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  • The partner guesses that Swanna is Timburr's boss. The Timburr responds, "In what way would that look like our boss?"
  • After Dunsparce's offer of friendship is turned down by Virizion, he runs off crying, and everyone else starts celebrating. When your partner demands to know what they're so happy about, Gurdurr reveals every other Pokémon in Post Town attempted the same thing, and were all shot down, so if they didn't laugh about it, the rejection would tear them up on the inside...before everyone in the inn breaks down in tears.
  • After Dunsparce is heartbroken, Rampardos says in his thoughts, "I only have eyes for... Cinccino!"
    • Made funnier because Rampardos and Cinncino aren't in the same Egg Group.
      • Made even more hilarious by Rampardos continuing to be obsessed with Cinccino for the rest of the game.
      • Made somehow even more hilarious in the sequel... in which he requests that you deliver a letter to Cincinno for him.
      • Rampardos is "The Box Buster!"
  • While discussing their research, Espeon and Umbreon reveal they're interested in joining your team, so that you could help each other explore the Great which point half of Post Town pops up out of nowhere to reveal they were eavesdropping. Immediately afterwards, everyone is excited at how you'll explore new territory, only to realize you haven't said yes yet, which obviously means you were going to say no.
    • During the "eavesdropping reveal" sequence, Quagsire pops out of the pond, with a very dramatic "Mmm-hmmm!"
      • There's also a sign at one point which says "Do not jump or frolic in the water."
    • And when you first speak with Umbreon, everyone (the player and his partner included) falls asleep during his speech on ley lines and Entracards, causing Umbreon to freak out. Afterwards, this happens:
    Emolga: It was like some awesomely powerful spell was cast over us—like being hypnotized.
    Swanna: I for one had a lovely dream! Now I feel refreshed!
    • And if you do decide to reject Espeon and Umbreon, your character thinks about it...before deciding nobody there can really take a joke and agrees anyway.
  • After returning to Pokemon Paradise from your expedition to the Great Glacier, Emolga pulls an epic prank on you and your partner. He scatters Frisms around your house, giving him a ventriloquist-like effect and claims it's a new move he learned. You and the partner catch on pretty quickly.
    • Visiting the inn on that day will reveal almost a half dozen Pokémon passed out on the floor from partying too hard the night before. You can even listen to their dreams, and the day after they believe their dreams actually happened.
    • Talking to Gurdurr produces a spectacular case of Getting Crap Past the Radar, where he mentions he has a headache due to hitting the berry juice too hard last night. Yep, we have a G-rated hangover in a Pokemon game!
    • Checking in on everyone who's asleep will reveal that Patrat apparently hates Ducklett and is having a nice dream about spending some time free from him. Come back the next and Patrat crosses the Despair Event Horizon when he realizes that, yes, Ducklett is still around.
    • Roggenrolla mutters these lines: "If there's a hole, I want to crawl into it... Ooh... Virizion... Where are the stones? C'mon already..."
  • At the post game, Dunsparce and Emolga ask Hydreigon about why you were picked to save the world. Several hours later, he is talking about random things, then going back to the main point, while they are on the floor regretting asking about the reason.
    • Bonus points to what his dialogue was:
    Hydreigon: Blah Blah Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!
  • When you first meet Hydreigon face to face, the first words out of his mouth:
    Hydreigon: Oh, did I startle you? I'm sorry! But I definitely won't eat you or attack you or… or battle you or defeat you or crush you or… or anything like that! No, not you, [player character's name]. Definitely not!
    • And when he's introduced to the partner, commence part two of the misunderstanding:
    Partner: What?! Hydreigon?!
    Hydreigon: Yes, that's right! Isn't it a lovely name? Nice to meet you, sir! The pleasure's all mine!

    Partner: So this is THE Hydreigon?! The violent monster that devours all with its three heads and that no one can stop?!
    Hydreigon: Eek! Where?! That's really scary!
    • Followed up by:
    Hydreigon: Huh? Wait, are you talking about MEEE?
  • When Keldeo asks Virizon if he is her best friend, she immediately says "nope." She says that there is no best or 2nd best, and that he is a good friend. She said nope because the reaction is hilarious (in other words, she was trolling).
  • Victini and his... V-WHEEEEEEL!
    Scraggy: Dude, you're so annoying—ly good at staying upbeat.
    • The bit where Virizion asked him to stop posing and saying 'V-Wheel!' so much.
    • After Emolga stays behind on the Glacier Palace expedition, Victini comforts him by saying 'You can spin the V-Wheel!'
    • The info section has Victini telling you that if you spin the V-Wheel, you can change the V-Wave! "Maybe! If you're lucky!"
      • "But I still get to keep your cash!"
  • The organisation that supports adventuring teams name abbreviates to HAPPI.
  • Every Pokémon has a neat little animation when they level up, like raising the head, or arm. Yamask's is a fist pump.
  • Both of Cofagrigus' walking & running animations. They look hilariously ridiculous.
  • Espeon picks up on the Relationship Upgrade between Emolga and Virizion almost immediately, and wastes no time in putting a blushing, poorly-lying Emolga on the spot.
  • During the post-game, Emolga berates Hydreigon for disappearing when they had to pay the food bill at Swanna's. There's something hilarious about Emolga chewing out such a big Pokemon, especially with goofy background music playing while it goes on.
    • Also, when Emolga freaks out about never eating at Swanna's place again, Hydreigon (who was right behind him) freaks out in the same reaction too.


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