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No matter the circumstances, this fanfic will make you laugh.

    Season 1 

"Bowlin' Again, Naturally":

"Trouble Date":

  • The Cutaway Gag, depicting Caillou and Dora making out in a school's closet, then shooting the teacher when she finds them.
  • June getting hit by the car Flosshead stole, then cussing the two out.
    Henry: "Whoa, June. Calm down."
    June: "Shut the (Nick jingle) up, Henry!"
    Henry: "Okay."
  • Vicky yelling to Flosshead and Vinny that they can't spill diesel fuel without paying for it.
  • Flosshead cussing out a police cruiser that cut him off:
    Flosshead: "Oh, you S.O.B.! How dare you [CENSORED]ing cut me off! I’m gonna tear off your [CENSORED] and feed it to my pet [CENSORED]er!”
  • Tim Tim realizing that "Air Mince" is just thin air.
  • Flosshead pepper spraying himself before Tim Tim dishes out a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • The Cutaway Gag of Reko catching the Grinch and keeping him in a net for 6 months.
    Grinch: "I mean it kid, gimme the Game Boy so I can go home already! Max must be starving by now!"
  • The headline used at the ending: "Mini Barney Captured, Claims to be Drugged".
  • The Stinger, where Barney is arrested for Flosshead's crimes.

"Road to Las Vegas":

  • This bit of Black Comedy:
    BoltShock: "The chiropractor just told me he’s not a real doctor."
    Pikachu: "Was the chiropractor Brock?"
    BoltShock: "What gave you that idea?!"
  • Pikachu vomiting into an airline toilet before learning airbags exist.
  • Two hookers trying to have sex with Pikachu, before BoltShock drags him into the casino.
  • The Cutaway Gag of Mario throwing a tantrum when he loses his hat in strip poker, leading to two dead bodies.
  • BoltShock admitting he'd waste his $4,000 on cigarettes and booze, then Pikachu saying he'd waste it on GoAnimate.
  • The Sonic Sez segment in The Stinger.

"Save the Grotto:


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