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  • Mr. Tater meets Dang's brother, who is married to a real duck, and is aparently expecting kids with her. Mr. Tater's face expression say's it all.
  • "Mr. Masterpiece":
    • Adam's attempt to hypnotize Mrs. Byrne and make her think she's younger again doesn't work and after Adam says to Echo that the mind of the subject has to be very simple, it's revealed that it made Derby, Slab, Ivy and Tater all think they're little kids again.
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    • After Adam explains what happened to Echo, she yells in frustration prompting Baby!Tater to call out: "Mommy's mad!" and all four "babies" to start crying. Adam and Echo's reactions say it all.
    • Adam and Echo acting like the parents to the four "babies" for a brief moment as well as this humdinger from Echo:
    "You're always working! You never help with the children!"
    • Echo mediating when Baby!Derby pulls Baby!Ivy's hair and scolding Baby!Tater for picking his nose.
    • Baby!Slab goes up to Adam and asks if he'll take him to go potty. Adam tells him to ask his mother, referring to Echo. Echo then shoots Adam a Death Glare and he snaps his fingers to undo the hypnotism on everyone. Then Slab says:
    "That doesn't change the fact that I have to go potty!"
  • Mr. Moth:
    • Echo practically throwing herself at Adam after the moth pheromones have been spilled on him. Such as the way he nervously backs up every time she walks towards him seductively, as well as Echo sitting on the desk with a very come-hither look on her face gazing at Adam. She also compliments Adam on his shirt and hair, playfully pushes him against the blackboard and longingly declares: "I love your class!" By that point, it's clear that Adam is enjoying every second of it. After the floor is cleaned up and it looks like she's about to leave, Echo then pushes books off the desk so she has a reason to stay and calls out: "Oops!" with a flirtatious smile. Adam purposely drops books off his desk and also says: "Oops!" in the same manner. Echo pushes a microscope off the desk and says "Oops!" again flirtatiously, but Adam, kind of uncomfortable, says: "Actually that was a really expensive piece of equipment." Echo then replies with a legit: "Oops!"
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    • Every time one of Ivy's attempts to help Dang with his homesickness somehow backfires on Tater, Dang and the others back away while Dang changes his accent each different time and says: "No, no, no! No Dang here!"
    • Derby tests that Echo is attracted to the moth pheromones (and not Adam) by putting a beaker of them in a wooden cabinet and Echo flirts with the cabinet.
    • After Adam uses the pheromones again to get Echo to walk around and hold hands with him and then get her to agree to go out with him, the cabinet tries to sabotage him.
    • Adam ends up having a dream that he turns into a mothman while out with Echo, but when he gets out of his sleeping bag, he has moth wings. This ends up being a dream had by Derby, but then that's all revealed to be a dream being had by Adam, who expresses relief that he's not Derby. And then that he's not a moth.
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    • In his dream, Adam became attracted to the lanterns before he became a mothman. Echo asks him if he thinks the lanterns are pretty and he says:
    "Yes. Although I am not attracted to them at all!"
    • When Echo insists Adam kiss her, as he moves in he whispers to himself:
    • Adam's whole scheme turns out to be only Echo's dream, meaning she subconsciously imagined all that craziness on her own.
    • Derby exits the class and tries to attract all the girls with giant peacock feather and that turns out just to be the dream of a peacock.
  • Mr. Discovery: Echo is preparing to do her oral presentation on Marie Curie, saying that it's one of the greatest scientific discoveries ever and it was made by a woman. Slab laughs hysterically and says: "Excellent! Always open with a joke!"
    • Before Echo's presentation:
    Adam: [out loud] Echo, would you like to- [thinking to himself] Don't say: Marry me! Don't say Marry me! [out loud again] -go next?
    • Then after Echo's presentation:
    Adam: [out loud] Thank you Echo for- [thinking to himself] Don't say: Coming into my life! Don't say: Coming into my life! [out loud again] -your sometimes accurate depiction of Marie Curie! [pause] And for coming into my life. Who would like to go next!?
  • When Mr. Tater has a falling out with his mother, he decides to spend the night with Dang. Dang's reaction ? Standing at the front of the school yelling at the top of his lungs.
  • Mr. Rock Star: Crossed with heartwarming, Adam tells Echo he knows the rock star she is infatuated with and she begs him to meet him:
    Echo: If I could meet him, I would love you forever!
    Adam: [excitedly] Forever? As in, as long as we both shall live? Till death do us part? I do! [pulls out rose pedals and throws them into the air, Echo stares at him incredulously]
    Adam: Think I can introduce you.
  • Mr. Invisible:
    • Adam sees Echo in a white dress and, excitedly thinking it's a wedding dress, tears off his clothes to reveal a tuxedo. When she tells him it's a Guinevere dress, he disappointedly rips off the tuxedo to reveal regular clothes underneath.
    • Invisible!Adam dodging both the swinging sword and the pointer and his yelps being mistaken for the sounds of both in the process.
    • In a fairly somber moment, Echo starts crying after her history partner harshly tells her she's "not exactly in my league" and after Invisible!Adam hands her a hankerchief, Echo says "Thanks." and then gives an odd look at the thin air (which is really Adam) that was trying to comfort her.
    • Adam nearly reveals himself to comfort Echo, but when she says seemingly to herself that she wants "Someone who's honest and doesn't hide behind some facade", his smile switches to an Oh, Crap! face and he uncomfortably retreats back into the suit.
    • Derby makes innocent attempts to comfort Echo when she's upset and Adam (in the invisibility suit) slaps him after each suggestion. Even funnier, he hesitates when Derby simply suggests just watching her walk home, but then slaps Derby after that too.
    • Even funnier, the next scene is the next day and when Echo asks Derby for help and he almost says yes, he hesitates and looks around thinking he's gonna get slapped again and then sighs in relief when it doesn't come.
    • On top of that, when Derby was in the invisibility suit earlier, he slapped Adam for accusing him of taking it. Adam slapping him in the suit was his revenge!
    • Everyone's shock when Adam pulls the sword out of the stone like it's nothing. Just the situation itself qualifies.
  • The climax of the Spring Break special, Adam tries to rescue Echo from being abducted by a criminal kingpin (who's no older then they are). Adam is backed up by Slab (in a bunny suit no less) and a giant chicken. The crime lord is backed up by a python, and a man about the same size of Slab. That's normal right ?
  • Mr. Sci-Fi: The plot is revealed to be All Just A Pitch when Bianca disrupts Adam at the point in the story when he and Echo are about to kiss. Adam keeps trying to finish the story so he can kiss Echo, but Bianca keeps stopping him until he just gives up.
  • Alot of Mr. First impression.
    • Adam and Derby's elaborate distraction to steal the time machine from the scientests, includes a varity of disguises.
    • When Preston Pickles aquires Adam's time machine he decides to distribute it, but not exactly for its intended purpose; according to his sales pitch, the idea is to go 30 minutes back in time to remind yourself to make a pie.
    • In one of the alternate timelines, where Derby is a pop star, Ivy has a shirt with Derby's face on her chest area we get this line.
    Adam: That is one place I never thought I'd see Derby's face.
  • Slab and Ivy's horribly inacurate review of NineteenEightyFour, by imitating 80's culture.
  • In Mr. Switch Slab in Ivy's body kissing Echo in Derby's body.
    I know inside you're a girl, but its still kind of weird.
    • From that same episode, Dang in Adam's body.
    • Mrs. Byrne picking Lady Godiva for "Dress As Your Favorite Person Day" by stripping. Adam (as Echo) and Echo (as Derby) reacting in horror with !DerbyEcho covering !EchoAdam's eyes.
    "Thank goodness that I don't have to see this with my own eyes!"
  • In Mr. Dance when Derby and Ivy are at the dance, she only holds his hand with one of Dang's gloves. When she leaves, Derby still has the glove.
    I will never wash this hand again...although I probably should, I think Dang cleans the toilets with this.

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