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For StarCraft II, see here for Wings of Liberty, here for Heart of the Swarm, and here for Legacy of the Void.

Starcraft and Brood War

  • The first time that Raynor and Kerrigan meet in person, the latter, being a psychic, rips into the former. In Expanded Universe novel Liberty's Crusade, Kerrigan mentions to protagonist Michael Liberty afterwards that Raynor thought She's Got Legs, grumbling that it's fairly tame as far as unwilling Dirty Mind-Reading goes when it comes to a female Ghost.
    Kerrigan: Captain Raynor, I've finished scouting out the area, and… you pig!
    Raynor: What? I haven't even said anything to you yet!
    Kerrigan: Yeah, but you were thinking it.
    Raynor: Oh yeah, you're a telepath. Look, let's just get on with this, OK?
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  • In the final mission of the Protoss original campaign, after Aldaris' acknowledgement of Tassadar and Zeratul as "representing all that is greatest in us":
    Jim Raynor: Wow. Does that mean they're gonna send backup for us?
  • In a cutscene.
    "That's a zerglin', Lester. Smaller type o' zerg…"
  • And later:
    "I love you, Sarge!"
  • In a cutscene during Episode II a bomb carrying case opens to reveal the explosive surrounded by ice and beer.
  • This exchange from the Protoss campaign:
    Aldaris: Who is this human?
    Jim Raynor: The name's Raynor, pal. And I won't be talked down to by anyone. Not even a Protoss.
    Aldaris: Amusing. Tassadar, your taste in companions grows ever more ... inexplicable.
  • General Duke generally does his best to make himself unlikeable, but even he isn't immune to some bouts of Deadpan Snarker tendancies.
    Duke: Protoss Commander, this is General Edmund Duke of the Terran Dominion Armada. You are in violation of our air-space and have endangered human lives in your reckless attack against the Zerg. I order you to withdraw your ships immediately. If you fail to comply, I will not hesitate to open fire upon your vessels.
    Tassadar: General Duke, I am Tassadar, and you are well known to me. Whatever leniency I extended to you and your comrades before, may have been in error. If you persist in halting our course, we will burn your pathetic fleet down to the last man.
    Duke: ...I'm going to have to assume that was a hostile response...
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  • Try and get the various game units to sing...
  • Several Stop Poking Me! quotes. The Protoss Observer unit takes the cake with the various transmissions it intercepts... from across the fourth wall!!!
    • This isn't Warcraft in Space!!!
      • It's much more sophisticated!
      • I know it's not three-D!
    • The Siege Tank driver starts humming Ride of the Valkyries.
    • The Goliath's Stop Poking Me! lines "USDA selected"note  and "FDIC approved"note .
      • "Checklist completed...SOB."
  • Ever tried ordering Devourers to Attack-Move against Carrier interceptors? Cuz it's frickin' hilarious.
    • A little explanation for those who haven't tried it: Carriers launch tiny Interceptors to attack, with the consequence that a mass attack command generally targets the Interceptors first (because they're closer). Interceptors are the fastest units in the game; Devourer missiles are gigantic blobs of acid, and one of the slowest missiles in the game. They home.
  • While "Patriot's Blood" becomes a bit of a Tear Jerker partway through, the antics of the Marines (or possibly just one Marine) when confronted with computers are rather amusing.
    Marine: Uh, how do you work this damn thing?... Computer, locate Admiral Stukov.
    Adjutant: Access code denied.
    [autoturrets pop out and fire at you]
    Marine: I hate computers.
    Marine: Ugh, another computer... says "hit any key". Well... well which one's the "any" key?
    Adjutant: Access code denied.
    [three civilian techs come out of the adjacent room]
    Tech: Hey, who's messing with the computers? Oh.
    Marine: Gimme the damn access codes before I blow an aggression inhibitor!
    Tech: I ain't tell'n you nothing!
    [two techs are immediately gunned down]
    Tech: Wait! I'll tell you. It's, uh... "Farnham".
    Adjutant: Access code accepted.
    Marine: Thanks...
    [Marines guns the last tech down]
    Marine: Uh... Oops... Eheh... eheh-heh-heh.
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  • "The Khala awaits me Kerrigan, and though I am eager to rejoin my brethen you will not find me easy prey." -> Spawn Broodling
  • Episode VI of the entire 1st game has an SCV asking Sarah Kerrigan as to get him out of there after the player character successfully got all of the brood to Kerrigan's side.
  • The fact that a bunch of Marines can shoot down a Battlecruiser. Battlecruiser are enormous warships, while Marines pack somewhat oversized but still fairly normal rifles. In a saner universe those rifles wouldn't be capable of denting the Battlecruiser's armour much less shooting it down. The less sane fact that a group of Marines is a decent counter to an unprotected Battlecruiser due to its slow rate of fire, especially if they use stim packs.
  • The original Zergling sprites had small, horn-like protrusions on their bodies, but in the Remastered graphics, they were drawn as a pair of comically human-like arms sticking out of the Zergling's head like rabbit ears!
  • The line "You must Construct Additional Pylons" is iconic, but in some languages "pylon" means a pole. You know, for dancing. That can make a Protoss player feel like they're managing a strip club.
  • In one mission briefing, Kerrigan is talking to the Protoss commanders. Aldaris mocks her, and she claps back. His response is to immediately hang up on her.


  • The very existence of Starcraft Cartooned. Watching the original story of Starcraft play out between cartoons makes for hilarious comedy.
  • The Adjutant is basically a giant robotic grey smily face.
  • Tassadar is represented by a protoss who has a giant "T" on his chest.
  • Aldaris' portrait is inexplicably waving his hands in the air constantly.
  • The Overmind's sprite features the same massive brain-like organ of the original Overmind, but with a scowling face and mouth. In fact, several Zerg buildings suddenly have faces on them, even if they didn't originally.

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