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  • As he and the rest of the Peanuts gang see the new kid move into the neighborhood, Charlie Brown accidentally tips his side of the fence and falls into the moving boxes. This was enough to make the entire fence collapse. And he'd been so excited about making a good first impression, too.
    Everyone: [points at Charlie Brown] He did it!! [runs off]
  • Charlie Brown tries to introduce himself to the Little Red Haired girl.
    "Hi! My name's Brown Charlie! I mean, Barney Clown! I mean... GAAAAH!"
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  • Charlie Brown tries to pitch a baseball against a snowman... and somehow, he still gets knocked out by the hit. The film reveals that Snoopy was inside the snowman. A subtle addition to the baseball humor is the scoreboard in the background. Under "Home" is a single hook for hanging the number cards, but under "Visitor" are three hooks! The performance of Charlie Brown's team has become such a given that the community has placed a harshly suitable board.
  • Peppermint Patty has a little trouble with opening doors. No matter how hard she pulls on the handle, the door won't budge... then Charlie Brown walks along and pushes it open.
  • Charlie Brown, in an attempt to fly a kite, ends up getting tangled in the twine and slamming into his nemesis, the kite-eating tree, which shakes the snow out of the branches to reveal a dozen more kites, presumably wrecked by him.
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  • After his Hard-Work Montage, Charlie Brown finally writes the first draft of his book report on War and Peace, with the summary being "First there was war, and then there was peace." He does later write a proper 1000 word book report that impresses Linus, which is pretty funny in its own right considering that even adolescents and adults would struggle with such a task.
  • Snoopy demonstrates a professionally-done, suave tango to the Gypsy Kings' cover of "Bamboléo" to show how Charlie Brown can impress his friends at the Winter Dance. He then gives the floor to his master... who performs the Chicken Dance.
  • Sally, ever the materialist, begins crafting Charlie Brown merchandise and giving tours of the family home once her big brother becomes popular. When he is reading War and Peace, she sets up bleachers in the living room without him noticing, and when he storms out, Franklin asks Sally if there will be a late show.
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  • During the school dance, Patty has been harboring a crush on Pigpen the whole time, and winds up dancing with him. When Charlie Brown accidentally starts the building's sprinkler system, water pours everywhere and drenches Pigpen, cleaning up all the dirt around him and completely changing his appearance, which causes Patty to not recognize him anymore.
    Patty: ... do I know you?
  • The kids being woken up by their alarm clocks. Marcie wakes up and shuts off her alarm clock normally, Peppermint Patty smashes hers with a hockey stick, and Schroeder, whose alarm clock plays Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, goes to shut his off but then thinks better of it and settles in to listen to the music.
  • According to Peppermint Patty, Marcie says that the greatest book ever written is Leo's Toy Store by Warren Peace. Bonus points if you've seen Sky High (2005); one of the characters is actually named Warren Peace!
  • When Charlie Brown is looking for the perfect book for his book report at the library:
    "He's going into the grown-up section! Is that legal?"
  • After Snoopy finds the typewriter, he hits the "O" key over and over, leaving a bunch of O's on the paper. He and Woodstock then go "Ooo!" with funny expressions. What makes it is that the O's are hanging in the air right in front of them, and they're staring right at the floating letters as they do so.
  • The reason Lucy hates Snoopy's finished story? Dogs can't fly! Snoopy responds by chucking his typewriter at her.
  • Peppermint Patty simply fills in her test by making a smiley face... and gets a perfect score.
  • Considering the overall feel of a bunch of children in a G-rated film, the fact Marcie recommends both Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Catcher in the Rye (both highly controversial reading choices even for older students) can be seen as quite dissonant and humorous.
  • It's pretty hilarious that Schroeder takes his piano to class (in his desk no less!). It gets better when he starts playing Pomp and Circumstance when Linus is trying to explain his stance on taking a standardized test, only to be cut off and told to do the quiz anyway, whereupon Schroeder switches to a humorous vaudeville sting instead. All while Lucy is gazing adoringly at him from the desk behind his.
  • Backstage during the talent show, Charlie Brown knocks on the magic box that Snoopy is hiding in to get him to come out. Snoopy, assuming that he's onstage, leaps out of the box with a "HEY!" while wearing a humongous headdress.
  • It seems the talent show mostly goes downhill between Schroeder's opening performance of Franz Liszt's solo piano arrangement of the first movement of Beethoven's Symphony No.5 and Sally's rodeo act. We see the aftermath of a William Tell act in which the terrified boy playing Tell's son Walter is completely surrounded by arrows while not a single one has hit the apple on his head, and a gi and green belt-clad Peppermint Patty exits the stage after a martial arts demonstration... followed by a thoroughly dazed Marcie holding a broken board and urging Charlie Brown to be kind to his assistant.
  • During Sally's rodeo act, one bored student looks at his wrist as if to look at a watch and say "how long is this going to go on?" But look closer at his arm, and you see that he's not wearing a watch. Yep, Sally's act was that boring.
  • Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty fighting over trying to put their names on their tests.
  • Charlie Brown using a sled to bring home War and Peace. The book itself counts as well, being an oversized hardcover brick that sticks halfway out of the library shelf.
  • Lucy's reactions when it was believed Charlie Brown had made a perfect score in the standardized test:
    • Her various moments of denial have to be seen to be believed.
    • Right before Charlie Brown is to be given an award for it, Lucy goes to him, admits she's been wrong... And then shakes him while screaming he's turned her whole life upside-down.
    • When Charlie Brown notices the mix-up and announces it, Lucy jumps up and shouts "I knew it!"... While wearing one of the shirts Sally was selling as Charlie Brown merchandise. She promptly sits down again.
  • The mid-credit epilogue to Snoopy's fantasy story, where the Red Baron Trolls him at his victory celebration. "CURSE YOU, RED BARON!"
  • During Snoopy's final fantasy segment, the Beagle Scouts crash their plane into a bakery and pop out of a wedding cake with one of them dressed up as the groom on top. He takes a look at the bride, sees that it's a miniature of Lucy, and immediately steps away.
  • During Charlie Brown's vicious downhill sledding trip he crashes through a house. Right through a kid's birthday party!
Charlie Brown: (nonchalantly) Happy Birthday.
Birthday Boy: (Confused) Who invited him?


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