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For the original StarCraft, see here.

For Wings of Liberty, see here.

For Heart Of The Swarm, see here.


  • Artanis goes to Korhal to talk to Jim Raynor for the first time in five years, and finds the planet under siege from Moebius Corps. But they have time for some Casual Danger Dialogue.
    Raynor: Protoss vessel, this is Commander James Raynor of the... Artanis? Man, ain't you a sight for sore eyes!
    Artanis: Friend Raynor, you seem rather... occupied.
    Raynor: Just another day at the office. *something off-screen explodes, setting off an alarm and making Raynor's com-screen shake. He barely flinches*
  • Rory Swann shooting the breeze with Artanis.
    Swann: Ya' got it Skippy!
    Artanis: (baffled) ...Skippy?
    • Add that to the fact that Swann was a little awkward talking to him at first, too. But after noticing his very proper and polite manner of speaking, not too unlike a certain benevolent terran-prince-turned-emperor (that he nicknamed "Scooter"), Swann calms right down.
  • If you don't do anything in the Solar Core for a while with Karax and Fenix in the lab, Karax will ask Fenix for help on something. Fenix will just flatly say no leaving Karax a bit nervous.
  • In the Ulnar missions, Kerrigan and Artanis are teaming up to get to the Xel'Naga. As they progress, they are confronted with Moebius and Tal'darim minions:
    Kerrigan: Friends of yours?
    Artanis: Not quite. It appears Amon's forces have found a way into the temple... We must slay them all.
  • Alarak is a good source of these:
    • First, there's him repeatedly Trolling Artanis. He pretty much admits he enjoys challenging Artanis just for the luls.
    • Then there is his answer to Vorazun's lack of trust toward him when he comes to offer an Enemy Mine:
    Vorazun: You think us fools?
    Alarak: Yes. But that is irrelevant.
    Artanis: This bargain grows less appealing by the moment...
    • A certain string of dialogue in "Steps of the Rite", sounds awfully familiar to the dialogue between Matthew Horner and Mira Han in Heart of the Swarm.
    • After the mission, Alarak casually tells Artanis that using his forces to kill Ma'lash's guardians wasn't part of the rite, he just did it because he wanted to. Naturally, Artanis isn't amused at being played like a fiddle and angrily tries to give Alarak a piece of his mind, except Alarak is too high on Terrazine to care.
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    • During the Rak'Shir mission, Alarak somehow forgets that the Protoss aiding him were his allies, not his slaves.
    Alarak: Yes, your psionic power courses through me! Move forward, slaves! Kill all who aid Ma'lash!
    Artanis: You would do well to remember that I command these warriors, Alarak. Not you. (Alarak does not respond, obviously ignoring Artanis.)
    • He also has some deadpan comments if you poke him too much.
    Alarak: Oh Hierarch, is this how you spend your free time? I can see why your missions take very, very long.
    • Alarak's the gift that keeps on giving, really:
    Alarak: (after mowing down a wave of Zerg) Tell me, how did you lose Aiur to these animals? Did they leap up and chew apart your starships?
    Vorazun: The Zerg were once the greatest threat my people faced. Only a fool would underestimate them.
    Alarak: Well then, I will bow to your experience... as the fool.

    Alarak: (to Vorazun, after achieving their objective in the mission) Go on, tell them about the victory I brought you today.
    Vorazun: (via the intercom) Hierarch, Alarak and I have destroyed the Psi-Matrix.
  • Remember the Taldarim Executor (AKA Nyon)? Turns out Alarak actually condemned him to mine Terrazine until he went crazy (something he considers a Fate Worse than Death), which explains most of his behaviour in Wings of Liberty.
  • During Karax's congratulation ceremony for disabling the Moebius Foundation's hybrid laboratory, you can see Alarak rolling his eyes with little enthusiasm.
  • Clicking on Artanis before the mission where Alarak duels Ma'lash evokes this line:
    Artanis: I hope no one gets into the terrazine while we're on Slayn. It is such a difficult habit to break.
  • When you move to destroy the third power core in "Templar's Charge," several Battlecruisers warp in to defend it. This exchange shortly follows.
    Artanis: Karax, Moebius Corps' Battlecruisers have just warped away from the battle!
    Karax: Yes, I believe I have found them.
  • This exchange between Raynor and Zagara:
    Raynor (about Amon's minions): They're assaulting our base from the other side. These bastards don't let up, do they?
    Raynor: That isn't what I... ah hell, nevermind!
    • Also, if the zerg base gets overrun during "The Essence of Eternity":
    Zagara: James Raynor, the queen's fate is left to you. If you fail and do not die beside her, know that the Swarm will hunt you down.
    Raynor: Right... Thanks for the pep talk.
  • The implication that the bonus solarite in the "Rak'Shir" mission is from the Road Apples of the beasts killed for the bonus objective. Artanis doesn't want to know the details...; also, when Karax first informs Artanis of said solarite, Artanis replies that they should collect the solarite, but not inform Alarak of it.
    • The best part is the tone in which Artanis very briskly quips "nevermind", indicating both instant regret at showing interest and subtle horror.
  • On Korhal, you can find a nice new car. Destroying it leads to its owner once again complaining about it.
    Oh man, my car! Why does this keep happening?!
  • At the Moebius base, Karax's reaction to Artanis assigning him command duty over the mission is priceless - not to mention Alarak's Death Glare as the rest walk away.
  • There's something darkly funny about Arcturus's death being celebrated as a holiday, with his son taking part in the festivities as well.
  • Rohana found the terrans to be "lesser beings" because of - among other things - communicating through "orifices - mouths".
    • This could be a Call-Back to the Stop Poking Me! quotes by Terrans regarding the Protoss lacking mouths (i.e. the Medic), but with Rohana taking it too seriously, it and several other conversations make her sound generally like a Racist Grandma.
  • The rogue Purifier Warden talked in the same articulated manner used by another Rogue AI.
    Purifier Warden: Firstborn... I remember... Betrayal... Death. Unacceptable
  • Stop Poking Me! quotes are back, with a vengeance:
    • The Annihilator (Nerazim Immortal) gets increasingly ticked off with your constant clicking, until he snaps and tries to get out..... only to forget that he's, well, a badly wounded Protoss inside a combat walker, with life support systems hooked to him. It's immensely hilarious:
    "In this desperate hour, all who are able to serve must do so... Even those, who have fallen."
    "Identify our foe, and it shall be annihilated."
    "I must warn you, your taunts are ill-advised, Templar."
    "I once fought for the liberation of Shakuras against the Zerg Swarm itself. I do not have sit idly and accept this abuse."note 
    "Do not force me to emerge from this walker and teach you a lesson."
    "Enough! *struggles a bit* Someone tell me how to get out of this thing!"
    "*frustrated exertion* You are quite fortunate these tubes are difficult to remove."
    "What if our universe was just a game being played by beings of incredible power?"
    "Shakuras has fallen... Aiur has fallen... Does that mean all of these structures were constructed aboard the Spear of Adun?"
    • Avengers (Aiur dark templar) get in on the fun too:
    "I imagine that Adun never thought he'd see someone like me."
    "What do you call an Aiur protoss who can meld with the shadows? Hm... Overpowered!"
    • High Templar - whose quotes change after they are disconnected from the Khala- seem to forget how to read minds. Not to mention the following:
    "I’m sorry. Our situation is difficult. I lack even the will to make lightning puns. Shocking, I know. Oh, I did it!"
    • Artanis realizes the origin of his name.
    "Have you ever said my name backwards? There is a strange.. music to it"
    • Karax worries about his drones up in the Spear of Adun. If you wait around in the solar core, he has to often repair them.
    • Centurions (Nerazim Zealots) aren't far behind too:
    "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? I shall tell you once I meet an unstoppable force."
    "The templar zealots will not admit it, but our shadow charge is stunning."
    • Destroyer (Tal'darim void ray) pilots seem to be having way too much fun with destruction.
    "Show me your foes. And I shall destroy them! Burn them to ash! And then, I'll destroy the ash!
    "I yearn to fly through the darkened skies of Slayn. And then DESTROY them."
    "I feel like destroying something beautiful. To be fair, I always feel this way."
  • After you unlock Colossi, they can be seen wandering through the ship. When you are in the War Council, every once in a while one will wander by, stop, and take an apparent interest in you as it stops and shines a headlight on the main council members. There's something inherently amusing about a 50 foot tall Humongous Mecha indulging a bit of curiosity.
  • One of the tips given before the final mission is "The most powerful army is made of a variety of units that can cover each other's weaknesses", suggesting using a variety of units. The more common way to play this mission is mass Void Rays.
  • An Easter Egg was accessible during the mission briefing by double clicking the "hostile forces detected display (furthest right around the planet) which results in the display changing to "hostile dancing ahead" with either 3 marines shooting off their weapons and dancing, an ultralisk and two zerglings dancing, or A high templar dancing with two probes providing "spotlights". This only appears on missions accessed via the Spear of Adun. There are a few that have "no dancing detected" though (Though there are some smaller beings hiding behind one bigger one) and even one that has "friendly dancing detected". At one point, the easter egg was removed; patch 4.7.0 restored them.
  • Another Easter Egg is in the mission "Templar's Charge", once you've unlocked the full mobility of the platform your base is on. Put it back to its original place and make it go Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right (Yeah, it's the Konami Code). A "Do not push" button appears. Push it. Cue the Tauren Marine's outhouse from Wings Of Liberty pulling a nuclear crash at the east of your base!
    • And the Tauren Marine is playable!!
  • In an epic Stop Poking Me! fashion, after the first Ulnar Mission, (Temple of Unification), go to the solar core and click on Fenix. He will rattle off stories he found in the archive, as if he was reading the news.
    "So many stories Artanis, each more unbelievable than the last."
    • To wit, said stories are all about ridiculously improbable feats he supposedly pulled off. Fenix guesses that someone might have embellished the stories a bit, because no single protoss can be that badass. For that matter, the idea of Protoss making a Memetic Badass out of one of their own is worth a laugh in and of itself.
      • Said stories are Action Movies given a protoss re-labelling, with highlights including the apparent Protoss holiday of Khas'mas, during which Fenix re-enacts Die Hard.
      • Fenix's release in Heroes of the Storm makes an epic Brick Joke out of this: apparently, the records were modified by none other than Fenix himself when he went to have his memories uploaded.

Co-op Missions

  • Most of Donny Vermillion's commentary in the Co-op mission "The Vermillion Problem". The guy seems far too excited about a planet being flooded with lava and on the verge of exploding. Not to mention the beleaguered seismologist Terry, who seems to be the new Kate Lockwell.
    "The lava is rising! Let's hope the forces down there can reach high ground safely. Or not. We could use the ratings."
    "I'm getting a report that the lava is surging right now. Let's switch to Lava Cam 6!"
    "I like to think that the lava is moving the crystals around. Terry says that's 'unscientific'. Don't listen to Terry."
    "More lava? Coming soon? I don't believe it. Admit it, you're desperate for attention, Terry."
    "Our seismologist believes the incoming lava surge is breaching the mantle... Terry, this is boring science stuff! I'm not reading this!"
    • Donny being Donny, even when you win he says something like: "Was that victory really worth the barbaric pillaging of the planet?" To recap: he's berating you for plundering the planet's natural resources in order to stop the whole thing from exploding.
    • The bonus objective is to kill a huge fire-breathing monster that terrorized the nearby city. Obviously, every time it emerges, Donny will berate the commanders for ignoring the plight of the common folk. And when you finally kill it, he... berates you for ruthlessly murdering such a magnificent specimen of an endangered species.
  • "Mist Opportunities" brings back Egon Stetmann from Wings of Liberty. Except he's been stranded on Bel'Shir long enough for terrazine exposure to do a number on his sanity (to the point where he talks to the planet itself). Priceless dialogue ensues, especially when his terrazine collection bots are under attack.
    "What's built to last forever and being destroyed? MY BOTS, OF COURSE!"
    "My bots are taking damage! Terrible, terrible damage!"
    "The enemy's attacking my bots! Geez, commanders, can't you keep a hold of aggro?!"
    "I built these bots by myself, in a cave, with a box of scraps! So I'd appreciate it if they came back intact."
    "Enemies are headed for my bots. What a bunch of jerks!"
    "Okay, the bots should be on their way back. I need that terrazine, commanders, for my... ahem... experiments."
  • To celebrate American Thanksgiving, on the week of the holiday Blizzard released the Co-op mutation "Fowl Play", in which players have to get supply by going around the map and shooting turkeys. Of course, the turkeys don't take this lying down, leading to inherently amusing scenarios such as players getting Zerg Rushed by turkeys or having to retreat to deal with turkeys harassing their mineral line. Then the mission decides to up the ante with infested turkeys and a giant turkey boss...
  • When the home screen displays Alarak as the feature, He's not exactly amused. He leans on one elbow, drum his right fingers on the chair's arm and just looks unenthused. Then when he is startled by somthing, he looks up, then moves his arm to a position where he is about to give that area the middle finger but decides against it.
  • Alarak's Structure Overcharge lines, which are a mixture of Kick the Dog and this:
    Alarak: Even my structures put up more of a fight than you!
  • One of Stukov's "taking heavy losses" lines, which straight-up Crosses the Line Twice:
    Stukov: At least my army has prior experience with dying!

  • Dehaka's Devour ability in co-op missions can potentially be this, as he is able to devour units bigger than him such as Colossi, heroic units like Hybrids, and even Zerg Leviathans and Protoss Motherships.
  • Practically everything about the Han and Horner commander.
    • Horner's ultimate ability is to have the Dominion fleet deliver Orbital Bombardment. Han's is to drop a space station that spews out fighter drones before exploding (and with the upgrade talent, it detonates a nuke when it expires).
    Mira Han: Now, where shall I put this space station...?
    • Mira's 'enemy wave incoming' lines include this gem:
    Mira Han: This is no time for romance, husband.
    • Another of these lines just highlights how routine the attack waves are to her:
    • Not to mention Horner's enthusiasm with the whole thing given the circumstances
    Horner: Are we done yet?

  • Completing the co-op mission Part and Parcel will have General Davis loudly proclaiming the Hybrids to be "alien filth". Potentially to the face of any combination of Zerg - Protoss commanders who definitely fit the bill of "alien".
  • The mere fact that most of Co-op missions have the commanders face off against Amon for an Excuse Plot. For missions like "Chain of Ascension", it is understandable. The kicker comes to missions like "Mist Opportunities", where he decides, apparently out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, that he was going to attack Stettman's terrazine harvester robots. And he commits truly enermous amounts of his own forces for such ridiculous aspirations. Apparently the Starcraft universe's God of Evil is petty to the point of hilarity.
  • Unlike the other co-op commanders before him, who simply return to their idle poses if one stops queuing for a match, Arcturus Mengsk visibly winces in annoyance, as if he doesn't even want to be there and the player is severely wasting his time.
  • One of Mengsk's units is the Imperial Witness - a blimp equipped with a speaker that spews propaganda to enhance other units. Most of its lines are just Arcturus extolling himself. Then, suddenly:
    Mengsk: "Whatever nonsense you might hear, I am not a clone."


Legacy of the Void introduced custom announcers, allowing you to replace the standard Queen/Adjutant/Executor announcers with an established character from the Starcraft universe or those that aren't but have a relation to it. You can set one announcer for each race, or you can have him/her announce for two or even all three races. Needless to say, each of the characters gets a colourful repertoire of lines when announcing. Double points if your announcer and who you play as in Co-op happen to be the same person.
  • Alarak still announces with his condescending, snarky attitude, and it's highly entertaining. Naturally, almost every line he says is this, although some stand out:
    Alarak: (When announcing for Protoss, and the player tries to warp in units/buildings in inaccesible/obstructed locations) Oh, did you think you could warp there?
    Alarak: (When announcing for Terran and the player launches a nuke) I detect a nuclear launch. Oh, such a quaint weapon!"
    Alarak: (When announcing for Zerg and the player completes an evolution (research)) Your zerg have evolved, for what ever good that'll do to them.
  • Abathur still speaks in an articulated manner, meaning that like Alarak, simply listening to him can cause chuckling to commence.
    Abathur: (When announcing Protoss and the player attempts to build unit(s) while supply-blocked) Inadequate supply. Pylons inefficient.
    Abathur: (When announcing Terran and the player attempts to build unit(s) while supply-blocked) Supply depots insufficient. Overlords superior.
  • It seems that Artanis... has a problem against Zerg.
    Artanis: Your disgusting brood needs more overlords!
    Artanis: Your detestable Zerg has evolved.
  • Rory Swann takes the cake.
    Swann: Need more overlords...don't really know how, or why.
    Swann: Won't work without a power about a design flaw...
    Swann: Good one! We're at max supply,
    Swann: Hey! Lay off my SCVs you jerk!
  • D.Va makes an appearance as announcer here, and she has a few good ones as well:
    D.Va: Your Thor is repaired, but I wish it could self-destruct!
    D.Va: You're at max supply- attack move to win!
    D.Va: Your forces are taking damage! Terrible, terrible damage!
  • One of the other announcers you can get is Totalbiscuit, in all his snarky, British glory:
    TotalBiscuit: You're supply blocked. Might as well GG now.
    TotalBiscuit: Was your base burning to the ground part of the plan?
    TotalBiscuit: Nuclear launch detected. Somewhere. Probably in your base.
    TotalBiscuit: Metamorphosis is a beaaaauuUUUH GOD IT'S MONSTROUS!
  • Han and Horner. Enough said.
    • They are definitely Getting Crap Past the Radar! With Mira taking advantage of Matt as usual. Not to mention the commentary at the start and end of the game:
    Horner: You need gas!
    Mira laughs

    Matt Horner: Evolution complete
    Mira Han: You excite me!

    Matt Horner: That was more fun than I expected.
    Han: I prefer watching you Matthew.

Dominion Field manual

The Dominion Field Manual is, for the most part, a nice in universe document on the capacities and technical details of the various units and buildings in the game. Naturally, the marine that owns it has added notes and illustrations.
  • Which becomes a Brick Joke with the Dragoon:
    Dragoon: Maybe I shouldn't run directly into machine-gun fire again.
  • On the fact that Zerg do not reproduce in the typical sense:
    Marine owner's note: Their loss.
  • On Ravagers:
    Marine owner's note: They fire bile from their backs. I say that counts as poop, Silva says its puke. The debate rages on.
  • On Queens:
    Marine owner's note: Saw one puke on a roach, it looked so happy. Zerg are weird.
  • On the Factory's "first-class quarters" and reinforced neosteel walls (he's so jealous of the lucky guys):
    Marine owner's note: What??? Why do they get all the good stuff??? Why can't we have those too??
  • Then later, on the Starport, which provides amenities to flight crews Marines can only dream of:
    Marine owner's note: The rocket jockeys get a lounge. With cold beer. I hate you, Dominion.
  • On the Corrupter's weapon being 'caustic spittle'.
    Marine owner's note: Weapons-grade barf. Great.
  • On the posited "evolution master" of the zerg (a.k.a. Abathur).
    Marine Owner's note: Ugly SOB, I bet.
  • On the Warhound:
    Marine Owner's note: Heard the zerg and protoss captured some of these and used them for mining. Weird.
  • Drone punting records. Yes, the marines in the owner's squad kick Zerg Drones around like soccer balls for fun; their records range from a paltry 2 meters to a whopping 9 meters.
  • Apparently, Science Vessel EMP has unfortunate effects on Power Armor waste disposal systems:
    Marine Owner's note: Beware the backflow.

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