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Here's the place for every Mythology Gag, Continuity Nod, Shout-Out, Expy, Captain Ersatz and No Celebrities Were Harmed references in both Starcraft and Starcraft II.

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Starcraft and Brood War




  • The Hero class unit of the Terran Firebat is called Gui Montag.
  • The Hero class unit of the Terran Wraith is called Tom Kazansky.
  • Word of God confirmed that the name "James Raynor" is one towards James Ryan.
  • The bad guy from the Enslavers campaign is called Alan Schezar.
  • The first dialogue between Kerrigan and Raynor is a nearly literal Shout-Out to a dialogue from the first season of Babylon 5.
  • General Duke is an Expy of John Wayne.
  • The Admiral Gerard DuGalle, to Charles de Gaulle.
  • Vice-Admiral Alexi Stukov to Georgi Zhukov, a Russian general in World War II.

  • The core of the Zerg hivemind is called the Overmind and the units used to increase population are Overlords.
  • The Zerg are truly a Shout-Out to the Xenomorphs from the Alien films, crossed with the Arachnids of Starship Troopers. Their working title in the demo was even "Xenomorphs", and several cinematics involving them are scene-for-scene remakes of Aliens scenes.
  • The lore booklet included in the manual describes a few of the spacefaring zerg broods, giving each distinct roles and strengths. The terrans name identified broods after mythological monsters, such as Fenris or Jormungandr (spelled "Jormungand"). This is rather similar to how the Tyranid hive fleets are described and classed, with some of the names even being the same (e.g. Leviathan Brood and Hive Fleet Leviathan).


  • The Hero class unit of the Zerg Hydralisk is called Hunter-Killer.
    • Similarly, the Hero class unit of the Defiler (not seen in-game, but available in the map editor) is the Unclean One, after a type of Nurgle-serving daemon.
  • The Hero class unit of the Zerg Ultralisk is called Torrasque, also the name of a dragon from an old French legend.

  • The front face appearance of the Protoss is similar to that of the aliens from Independence Day, as they don't have a mouth.
    • They also have traits akin to those of the Predators.


  • The Observer is a treasure trove of these in both games. Among its greatest hits are a German War Craft II advertisement, a Steve Irwin-like voice, a Diablo quote from Griswold and...
    "One small step for man. One giant... STOP POKING MEEE!"


  • So many from Aliens. The Battle of the Amerigo cinematic alone is pretty much a bunch of bits of Aliens (Space Marines investigate a structure gone dark and are mistakenly confident over it, aliens attack them from ceilings, an exploding Taking You with Me occurs...) condensed into a 4-minute cutscene.
  • The cheat codes:
    • there is no cow levelexplanation 
    • operation cwalexplanation 
  • Click on the Hero Samir Duran long enough, and he will start speaking the titles of Duran Duran songs.
    • To further the reference he speaks the first two lines in the chorus to Duran Duran's most well known song.
    Duran: "My Name is Duran, DURAN!"
    Duran: "What's so funny?"
    Duran: "Please, please, tell me now!"
    Duran: "Is there something I should know?"
  • A Terran mining planet is named Moria. A mission takes place there in which you have to mine loads of minerals. Can't be any more obvious, can it?
  • The Terran victory cinematic from Brood War is a parody of newsreels from The '50s, and probably also a shoutout to the first Starship Troopers movie.
  • The intro to Brood War is a near-direct copy of the Do Lung bridge scene from Apocalypse Now, complete with a detached soldier sporting a grenade launcher listening to a Hendrix-esque guitar track.


Starcraft II



  • Lots of aspects of the Terrans, in particular the Used Future aesthetic and the awesome new music, give one the impression that someone at Blizzard got the Firefly DVD set for Christmas.
    • Also, a website error yields one of two messages: "Some terrible, terrible error has occurred," or "I swallowed a bug — we seem to be having a little problem with our website, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then — explode." invoked
  • The hologram of a dancing Night Elf female in the Hyperion's cantina appears to be the actual character model, imported directly from WoW.
  • The very first Tosh mission has you mining for boatloads of minerals on a planet called Redstone, while creepy crawly Zerg run a periodic interference on your otherwise peaceful operations.
  • The Hyperion's armory is Bay 12. Rory Swan, the manager, also looks pretty dwarvenly.
  • The Siege Tank model used by Terran forces in this game is known as the Crucio. The new model devised by the Umojans, as stated in the flavor text for the corresponding skin, is called the Imperio.
  • When Raynor helps General Warfield up on Char, it's a clear shoutout to the Manliest Handshake scene of the film Predator. The General even remarks, "You magnificient son of a bitch!"


Heroes and story characters





  • Artanis looks A LOT like he's wearing Gundam Exia's head.
  • Have Fenix do 5000 damage after you summon him in one mission, get the "Fix-It Fenix" achievement.


    Heart of the Swarm (To be sorted) 

    Legacy of the Void (To be sorted) 

    Nova Covert Ops (To be sorted) 
  • The way Nova receives her new ship strongly resembles a similar case from Mass Effect 2
  • The cardboard box right outside Nova's holding cell. She can interact with it, but can't hide underneath it. It's also called 'Reptile Box' in a subtle reference to said game's protagonist name.
  • The monomolecular blade.
  • The first mission begins with Nova awoken by a robotic camera which looks just like GLaDOS.
  • In the second mission of the second pack (the fifth mission globally, the mission "Night Terrors"), when Nova dies to one of the miniboss of the mission (either the Eradicators or the Blightbringer) and then comes back to the area, a big green dot will appear on the ground where she previously died and when you move Nova on it, it will say "+X souls retrieved" (X is a number that is not fixed). Why does it sound strangely familiar ?
  • The Blazefire Gunblade you can obtain in mission 7 is an obvious reference to Lightning's trademark weapon.