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Works that have referenced The Rose of Versailles:

  • Lupin III:
    • The entire Red Jacket episode "Versailles Burned with Love" is an homage of The Rose Of Versailles, to the point it could almost be called a Crossover; only the modern setting technically keeps it from being such, but even that gets explained. The fact that TMS Entertainment did the animation for both Shin Lupin III and Rose only makes the line tougher to determine.
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    • Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine introduces a subordinate to Inspector Zenigata, an effeminate young man named Oscar. The name is a shout-out to this series' main character.
  • The students in Wandering Son put on a play of The Rose of Versailles.
  • In Shin Megami Tensei IV one of the characters talks about a manga set in the fictional kingdom of France with a female protagonist who is a warrior dressed as a man and falls in love with her faithful companion. Later Oscar is even referenced by name.
  • An episode of the manga comedy Dash Kappei has Kappei dressed as Oscar.
  • An episode of theTime Bokan series Itadakiman, has an Expy of Oscar who is a Straw Feminist that hate all the men and turn in a monster toward the end. Her entire kingdom is similar to France and the japanese name is a malapropism of Versailles.
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  • Yoshino in Silver Spoon uses Rose of Versailles to study French.
  • In the first chapter of Twittering Birds Never Fly, Yashiro sings a lyric from the end credits ("you are the light, I am the shadow,") to himself when thinking about Kuga, the man that his First Love, Kageyama, has chosen.
  • Kuranosuke in Princess Jellyfish manages to trick Chieko and Jiji into thinking he's a girl raised as a boy (even he can't believe it worked) when he refers to Rose of Versailles and starts dressing as Oscar.
  • An episode of the Ranma ½ anime has Genma (panda version) dressed up as Oscar when he is kidnapped by Azusa, who rename him Oscar. Plus, Azusa call some of his objects "Rosalie", "Fersen" and "Marie Antoinette".
  • The looks of Saint Seiya character Lizard Misty are explicitly based on Oscar's.


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