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The Journey

  • Midori's cooking. The only person worse at it than her is Fuuka.
    • Yet, by the time the Golden comes around, Midori has developed into a competent cook. How far she's come when compared to the cast of Persona 4 has yet to be seen.
  • The moment that Midori saw Tartarus, she retreated back to the dorm to get another pair of shoes.
    Midori stopped and kicked up one foot to point at her school shoes. "I am not going to climb another damned tower without proper footwear. So I'm headed back to the Dorm to get my sneakers. Because someone forced me into the proper uniform."
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  • Midori's baton shatters in a battle with the Shadows. Her first reaction is to yell You Monster! before beating it to a pulp. Then cry over it. Then toss it aside and gleefully state that now she gets to beat them to death with her fist.
    Nodding, Midori stood. Looking lovingly at the shattered weapon, she shrugged then threw it over her shoulder, discarding it completely. "So I get to punch things for a little while. Won't be the first time!" Her voice conveyed a pleasure at using her fists that set the others back just a bit.


The Answer

  • Midori's attempts at summoning Frosty outside of the Dark Hour results in her constantly passing out.

The Interlude

  • Midori kicking her and Nanako's father out of the Dojima household because they came home drunk.
  • Shortly after Midori goes online and proclaims that she's in a relationship (its faked) Aigis calls up to demand his name and number to do a background check.

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