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  • Practically every time Moka asks Tsukune if she can have some of his blood. It's actually the main reason Moka was first attracted to Tsukune in the first place. And it's apparently addictive. Moka just can't help herself whenever she gets close to him, she gets the urge to suck some of his blood. Needless to say, Tsukune is always hesitant, but always relents.
  • During Tsukune's training in Part 2, he is chained to Ruby to teach him to control his energy flow. Whenever he loses control, she receives an electric shock; the strength of the shock is determined by how much power he let loose. When fighting a large group of monsters, he releases so much power Ruby orgasms from the power of the shock.
  • Chapter 23 of Part II in general
    • This, specifically the Bus Driver in the last panel. Possibly the only moment in the whole series to make this troper genuinely laugh out loud.
  • When Aqua (who has just finished a spree of kidnapping, gratuitous violence, and other nefarious things) giggles like a school girl after meeting her sister again. Hilarious.
  • Chapter 36: Kyoko sees Tsukune holding a gun (which he'd just picked up off the ground after an enemy dropped it). He frantically tries to explain that it's not his, but Kyoko stops him and says she'll trust him, and gives him some encouraging words...
    Kyoko: Keep holding on to what you believe in. Even if it's the path of the yakuza... you have to go on. [Tsukune face faults]
  • YMMV but the virginity prank in Chapter 39. Kurumu's reaction face in the upper left panel is priceless
  • The premiere of the anime's second season has the girls receiving fan letters - Mizore's is from a Stalker with a Crush who suggests they stalk each other.
    • And naturally, Moka gets enough that she's literally buried in the envelopes when she opens her locker.
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  • On the subject of Moka's letters, she receives a bat-shaped one which she reads. The others comment on how sweet it is. When she reads that the writer wishes to end her life, it takes a while for the group to catch on that the letter is a death threat.
  • From Season 2 episode 3 of the anime, when Tsukune is having an extremely awkward joint dinner with Kurumu and Mizore's moms:
    Tsukune: Geez... this is way too intense...
    Kurumu's Mom: Tsukune.
    Tsukune: YES, MA'AM!?
    • In the same episode, Saizo is being his normal grumpy self at the beginning of the day, saying he doesn't care if his parents show up like the other students' have. When they really do show up, though...
      Saizo: (gets an adoring look on his face) Mommy! Daddy! You're late! I got worried you got into a boo-boo and I was gonna cry my eyes out!
  • From Season 2 episode 4 of the anime, when everybody's at a total loss for how Yukari grew up, Mizore just randomly suggests: "She probably slept for about ten thousand years. I heard it helps make kids grow."
  • Inner Moka's attempts at cooking and the realization that she sucks at it.
    • When Inner Moka fails at cooking (her first attempt put Kokoa in the hospital) her friends all rally together to help her cook in an adorable moment... cut to the cooking room ON FIRE! Everyone in the room is either passed or seriously injured (Yukari is lying in a crater pinned to the wall). Cooking is dangerous business.
  • Inner Moka's shocked face.
  • Hey even villians can have their moments.
  • Kurumu really wants to hold Tsukune's hand. The other girls do not approve.
  • As much as the anime might be Fan Discontinuity, there's an absolutely hysterical scene in Capu 2: Inner Moka has been permanently released due to Outer Moka sacrificing her rosary to protect the school, but she's having trouble fitting in with the Newspaper Club. The other girls fight over Tsukune by rubbing their bosoms against him. Inner Moka clears them out with her intimidating presence, and Tsukune thinks he's saved. Inner Moka then starts rubbing HER generous bosom, asking, "Am I doing this right?" Tsukune's expression can be summed up in three letters: WTF.
    • It probably doesn't help when she comments how "this is harder than it looks."
    • In the same episode, Inner Moka offers to do the "gazing into each other's eyes" thing with Tsukune. They give it a try.
      Tsukune: Moka...
      Moka: (flatly) Tsukune.
      Tsukune: Moka...
      Moka: (flatly) Tsukune.
      Tsukune: Oh, Moka...
      Moka: (flatly) Oh, Tsukune.
    • From the episode "Bathroom and a Vampire", Kokoa is on a bicycle trying to catch up to Moka who, with Tsukune and the girls, is visiting Tsukunes home. She's riding fast enough to overtake a truck, then a sports car and finally a train! As she rides past the train we get a view from inside one of the trains carriages. We see a random guy feeling the hostess' butt to which she responds "Sir that is not appropriate behavior". When Kokoa rides past, a woman exclaims "That girl's wearing strawberry panties!". Cue everyone in the carriage suddenly rushing to the left side of the carriage (viewers left anyway) and peering out the window to see the "interesting" spectacle.
      • And by "rush", read that as "instantly between frames everyone's looking out the windows with a large thud sound effect".
  • The scene in Tsukune's house where Kurumu is chasing Mizore through the halls after an embarrassing incident in the bathroom, and Tsukune's mom's panicked reactions at the half-dressed teenagers racing around. Then Tsukune comes running after them trying to simultaneously dress himself and get them to stop, with Yukari tagging along behind him. In the anime, Yukari is following him because she keeps trying to tell him to put his pants on, and Kyouko walks in to find them all collapsed on the stairs — with Yukari trying to tug Tsukune's pants on for him.
  • "And what are you to him??" From right to left: "Friends!" (Moka), "Lover" (Kurumu), "Wife" (Mizore), "Concubine" (Yukari), "...toy" (Ruby).
  • Almost all of Haiji's appearances have at least one really funny moment in them. His peak is at Ishin Denshin, when he becomes something of a pervy man's saint (complete with a "God Bless You") to help Fong-Fong Yukari in his body and Tsukune sneak into the gym where all the girls are changing.
  • Oh girls, maybe you should had put more thought into this one.
    • That scene was also used in the anime's second season, to hilarious effect.
  • In the chapter 42 of Part 2, we have Ruby's statement and everyone's reactions to it: "It's almost like...the feeling a couple gets the morning after their first night of sex".
  • In the chapter 44 of Part 2, Ruby's reaction to the attack of Fairy Tale 5th Subdivision Commander Raika. His Oh, Crap! reaction is pretty funny too. As is the reaction of her friends.
  • In chapter 45 of Part 2, Tsukune's reaction to Ruby saying that the shocking feeling was nice.
  • Moka sucking Tsukune's blood complete with him not particularly enjoying getting his blood drained. However, he's not particularly harmed either: after the first time, he still has enough energy to run around in a panic.
  • Chapter 47 of Part II, Fong Fong's tears in reaction to the others treatment of him.
  • Moka's face after being caught sucking Tsukune's blood here, and being found out here.
  • This scene had me laughing out loud for several minutes. Aqua's reaction is great, but Touhou Fuhai's little note made me just crack up.
  • A bonus chapter has the gang trying to contact a spirit via a cheap Ouija Board. Its messages are a little bit unexpected. Even better, each of the girls has no problem playing along, including Inner-Moka
  • Chapter 36 of Part I, when Tsukune, Moka and Yukari tries to hide the fact that the school is one for monsters from Tsukune's cousin. It involves several bathtubs to the head summoned by Yukari as soon as anyone tries to say something about monsters (except Ruby who is lightly smacked by a dustpan), that is everyone until Gin shows up and is hit by a giant morningstar before even saying two words.
  • Chapter 27 of the first series has a good combination of a Brick Joke and a Funny Background Event. Mizore jealous over Moka wishes to put a curse on her. Later Moka collapses due to anemia and Mizore wonders if it's the curse.
  • Hokutos insane laugh face. (Which looks more like some kind of mental rape face, by the way)
  • The Omake for Volume 11 apparently shows what was going on with Moka while Tsukune and co were training. It involves Moka getting awkward gifts from Kahlua, Aqua spending way too much money on treating Moka nice, and Tsukune wondering what Moka is going through and enduring while under his Training from Hell with Touhou Fuhai, followed by a panel that shows Moka with Kahlua and Aqua in a Jacuzzi.
  • The omake for Volume 6 features Yukari's mother who finally is given a name Fujiko (she only appeared twice in the manga and the anime proper and both times we never got her name), the whole omake is all about lampshading her being pretty plain and ordinary compared to the other mothers we seen up to that point and not really standing out especially when compared to Ageha and Tsurara.
  • A bit of dark humor, from chapter 64, the Outer Moka returns and hugs Tsukune, Tsukune then says that he's happy that she's back, and then Masked King appears behind them.
    Tsukune: “Moka-san I'm so happy!”, “You got your rosary back!”.
    Masked King: *appears behind them* “Yeah, I'm happy too!”
  • Whatever your feelings on the second season of the anime, the tongue in cheek Funimation trailer is pretty damn funny.
    Overflowing with family fun!
  • Mizore inexplicably poking her head through a second-story window, from the outside of the building, to cockblock Moka. She never explains how she got up there.
  • The day that Tsukune finally meets Issa Shuzen in the epilogue. Poor boy says just about anything only to be met with immediate criticism from Moka's father. The staredowns he gives him are gut-bustingly good.
    • And that's not all— turns out the other haremettes (and Fang-Fang) hatched a plan to reduce Tsukune's credibility with Issa by presenting themselves as Tsukune's mistresses. And wearing lingerie to boot. Ruby is the only exception, but she came in with a Stripperiffic outfit, anyway.
    Ruby: It's the "sex slave" look!


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