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  • When BT-7274 gets abducted by a manipulator arm, the loading screens from that point until Jack Cooper re-unites with the Titan are status reports from BT of repeated escape attempts that failed (upwards of 75 times), to the point where even BT starts to get exasperated. Eventually, the AI decides to "reevaluate" the definition of "shortcuts".
    • This apparently leads to a phobia of shortcuts for BT. At the end of a rather hassling escape, he simply states "I have concluded we should take no further shorcuts." Later on, Jack can tell BT not to get captured again, to which he replies "I will avoid all shortcuts."
  • In the next level, as Cooper continues to find a way to rejoin BT, he comes upon a large scale IMC factory: an evil interplanetary Mega-Corp who crushes dissidents on a daily basis is building houses... en masse. BT and Cooper catch on pretty quick that it isn't for colonization purposes.
  • The image of Major Anderson's corpse in the loading screen after discovering the top half of his body is undiluted Black Comedy: it looks like the man Face Planted far too deep into the concrete with his legs up in the air.
  • Let's be honest here; how many of us didn't use the Grizzly Op device in a peaceful situation, find out the other timeline's version of that area is crawling with baddies or on fire, and then immediately shift back over?
  • After making a rendezvous with surviving Militia troops inside a power plant, Cooper needs to fix a malfunctioning communications relay by retrieving an "Arc Tool" in the plant. He finds one being used by a worker robot; following a button prompt, Cooper yanks it away from the robot, who's smiley-face emoticon on it's chest turns sad. Of course, players can have Cooper fry the poor bot with the Arc Tool immediately after that, too.
    • Right after you got the Arc Tool, there's a room with a large fan yet to be activated and several work robots walking idly on it. No points for guessing what happened next...
  • Following the first Fastball Special courtesy of BT over a gorge at the comms relay, one of Cooper's dialogue options is "I think I'm going to need new underwear" after what just happened to him. Selecting this and BT will dryly respond that the Militia should provide some for the next supply drop.
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  • Cooper fights his way to get a fresh module for the communications relay, makes it to the top of the dish, and slots it in. The dish turns to face the militia fleet... and unceremoniously dumps Cooper right off a cliff. Luckily, BT is there to lend a hand.
  • At the end of the segment after Cooper slid off the comm relay dish and BT successfully catches him, Cooper give BT a thumbs up. BT is visibly confused for a moment before returning the gesture.
    • Soon after, a MRVN robot gives Cooper a thumbs up as well - perhaps BT has passed the notion onwards.
  • This possible exchange after finding the first weapon upgrade, 'Tone':
    BT-7274: Pilot, this Titan weapon is an advanced design, and may give us tactical advantage.
    Cooper: [teasing] I think someone's in love...
    BT-7274: The human concept of love requires admiration, attraction, devotion, and respect. Conclusion: I am 50% in love.
    • The best part is that BT never explicitly notes which two of the four he is feeling, with the implication of "attraction and devotion" being a legitimate option.
  • One of the Executions you can pull on your enemies (Grand Theft Semi-Auto) has you snagging your victim's sidearm and nonchalantly unloading it into your victim's skull.
  • The Op.Grizzly device animation; Sometimes Cooper will flash an OK sign instead of simply bringing up his wrist.
  • "Drop A Titan On It" Promo website.
    Scorch their selfies, burn their brunches, your friends' lame pics are about to get it.
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  • In "Meet Ion" video, a Ronin Titan is shown shielding its face awkwardly when he sees his friend blew up by Tripwire mines.
  • One of the nose art of Scorch Titan is cheekily named "Titan Inspiration". It's a classic pin-up girls painting.
  • Slightly dark humor, but if you walk your Titan up to a group of enemy grunts that don't have the weapons to damage your Titan, they'll throw their rifles to the ground and fall to their knees.
  • Barker as a Multiplayer Announcer is full of these, throwing awkward or jovial comments along with his in-game commentary. Even in his match intro, where he'll sometimes wave his arms like a conductor in full sync with the match overture.
    Barker: (If losing by a small gap) We're barely losing! Well, now that's optimism. You can do this, kid!
    Barker: (Titanfall) "Standby for Titanfall! Heh, I love saying that!"
    Barker: (If you win by a close lead) Well, we tried— Wait, we won? Hey! I always knew you had it in you!
  • The "Marvin's Finest Hour" faction, led by a default M.R.V.N. android. The story is apparently its owner went out on a Moonshine run and left his M.R.V.N. to take care of some new recruits until he came back, so it did. Right into battle. That was three years ago, and its owner never came back. And yes, it's suspiciously possible that the M.R.V.N. actually belongs to Barker.
    • One of M.R.V.N.s intros has it attempt to set up a high-five, only to droop down dejected when the pilots don't reciprocate. This is even more Hilarious in Hindsight when you know that players were actually asking Respawn to let them high-five MRVN on the way out before the patch was released. Even since the first game!
  • In Multiplayer, when a Monarch Titan performs its standard execution on an Auto Titan (a.k.a. the execution that normally pulls out the other Titans' pilot and crushes them in the Monarch's hand), it has a rather humorous Quizzical Tilt when it realises that it's not actually holding the enemy Pilot.
  • The "Shadow Boxing" Execution for Holo Pilot, where the pilot creates a succession of Holograms to throw jump kicks at the victim to make them flinch, and using the distraction to draw a pistol and shoot them in the head.
  • The Pulse Blade is a pilot tactical option that, when thrown, sends out a pulse that marks all targets in the vicinity. The blade itself also does damage to whoever it hits, and if you hit a critical spot, it can even damage Titans. Should the circumstances allow it, this means you can essentially kill a walking tank with a throwing knife.
  • Frontier Defense gives us Davis and Droz, a classic Straight Man and Wise Guy combo, with the wise-guy Davis voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Davis frequently pokes fun at Droz' choice of terms;
    Droz: We'll ping your minimap with the location of enemy landing zones.
    Davis: Pinging? We're gonna ping 'em?
    Droz: Fine, mark. We'll mark them.
    Davis: Who's Mark?! Ahahahah!
Or, occasionally, does something with a bit more feeling;
Droz: Stand by for Titanfall, pilot.
Davis: I can do better than that. STAND BY FOR TITANFALL! WOOOoooo!
  • Equally funny and frustrating: Later in Attrition matches, it's entirely possible to respawn in a Titan directly underneath an enemy Reaper, which will immediately fall on and crush you.

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