he performs it live.
    Devin: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the shittiest fucking guitar solo ever!
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  • During an interview being given by him and Steve Vai, Devin does...this.
  • During a show in New York, Devin gets handed a hat with floppy rabbit ears. The result: BUNNYCORE!
  • The entire music video for "Vampira," but particularly Devin prancing around in a silly devil costume.
  • Two Turntables and a Mike St-Jean particularly halfway through when you hear someone bursting into laughter between bars.
  • During a performance in Europe, Devin's computer system crashed and he was essentially stuck on stage. What did he do? He performed stand-up, including a ridiculous interpretive dance.
    Devin: Because I didn't get laid in high school, I learned how to do sweep arpeggios.
  • When he was at NAMM '16, he spent most of his time making fun of the event, his state of mind by being there, and the fact that he was only there to shill his guitar and its pickups, all without missing a beat.
    • Also this exchange, when he was taking requests:
    Person in the crowd: Save Our Now!
    Devin: Save our now? NO, Next Song!
  • The video for Evermore has an anthropomorphic cat trying to reach jupiter through what looks like a futuristic spaceship...only to crash because he was texting while driving. His reaction is priceless.


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