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This page is for series-wide Fridge entries and entries regarding material that doesn't have a page yet. For entries regarding the first game and its Expansion Pack, check here.

Fridge pages are Spoilers Off by default, so all spoilers are removed and all examples folderized, so proceed with caution. You Have Been Warned.

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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Why can Terran Marines take out a Battlecruiser even though small arms fire won't really dent a real warship? Battlecruisers are by classification sacrificing armor for firepower. So in game terms, they can technically be destroyed.
  • The Terran unit, the spider mine, likely gets its name from the fact that it looks like a spider. How do spider mines kill enemies? By sitting completely still and remaining invisible until some enemy unit walks right into into it. Spiders in the real world kill their prey in the exact same way, by constructing large intricate webs and then waiting for some poor sucker to run straight into it. Even cooler when you consider that the spider waits until the web gets something and then the spider salvages the kill.
    • Another animal renowned for salvaging its food? The vulture.
  • Arcturus Mengsk is capable of doing something that can be considered Beyond the Impossible: fooling Kerrigan, someone with the highest psionic power (First among Terrans and then overall) and can read minds. At first it can seem like Mengsk being Crazy-Prepared or this being an outright Ass Pull to ensure Kerrigan does not learn about Mengsk's plan until it's too late, but it's actually neither according to I, Mengsk: Kerrigan was the ghost that killed Arcturus's father Angus, and he knew that when he met her at Vcktor 5 (As he was told that one of the three ghosts that killed his family was there). If he wanted to enact his revenge, he had to ensure she would not find out what he wanted to do...
    • Liberty's Crusade has an alternate explanation: that Kerrigan was always able to enter Mengsk's mind and find out all of his dirty secrets, but that she tended to hold back from anything more than scanning surface thoughts because she felt it was a violation. She didn't seriously try to read his mind until just before New Gettysburg, which revealed some of his intentions (i.e. that he knew that the Psi-Emitters were going to be employed purely out of his hatred for the Confederates) but she didn't delve deeply enough to find that he was fully intent on betraying her.

    Fridge Horror