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  • Oscar's father organized a party where she was supposed to pick her future husband. Her reaction? She first ordered male dress clothes from the best tailor in Paris (her father believed she ordered a gown until she showed up at the party in male clothes), then she started flirting with the female guests (who happened to be her fanclub), and, to drive her point home, invited her soldiers to make them scare away every aspiring fiancé who hadn't run yet.
    • After the party Girodelle, who was the only one who had not ran away, tries to convince Oscar to marry him, when, out of nowhere, we have this exchange:
      Girodelle: Why are you eating rose petals?
      Oscar: What?! Is it forbidden?!
    • The Versailles no Bara Kids have Oscar elaborate on that and list all the foods they are good with.
  • In the Versailles no Bara Kids strips, the Running Gag of Louis XVI as a sumo wrestler.
    • Also from Versailles no Bara Kids, the strip about suffering people: Andre is sighing and suffering due his forbidden love for Oscar, Oscar is sighing and suffering due the impending revolution, and Ryoko Ikeda is sighing louder and suffering worse because drawing Oscar's immense amount of hair is physical torture.
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    • The strip of Jeanne confessing her sins to a priest, only to be arrested halfway due having confessed the attempted murder of Oscar.
    • The running gag of the Black Knight and chandeliers.
      • Oscar decides to capture him, but needs a special training... And starts jumping from chandelier to chandelier.
      • The Duchess of Polignac tries to kill Oscar by dropping a chandelier on her, but the chandelier falls before she's under it... Because the Black Knight was on it.
    • Napoleon shows up to borrow Oscar's dictionary. Why? Because a goat ate the letter 'I' from Napoleon's... Including the word 'impossible', as Oscar points out.
    • The strip where Marie Antoinette and Du Barry are exchanging Death Glares until a roasted bird falls from the sky. Turns out, the cook has tripped while carrying it...
    • Marie Antoinette listens Beethoven playing one of his compositions, and compares it to the light of the moon. Beethoven's reaction? Changing the name into "Moonlight Sonata", renouncing to the original name "Lace Panties Sonata".
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    • Another running gag: Louis XVI and his obsession for lockets, for the immense annoyance of all who get involved with it.
    • In one strip Louis XVI, sad about not being able to dance with Marie Antoinette, is taking dancing lessons from the Count de Mercy when he throws him away with a sumo move. Rather funny and completely out of nowhere due having been published much later after the previous sumo strip.
    • In the original manga and anime, general De Jarjayes ordered Andre to follow Oscar everywhere and be her shadow. Rose of Versailles Kids had a follow-up: Andre used a ninja technique to become her shadow.
    • In one strip at Versailles they were talking on how better refill the Crown's coffers, someone suggests reforming the finances... When Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi shows up from nowhere and declares they'll first privatize the mail service.
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    • Girodelle and his obsession with cats. At one point, Girodelle hid cats in his coat. Another time where he tried to act like one, too! And this is the same Girodelle who wants Oscar's hand in marriage.
  • Andre's grandmother berating him for letting Oscar get into a duel, until a frying pan swings back and hits her in the head.
  • Fersen's look when he's caught by the French Guards while he tries to sneak out of Versailles after a secret meeting with Marie Antoinette. His face is silently saying: "Why did I have to run into the only French Guards who don't lazy around during guard duty?!" Just his luck into stumbling in the one French Guards company who never neglected its duty, and recently got Oscar (who doesn't tolerate laziness) as commander to boot.
  • Oscar's farewell gift to Rosalie when Rosalie's leaving to go live with Madame de Polignac. It's a portrait... of Oscar.
    tumblr user, commenting on the scene:': The greatest gift I could give you, a portrait of myself.
    • Even better, considering that Rosalie is openly in love with Oscar, it really is the best gift she could have given her.
  • Oscar coming to visit Rosalie and Bernard. Rosalie is overjoyed, Bernard is all aflame.
  • Oscar makes some great faces throughout the manga. Sometimes in outrage, sometimes to make room for a demonic grin.


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