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Nightmare Fuel / The Rose of Versailles

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An old shoujo that is very intense in the Tear Jerker fields, but isn't necessarily a slouch in the scary ones.

  • The death of King Louis XV of smallpox in chapter 9, which eventually leaves him with rotting skin and parts of his skull becoming exposed, while he was still alive!
    • The reason why Marie Antoinette was kept away from him as soon as the illness was identified: having already had it and survived she was supposed to be immune (in fact in Real Life that's the whole reason she married Louis XVI: when some of her sisters got smallpox with her and died their mother shuffled around her diplomatic marriages)... But so was believed Louis XV (it had actually been measles, but given Louis XV almost died from it the medics ended up mistaking it for the pox).
    • Marie Antoinette's sister-in-law died of smallpox too, and was the one to infect both her and Maria Theresa herself. Maria Theresa survived too... But the sudden discovery that her father-in-law had smallpox too, and for the second time to boot, clearly didn't give her good dreams.
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  • The scene in chapter 10 where a duke shoots a child in the back after he stole some money from him. And they don't cut away, you see it all. Especially jarring considering the cute shoujo style of the manga.
  • Charlotte becoming the Creepy Child version of The Ophelia, as pictured above. Even before she threw herself off a tower, the whole scene was completely heartbreaking as well as really scary. Not to mention the reason she did it, she was eleven years old, maying a duke who had the saying the younger the better about his wives.
  • In episode 26, Andre goes through Eye Scream via the still not Heel–Face Turn-ed Bernard. The imaginery in the anime (Bernard uses his sword to slash through Andre's mask and eye) may not be at the level of modern horror manga, but it's still unpleasant enough to make you wince. Not helped by Andre screaming, then collapsing to the ground and whispering "M-my eyes...", then attempting to reach for Bernard as Oscar screams...
    • And then there's the scary squishy noise made by André´s eye as it's injured.
  • And in episode 32, the sight of Dianne de Soissons's lifeless and rotting body is very tame in regards to how it would be done now, but still unpleasant to watch. Unless you can't see it... through your tears.
    • Compared to the manga Dianne's corpse looks like Sleeping Beauty in the anime. In the manga, her body has already started to decompose. It's a view straight from a horror manga. Ewwww. Waaaaah!
  • In the Countess in Black gaiden, it's bad enough that Montclair is based off of Elizabetth Bathory, but it becomes hell when Caroline gets impaled by a mechanical doll! Not to mention that the clockmaker, after being forced to create the killing doll, gets his eyes stabbed out.
    • It gets worse in the audio drama. When Caroline is alone with the doll (she didn't know it was a doll at that time), the gears start the function and then the doll gets closer and closer to Caroline until it crushes her in a tight embrace, when spikes impale through her. Three times.
    • The clockmaker explaining to Oscar and André while trapped in a dungeon about how Montclair gets blood : She lures young girls with lavish food and wardrobes,traps them in large, spiked birdcages, then she mutilates them.
  • Episode 7 has Oscar, after sparring with her Father, spots a young, well-dressed girl who suddenly disappears into thin air. And this happens again. And again. And again.

  • To an outsider-to André-some of her actions throughout the story, such as suddenly running down the palace halls and entering a church in the dead of night, make it seem as though Oscar's going insane.
  • Oscar goes to a ball to dance with Fersen and what does she see? Her dopplegänger dancing with Fersen instead. And he doesn't even notice the difference.
  • Louis Joseph's death of extrapolmunar tuberculosis, gnawing and deforming his spine and causing him excruciating pain. Knowledge of history makes it worse, at least when it comes to Louis XVI: he once had an older brother, who died of the same illness.
    • And to make it even worse, it's possible he infected Oscar and Marie Antoinette too.
  • In the manga, the one encounter between Oscar and a passing Napoleon: Napoleon is just an insignificant-looking lieutenant on leave, and just seeing him scares the crap out of Oscar. Almost as she saw the devastation and death that man's campaigns will cause through the whole Europe...

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