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Funny / Planetata na Sakrovishtata

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  • In general, the strange art style and the film's overall bizarre nature can lead to many laugh-out-loud moments. Word of God is that much of this is actually intentional.
  • The part where Black Dog hands Billy Bones the "black spot", which leads to an utterly surreal chase scene involving lots of Toon Physics, Billy being forced to jump rope until he gives Black Dog the map and subsequently handing over a bomb instead, and Black Dog trying to determine if Billy’s hand is ticklish.
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  • Captain Smollett fending off a group of trickster robots, who ask him for information about the map, in addition to wanting a haircut and a hamburger.
  • "I heard all that singing and dancing around, you scum! You're behaving like a bunch of rum-sodden sailors! Now cut that out!"
  • "Arrrghhh, it's a fake! Captain Smollett switched star maps on me and gave me a map to all the movie stars' homes in Beverly Hills!"
  • Any time Supersilver insults his mechanical parrot or henchmen.
  • Supersilver's parrot gets his own fair share of hilarious lines. Most notable is his response when Supersilver asks who turned him back on: "You don't turn me on, and that's for sure!"
  • The crew of the Hispaniola taking control of the AI guarding Flint's treasure using opera.

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