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Funny / Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

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  • The Hilarious Outtakes carry over to the sequel:
    Ernie Sr: You ain't gotta hit me in front of my child, daddy! (Talking to an empty chair in front of a Green Screen) LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!
    • This exchange:
      Cletus: Whoa whoa whoa, you better slow this car down! We can't help Sherman wrapped around no light pole!
      Janet Jackson: (Starts laughing)
      Cletus: THAT AIN'T FUNNY! (Starts cracking up)
  • During Klump's Imagine Spot at the beginning: "If anyone has reason why these two should not be wed, let him speak now...[Klump's crotch starts to bulge]...or forever hold his penis."
  • When Sherman sees a psychiatrist over Buddy Love taking over his mind. The psychiatrist, despite having a knee-jerk reaction, genuinely tries to help Sherman when this happens.
    Psychiatrist: You will never learn to control him, unless you accept the fact that he is a part of you.
    Buddy Love Through Sherman: YEAH!!! And I'm the best part too!!! And I'll tell you something else, punk. All these diplomas on this wall don't make up for the fact that you got a little Vienna Sausage in your drawers. Is that why they call you a shrink?!
    Psychiatrist: Shut up fata[stops himself]
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  • The hilarious (and embarrassing) scene where Sherman meets Denise's parents after having lost a good chunk of his intelligence.
  • The ever-unfiltered Granny Klump tells of how she thought she was having a heart attack in the shower due to having sharp pains in her chest. Turns out:
    Granny: I bent over and looked... and I was standing on my own titty! Both feet, too!
  • The failed Wacky Marriage Proposal with the mariachi band where Buddy takes over Sherman temporarily and causes him to act like a pervert and make a complete ass of himself. The old woman in particular has some hilarious lines.
    Old Woman: You're going to ruin my lawn, you pervert!
  • Buddy being part-dog in this film naturally leads to some hilarious moments:
    • When he has to pee, he goes to the men's room, spreads a newspaper out on the floor, and...well, you know the rest. We don't see him do it, but we do see someone going in as he's walking out (while wiping his feet at the door, mind you), leading to this hilarious exchange:
      Restroom Patron: OH, GOOD GOD!!
      Buddy: What "Good God", I used the paper!!!
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    • Sherman unleashes his secret weapon against Buddy: A rubber ball.
      Buddy: OH, YOU BASTARD!
  • Dean Richmond attempts to evade Petey the giant hamster by wearing a fur coat. Unfortunately, this makes the hamster believe that a potential partner is present. As for what happens next... you can put two and two together.
    Dean Richmond: Oh, no! No! Please! I'm not that kind of GUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYY!
    • Cut to Sherman pulling off one of the most hilarious Oh, Crap! faces that only Eddie Murphy could do.
    • And all of this is broadcast on live television, with the Klumps witnessing this monstrosity.
      Mama: Oh, my God. l have to turn the channel. l don't want my baby seeing that.
      Grandma: That man ain't never gonna be right again.
      Mama: Oh! (Tries to turn off the TV)
      Grandma: Somebody need to take Isaac's pressure.
      Mama: (Hits the remote in an attempt to get it working) Oh, what's wrong with this?
      Grandma: Something like that will ruin a man.
      Mama: Cover the baby's eyes.
      [Ernie Klump Jr. happily eats while watching the TV.]
      Grandma: That's too much excitement for my baby. Turn the channel.
      Mama: I can't even turn.
      Grandma: That's nasty.
      Papa: That's what that is, all right.
      Mama: Turn the baby's eyes. And he don't need to know what it is, Mama.
      Ernie: Now, was that supposed to happen?
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    • On top of this, one can hear his scream going on throughout the whole scene! And it turns out that his actor, Larry Miller, made up that incredibly long joke on the fly!
  • Later, Richmond tells Sherman what one little boy said to him on his way to work.
    Dean Richmond: On the way over here, a cute little boy pointed at me and said, "Oh, look, mommy! There goes the hamster's bitch!"
    Sherman: Uh, Dean, whatever it's worth, Petey is back to normal and feeling just fine.
    Dean Richmond: Oh yeah? DO YOU THINK HE'LL CALL?!?!
    • And that's when we see the Dean's jacket has been shredded on the back.
  • Grandma Klump's "wedding gift" to Denise.
    Fireman stripper: There's a fire in my pants, and it's getting MUY CALIENTE!
  • Grandma Klump taunting Cletus about his "performance issues".
    Grandma Klump: What does this piece of pisghetti remind you of, Cletus? Maybe Mr. Johnson, perhaps?
  • Buddy gets an elderly man named Zeke as a test subject for the youth formula.
    Buddy: Zeke here has been getting his ass kicked by Father Time for many, many years. Now, if Zeke were to die, right now, who would care?
    Zeke: I would!
  • Aged-down Buddy (who has shrunk out of his clothes) leaping onto a well-endowed female board member and smugly asking "Got milk?"